Himespetchi changing the plate on her Himespe Phone in the anime, Tamagotchi!.

Love-Friend Cellphone Himespe Phone (ラブともケータイ ひめスペフォン Rabu Tomo Kētai Himesupe Fon) or short, Himespe Phone (ひめスペフォン Himesupe Fon) is Himespetchi's fortune teller cellphone made by her.


Himespetchi has a phone that can predict the future and she calls it Himespe Phone. It can predict what will happen to a Tamagotchi. She first used it on Memetchi. Later it was Makiko, until Uwasatchi spread the gossip around the school, and instantly she became popular. The Himespe Phone has a lot of setting. It depends on what her friends will want to predict for them. For example if they want to predict a Tamagotchi's location she just have to swipe a location card on her phone. There are a lot of plates used in the Himespe phone like Tamamori plate, Music plate, location plate, fashion plate, sports plate, fortune plate, friend plate and Himespetchi's favorite card the Love plate. She always used this card to help her how to win Mametchi 's heart. Each card is used to help Himespetchi predict the future.


The Himespe Phone advertised on Lovelin's Show.

The Love-Friend Phone Himespe Phone costs 3,570 yen and is similar to the Tama Profy. It comes with two plates, a different plate on each side which makes 4. Plus with Tamamori stickers, which you get to design yourself on each plates. You can also print off other plates off Tamagotchi Channel.

Rare himespe-phone plates.jpg

Limited Edition Himespe Phone Plates

During the first month of release of the Himespe Phone in March, limited edition Himespe Phone plates were added as a free gift with any purchase of a Himespe Phone at Ito-Yokado. They were limited stocked and was a first-come-first-served. The phone was also on sale at the time at 2,980 yen.


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