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Himespetchi (ひめスぺっち) is an adult female Tamagotchi character who made her debut in episode 114 of the anime TV show, Tamagotchi! and continued to appear in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream until she returned to her home planet in episode 35. She returns again in GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Although she does appear on the Tama Profy as a Tama Profile, she needs a password to be unlocked. Her first appearance as a raisable character was on the Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy ver., and was then featured on the Tamagotchi P's. Her first English release was on the Tamagotchi Friends.

Name Origin

Hime (ひめ) means princess, and spe (スペ supe) is short for space (スペース supēsu).

Names in Other Languages

Region Name Meaning
Cantonese (Hong Kong) Spacey公主 The word "公主" ("gōngzhǔ") means "princess".


Himespetchi strongly resembles Spacytchi and his brothers, but without horns and or a beak. Her head is pink, shiny, and tear-shaped. She has a dark pink star on the left side of her head, and a small yellow sphere on the top of her head. Her eyes are oval-shaped and she has blue irises, and they look very different from the eyes of any other Tamagotchi character. Each of her eyes has three eyelashes on top and two eyelashes on the bottom. She wears a black dress with a dark pink star in the middle and pink trim on the bottom. She wears dark pink boots, and without them, she has skinny, light pink legs. She also has skinny, pale gray arms and white mittens.

The color of Himespetchi's body is usually light pink, as seen in her base sprites on the Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy version. However, the Himespetchi plush Sun Arrow made has an all over light gray body (the same color as her arms).


Himespetchi is a romantic, eccentric individual who always gets lost in her thoughts. She is in love with Mametchi and it is her dream to marry him one day, but she keeps it a secret. She daydreams about him and decorated her house with all kinds of Mametchi items, including a plush, an alarm clock, and a cupid dartboard. During Himespetchi's daydreams, he appears as Ikemen Mametchi, which is a "handsome" version of Mametchi. Sometimes getting too invested in her daydreams makes her lose awareness of her surroundings. She might talk to herself or have an outburst, confusing those around her and leading her to feel embarrassed. Even so, her friends soon became used to her strange behavior.

She is helpful, enthusiastic, and outgoing. She isn't shy like Spacytchi is when in public, but sometimes she can get nervous when Mametchi is around because of her crush. She cares a lot about others and being in love herself, she is eager to help other Tamagotchis with their love life.

Even though she is from another planet like Spacytchi, she is more intelligent and has a much better understanding of Tamagotchi Planet's society than he does. Very early profiles of her describe her as good at cooking, but this trait is no longer used in depictions of her character. Instead, she has a floating device in her UFO that can generate any food she asks for. She is afraid of bugs, especially slugs and snails.

Spacytchi has a crush on Himespetchi, and they were childhood friends when they were young back on their home planet. However, Himepsetchi doesn't take interest in him since she would rather pursue Mametchi, even though Mametchi is oblivious to her romantic feelings.

Himespetchi's two commonly used catchphrases are Gigakyun (ギガキュン) and Gigashun (ギガシュン). In English Tamagotchi Friends shorts, she says "Giga crush"

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy Ver.

Himespetchi is obtained from Sabosabotchi with 0-1 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi P's

Himespetchi is obtained from Nokobotchi with the Intelligence, Gourmet, and/or Strength traits and 0-2 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Friends

Himespetchi is obtained from any teen with good to average care with the Social trait.

Tamagotchi Friends (Dream Town ver.)

Himespetchi is obtained by having any female teen win the Robotics class minigame at Dream School at least three times, and by taking generally good care of her through achieving little to no care mistakes.

Tamagotchi 4U

Himespetchi is obtained from any female toddler with 20 or more Invention skill points.

Tamagotchi m!x

Himespetchi is a marriage partner exclusive to the Spacy version. She can be encountered at Spacy Land.

In the Anime

– Himespetchi


Himespetchi in the anime

Himespetchi made her official debut in the anime in "Gigakyun! Mysterious Transfer Student Himespetchi". She is from another world, but her parents sent her to Tamagotchi Planet to study abroad for six months. However, she ended up staying much longer for the sake of Mametchi. She has since then became a member of the main Tama-Friends.

Himespetchi is very outgoing and good at making friends. She is also popular at Tamagotchi School because of her fortune telling phone. She's easily distracted, but still smart, and she loves Mametchi - it was love at first sight. She wants to be close to Mametchi whenever she gets the chance. When she sees him, she often imagines he will tell her that he loves her; but when he doesn't end up saying this, she gets disappointed. She also sometimes gets jealous of other girls when they spend time with Mametchi, because she mistakes the things they do as displays of affection. She has mistakenly felt jealous of Yumemitchi, Clulutchi, and Lovelitchi.

Himespetchi sees Mametchi differently from her friends. It is because she likes him so much that she imagines him as an Ikemen, which is a Japanese term for a good-looking man. Ikemen Mametchi has sparkly eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows, longer arms and legs, and flowers and sparkles around him. Himespetchi eyes become heart-shaped when she thinks about him.

She is one of the girls who can take Mametchi's bad singing voice, but she pretends she hates it so others don't wonder why she can tolerate it and suspect her of having a crush.

In "Rival Appears! Depressed Himespetchi", Ringotchi gets a crush on Mametchi and Himespetchi helps her out, not knowing who the crush is. On finding out the crush's identity, she becomes depressed, but still helps out Ringotchi despite feeling upset. Later on, Ringotchi's crush goes away and she gives Himespetchi the ferris wheel ticket she was going to share with Mametchi. Mametchi and Himespetchi then enjoy the ferris wheel together.

Prince Tamahiko had a short crush on her in "Flustered! I've Lost My Memory!?". In this episode, Himespetchi fell down the stairs while imagining herself kissing Mametchi and lost her memory. She remembered that there was someone she likes, but thinks it was Prince Tamahiko, so she develops a crush on him. Himespetchi gets her memory back and remembers her love for Mametchi when she sees the Ferris wheel they rode on together, but this time Prince Tamahiko loses his memory and starts liking Himespetchi instead of Princess Tamako.

She is amongst the few to be unaffected by Eggification near the end of the first series. When the Tama-Friends are all holding hands in an attempt to hold off the apocalypse by expressing their bonds to the Tama Hearts, Himespetchi plans to confess to Mametchi. When she addresses him and starts to speak, he looks at her with shining eyes. But she is immediately interrupted by Kizunatchi falling from the sky, having lost all her power. After the world is eventually saved, Himespetchi becomes dishearted when she finds out that Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi have to leave to study in Dream Town.

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

Himespetchi appears starting from the "Surprise! Himespetchi Has Arrived Too!". She goes to Dream Town at night; by morning, she is already enrolled at Dream School. Mametchi and his friends are very surprised to see her there. She then chooses to go to robot class to be with Mametchi. In class, she is about to say her dream is to be with him, but instead changes the topic by showing everyone her phone while pretending to be more interested in electronics.

In "I'll Carve Out! Beat of the Soul", Himespetchi pounds her hands on a table in a love-induced outburst because Mametchi touched her head. This causes Taikotchi to want to teach her to play the drums. However, Himespetchi struggles to repeat her excellent "drumming", and becomes discouraged. In hopes to cheer Himespetchi up, Mametchi takes singing lessons from Papapianitchi so he can sing to her. Himespetchi soon becomes the drum player in the band Kira Kira Girls.

In "Don't Say It! Himespetchi's Secret", her family calls her and scolds her for staying on Tamagotchi Planet for longer than the six months they had arranged. Himespetchi tries to argue, but she has no choice but to agree to leave after the upcoming band contest. She can't summon the courage to tell her friends, so she keeps it a secret. Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi notice that something seems wrong with her, and they talk to her while under a Yume Kira Bag disguise. Himespetchi doesn't recognize them, so she confides in them that she is in love with Mametchi but she has to move away.

Mametchi and Himespetchi watching fireworks

In the next episode, "We'll Meet Again, Himespetchi", Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi use the Yume Kira Bags again to help Himespetchi have one last moment with Mametchi after the band contest. They are sent to a lighthouse, and Mametchi asks Himespetchi to hold his hand as they go up the stairs. They then put together a switch given to them by Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, and Himespetchi is flustered when she realizes Mametchi's hand is still touching hers afterwards. Some fireworks start, and the two of them watch them together. Himespetchi is about to confess to Mametchi again, but he is busy admiring the fireworks. She calmly changes her mind and decides to just enjoy the moment. Himespetchi leaves her friends letters and tells them to read them tomorrow, but they end up reading it right away. They run to say goodbye to her, but her ship is already flying off. As Himespetchi goes to close the curtains on the window, she looks outside.Mametchi and the others have formed a heart on the ground and are waving flashlights while wishing her farewell. Touched, she tears up and thanks them. After making a heart shape in the sky with her spaceship, she flies off for home.

After that, she was absent for the rest of the Yume Kira Dream as well as Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, although she was mentioned and appeared in flashbacks. In "Makeup of Love~♪ The Transfer Student, Coffretchi~♪", the gang gets depressed every time they're reminded of her. Coffretchi, a Tamagotchi who moved in the spot where she used to live and admired her the most out of the band, really wanted to see her but was disappointed when she found out she left.

Himespetchi didn't return to Tamagotchi Planet until the GO-GO Tamagotchi! series.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Himespetchi in her Mametchi Fan costume

Himespetchi returns in a wedding dress and princess crown soon after the Tamagottsun. Her princess training is over and her parents sent her to find a prince to marry. However, Himespetchi is still too shy to tell Mametchi that she wants to marry him. She is able to reunite with all of her Tama-Friends. She also becomes friends with Neenetchi, another love-struck Tamagotchi who helps Himespetchi become more confident. While looking around, she accidentally lands on Spaceytchi. At first he was angry, but he stopped when he saw Himespetchi in her dress. From this moment onwards, Spacytchi's crush on Himespetchi is depicted again, whereas it was absent from Yume Kira Dream. Spacytchi started to greet her, only for Coffretchi to knock him aside, because she was excited to meet her. Himespetchi also meets Miraitchi, Clulutchi, Candy Pakupaku, and Watchlin for the first time.

In "Shining Smiles! Happy Tamaween", Himespetchi dresses up in a Halloween-themed wedding dress for the Pumpking and Pumpqueen contest. She doesn't win, but she is very happy anyway because Mametchi asks her for a dance.

In "Gigakyun! Neenekyun! Big Gottsun!?", while in a quarrel, she and Neenetchi bumped into each other, causing them to switch bodies. They had to live out each other's lives until they figured out how to switch back. Himespetchi in Neenetchi's body tries to get Kuromametchi to like her more, and Neenetchi does the same for Himespetchi. This makes them make up their differences, and with the help Mametchi, they got original bodies back.

In "Who is Lovelin's Partner?", when she heard that Mametchi was going to participate in one of Lovelin's movies, she fears that Mametchi and Lovelin might have a romatic relationship and get married in it, so she disguises herself as a boy named Himeboytchi to star in the movie with Lovelin instead. Her worries turn out to be unfounded, as that is not the movie's plot at all. Nonetheless, Mametchi is playing as a different character; he is a villain who is hostile to Himespetchi, which ends up making her cry. Her Himeboytchi costume falls off and her identity is revealed, but TamaPtchi decides to allow her to keep acting as a boy. Then Mametchi's character calls her cute, and she is happy at first, but it is revealed that "Mametchi" was Oyajitchi in a costume all along. Himespetchi is dismayed.

In "Trying Out For the Band!", she performs in the Kira Kira Girls band again for the first time, after she and the other members were inspired by a girl named Nadeshikotchi. She also performs for Tamagotchi Planet in the final episode to stop it from crying.


Himespetchi has a large family, including parents, grandparents, and siblings. However, they never appeared and they were only heard in the anime. Her parents were later shown for the first time on the Tamagotchi m!x, but her other family members remain as voices only.


Main article: Kingspetchi

Himespetchi's father who is the king and ruler of Spacy Land. He never visually appeared in the anime, but his voice was heard over Himespetchi's phone. He was voiced by Tokuyoshi Kawashima.


Main article: Queenspetchi

Himespetchi's mother who is the queen of Spacy Land. She never visually appeared in the anime, but her voice was heard over Himespetchi's phone.

Himespe Phone

Main article: Himespe Phone

The Himespe Phone is Himespetchi's special phone that she uses the tell the future. She often uses it in the anime to find out how to win Mametchi's heart, or to help with situations her Tama-Friends face in the anime. The fortunes always end up being true in some form, even if it isn't in the way they were expected to.




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  • According to Himespetchi's profile on the Tama Profy, she loves Mametchi so much she even calls him Mametchi-sama, even though she is a princess. However, she does not call him Mametchi-sama anywhere else. This is likely an early development trait for her that was later removed.
    • Sama (さま) is used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself and sometimes towards a people one greatly admires.
  • Even though Himespetchi does not have a catchphrase for when she is angry, her angry pose is seen quite a lot in the tv anime. It even features on the Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy ver., even though anime poses aren't very common on Tamagotchi iD L characters. However Himespetchi's popular love pose with Gigakyun does not feature on the version.
  • Himespetchi's Mametchi plush seen in the Tamagotchi Friends manga, Gigakyun ♥ Dream ★ Idol Himespetchi.

    Himespetchi owns a small Mametchi plush. Its first big appearance is in the Tamagotchi! anime in episode 126, and in the second volume of the Tamagotchi Friends Manga Gigakyun ♥ Dream ★ Idol Himespetchi. He is normally seen on Himespetchi's bed, which she sleeps with hugging at night. She often talks to it pretending it is Mametchi. She does have other Mametchi goods, but the plush seems to be her favorite. In the anime, the plush's eyes look like dots.
  • When Tomomi left the anime in episode 112, Himespetchi replaced Tomomi's spot in the opening and ending of the series in season 6.
  • On the Tamagotchi Friends website, before Tamagotchi Friends webisode 3 came out, some pages on the website hinted that Himespetchi would say "Giga Crush" by saying that Himespetchi has a "giga crush" on Mametchi.
  • Her catchphrases "gigakyun" and "gigashun" are not present in the Cantonese dub of the anime aired by ViuTV. The Cantonese dub aired by TVB does at least include the catchphrase "gigakyun", though.

Meaning of Gigakyun and Gigashun

  • Gigakyun, Giga is an expression used to indicate "a huge amount", presumably from the "giga" Metric prefix (e.g. gigabyte). Kyun means falling in love. Short for Kyunto, which means a young girl falling in love. Kyun is also known as a Japanese onomatopoeia, as the sound or feeling of having butterflies in the stomach. This Japanese onomatopoeia can be used for both female and male since its only a sound, not connecting to Kyunto. Therefore, Gigakyun could mean "falling in lots of love."
  • Gigashun is the opposite of Gigakyun. Shun is short for sad or depressed. Therefore, Gigashun means "extremely depressed".