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The Home Deka Tamagotchi (おうちのでかたまごっち O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi) is a Deka Tamagotchi and an accessory made to compliment the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus.


The Home Deka measures at 115 centimeters, or approximately 4.5 inches. Its shape is is made to resemble a large Keitai Tamagotchi Plus, except instead of the infrared port being at the top, it is positioned just above the screen in a heart-shaped frame. The back of the shell body has a stand for tabletop display. The right side had a volume adjustment switch, with three settings (loud, quiet, and off).


The player is represented by an unnamed Tamagotchi character who initially lives in a small house in Tamagotchi Town. Through playing games and banking Gotchi Points, one can upgrade their house several times, the end result being a large Japanese-style palace. Each time an upgrade is performed, the capacity to keep various pets is increased. It is also possible to purchase a wide range of items to decorate the inside of the house, or to transfer over to the portable Tamagotchi toys.

The Home Deka Tamagotchi can transfer Gotchi Points and items to the Keitai Tamagotchi Plus, the Akai Tamagotchi Plus, and the Hanerutchi.


  • The Home Deka Tamagotchi is the first Deka Tamagotchi to be available at retail following the 2004 reboot. It is the second overall, the first being the Yasashii Tamagotch.
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