Himebaratchi (ひめバラっち) is an female Adult Stage character that debuted in GO-GO Tamagotchi! episode 38, part 1. She is also a NPC on the Tamagotchi 4U+, appearing on Dating Street.


Himebaratchi resembles a pastel pink flower with a light face and oval-shaped eyes that have pink irises in the anime. She wears a red dress with green and pink accents, and a red hair ornament with two green leaves. She may sometimes change color depending on what she eats, and takes on a "withered" look when upset.


Himebaratchi is the princess of the Baranranbararanran Kingdom (バランランバラランラン王国), and is a close friend of Tropicatchi. She loves sweets and has a romantic side, but has trouble admitting her feelings, instead acting cold and stuck-up.

In the Anime

Go-Go Tamagotchi!

Himebaratchi first appeared in episode 38. She arrives to Patchi Forest in DoriTama Town to spend some time with her friend Tropicatchi. Wagassiertchi is immediately smitten by her and tries to impress her. While she falls for him and is impressed by his desserts, she refuses to outright admit it, instead acting stuck-up and rude.

Name Origin

Her name is a combination of "Hime" (ひめ) meaning "Princess", and "Bara" (バラ) meaning "Rose".




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