Hoshihakasetchi (ほしはかせっち) is a character that debuted in the anime GO-GO Tamagotchi!. On the virtual pets, he debuted on the Tamagotchi On.


Hoshihakasetchi has a tall, pale head with green eyes. He has round, tan eyebrows, star-shaped hair on each side of his head, and a wide mustache with yellow stars on the tips. He wears a white labcoat with a blue tie and star-shaped pockets. On top of his head is a large orange planet with a yellow ring around it.


Hoshihakasetchi is a serious and dedicated scientist who studies the stars and the nature of the Tamagotchi Planet. He runs an observatory in Tamagotchi Town, and is good friends with Papamametchi.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Hoshihakasetchi is an NPC that appears at Starry Lab.

Name Origin

His name is a combination of "hoshi" (meaning "star") and "hakase" (meaning "professor").

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