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The Home Deka Tamagotchi (おうちのでかたまごっち O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi) is a Deka Tamagotchi and an accessory made to compliment the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus.


The Home Deka measures at 115 centimeters, or approximately 4.5 inches. Its shape is is made to resemble a large Keitai Tamagotchi Plus, except instead of the infrared port being at the top, it is positioned just above the screen in a heart-shaped frame. The back of the shell body has a stand for tabletop display. The right side had a volume adjustment switch, with three settings (loud, quiet, and off).


The player is represented by an unnamed Tamagotchi character who initially lives in a small house in Tamagotchi Town. Through playing games and banking Gotchi Points, one can upgrade their house several times, the end result being a large Japanese-style palace. Each time an upgrade is performed, the capacity to keep various pets is increased. It is also possible to purchase a wide range of items to decorate the inside of the house, or to transfer over to the portable Tamagotchi toys.

The Home Deka Tamagotchi can transfer Gotchi Points and items to the Keitai Tamagotchi Plus, the Akai Tamagotchi Plus, Hanerutchi, Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, and Ura Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus.

Home Interior

The home interior screen is the default screen of the home deka tamagotchi. From here, the user can decorate their home with items, play with toys, take care of pets, or choose a location to visit. Pressing the A button brings up the Home Options menu which gives access to these actions. Pressing B brings up the clock while pressing C shows the map screen.

  • Go Out: The DekaTama protagonist will leave their house and the user can choose a location to visit.
  • Treasure Box: Items bought from the Tamatama Market can be viewed and selected here. Items will be categorized the same way as they were at the market. Pressing A will move through the categories and B will select it.
  • Bank Book: The user's Gotchi Bank account balance can be viewed here.
  • Pet House: Once the user has upgraded to an "Expensive House", they will have the option to take care of a pet. Up to three pets can be kept and one can be selected by selecting their pet house. Pets that are neglected don't die, but will become lonely. Pressing the A button brings up the Pet House menu
    • Food: The user can choose a meal to feed their pet.
    • Play: The user can choose an item to play with their pet.


By selecting "Go Out" from the Home Interior menu, the DekaTama protagonist can choose a location to visit. Once they're at the location, pressing the B button will let them enter. While outside, the user can press the C button to access the map screen to choose another location to visit.

Gotchi Bank

  • Bank Book: The user can check their balance of Gotchi Points. This option is also available from the Home Interior menu.
  • Withdraw: Gotchi points can be transferred from the Home Deka to a Ketai device from this option. When selected the user must input the amount of gotchi points to transfer and press B to enter communication mode. On the Ketai's end, the Deka Tamagotchi option must be selected from the connection menu to enter communication mode.
  • Increase: This is a minigame where the user has the chance to bet an amount of gotchi points. After inputting an amount, a wheel will be spun. If it lands on a gotchi bag, the user will earn double the bet. If it lands on a skull, the user will lose their bet instead.

Tamagotchi Game Center

When the DekaTama protagonist enters the building, one of two games will be randomly selected for them to play

  • Picture Match: A picture of a Tamagotchi is split into three rows and the user must stop the rows in order to form the full picture of them. Pressing A or B will stop a row.
  • Heart Catch: A bow and arrow will move from left to right on the bottom on the screen. The user must press A or B at the right time to shoot the arrow at a Tamagotchi who is at the top of the screen.

Tamatama Market

  • Ketai Shop: The user can buy items to send to their Ketai device. The items are separated into categories that can be scrolled through and selected. After an item is bought, the Home Deka will enter communication mode and the user must place their Ketai into communication mode (through the Deka Tamagotchi option) to receive the item on their device.
  • Gotchi Shop: Decorations, toys, pet food, and pet items can be bought here.
  • Real Estate: The user can upgrade their house as long as they have enough Gotchi Points.

Tamagotchi School

The DekaTama protagonist will enter the classroom and a Tamagotchi will have a conversation with them after pressing the B button. Once the conversation is done, another one can happen if the B button is pressed again.

Gotchi King's Castle

Two events will randomly happen when the DekaTama protagonist enters. If the user visits this location on their birthday, something special will happen.

  • TamaList Contest: The protagonist will enter a contest for the "Number 1 Tamagotchi". If they are chosen as number one, they will win a prize.
  • Lottery Tournament: The protagonist will play a lottery. If they get a black ball, they will win a prize.


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  • The Home Deka Tamagotchi is the first Deka Tamagotchi to be available at retail following the 2004 reboot. It is the second overall, the first being the Yasashii Tamagotch.
  • The two Game Center games were also available to play on Game Center deka tamagotchis found in stores.

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