Hoshigirltchi (ほしガールっち Hoshigārutchi) is a female adult character that debuted in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. On the virtual pets, she debuted on the Tamagotchi P's in Japan and on the Tamagotchi Friends internationally. In the Tamagotchi On app, her name is misspelled as Hosigirltchi.


Hoshigirltchi is pink, with blue eyes, and yellow hair that points down her forehead. She wears a large pink hood with pink and yellow stars on it, a yellow dress, and red stockings. Hoshigirltchi carries around a pink tablet.


Hoshigirltchi is a very energetic and talkative girl who loves to find the latest news and information about anything through rumors and gossip. She stocks all the information that obtained from her classmates in her tablet.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's

Hoshigirltchi can be obtained from any female teen by connecting to four or more friends of whom are all male, and having the Intelligence personality.

Tamagotchi Friends

Hoshigirltchi evolves from any female teen with poor care (Nokobotchi with 5 or more Care Mistakes, Painaputchi with 4 or more, or Neotchi with 7 or more) and trained with a Social personality. If no personality is trained, the teen will have a 33% chance of becoming Hoshigirltchi.

Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend

Hoshigirltchi is obtained by having any female teen win the Robotics class minigame at Dream School at least three times, and by taking generally bad care of her through achieving a significant amount of care misses. The female teen must retain the Robotics icon, as winning 3 times in any Dream School minigame will change their icon and future evolution.

Tamagotchi Meets/On (App)

Hoshigirltchi arrived on June 1st, succeeding Polybaketchi as guest, and has no giveaway like her predecessor and C–rabbitchi before her. She is slated to last a month longer in the Japanese app, becoming the longest-time guest in the Meets App history.

In the Anime


Hoshigirltchi and her band performing

Hoshigirltchi is a student at Dream School, and is in the Robotics class with Mametchi, Nandetchi, Righttchi, and Himespetchi. She is also in a band, called Pretty Princesses. She plays the electric guitar on a Smapi.

In episode 43, during the robot demonstration, she shows off one of her inventions, Aritchi, an ant-like robot that's so small that it can only be seen by a magnifying glass. She loses track of it, and it ends up damaging Nandetchi's robot, which causes it to malfunction and encase all of Dream School in ice. In the aftermath, she finds Aritchi frozen in a block of ice.


Hoshigirltchi's mother and father appeared in one episode of the anime. However, they are unvoiced and only appeared in her thoughts. Their names are unknown.

Hoshigirltchi's mother has a red hood with three stars on it, and she wears an orange dress. Her tablet is purple.

Hoshigirltchi's father has a purple hood with one star. He wears a dark blue shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. His tablet is blue.

Name Origin

Hoshi (ほし) translates to star, and gāru (ガール) is a Japanese pronunciation of girl; therefore, together Hoshigirltchi translates to Stargirltchi. She is named this because of the stars on her hood. Her name may also be a reference to the Japanese term hoshigaru, which means "to wish for".

Names in other languages

Region Release Name Etymology
Russia Tamagotchi Friends Xoшигёpлчи {{{ru-tr}}} {{{ru-etym}}}


Hoshigirltchi sprite friends


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