Himeamachatchi (ひめあまちゃっち) is a female adult-stage Tamagotchi character who is currently exclusive to the Sweets version of the Tamagotchi On. She is the princess of Wagashi Village.


Himeamachatchi has cream-colored skin and a pink, frilly "hat" with two pink hydrangea flowers and three cubes of sugar or mochi in between. She also has a green dome with a gold dumpling shape on top, somewhat resembling a teapot lid. She wears a royal, traditional Japanese dress that is green and coral-colored with white polka dots, with large red and white ribbons.

Name origin

Hime (ひめ) means "princess", and amacha (あまちゃ) literally means "sweet tea", but is typically used to refer to hydrangea tea.

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