Hoshitchi (ほしっち Hoshitchi) is a child-stage Tamagotchi that debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.


Hoshitchi resembles a shooting star. She has a dark blue face, light blue cheeks, yellow star-shaped eyes, a yellow smile, and a rainbow tail.


She's born to be a star. Her face is a dark color now, but everyone is talking about what color she will shine once she becomes a star in the future.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5/Celebrity

Hoshitchi is the sole child stage of the Space family, produced when a connection marriage is performed between a V5 from one of the four regions and another from a different region, or if Sunnytchi is married when offered one the Dating Show on the international releases.

Hoshitchi always evolves from Iwatchi and into Mikazukitchi regardless of bonding influence, and cannot have siblings.

Tamagotchi iD

Hoshitchi evolves from Pichikutchi and is one of the two female child-stage Tamagotchis, the other one being Belltchi. Hoshitchi evolves into Shelltchi with three or less care misses or Chuchutchi with four or more care misses.

Tamatown Tama-Go

Again female-only as what was the case on the iD, Hoshitchi evolves randomly from Nokotchi and can evolve into Chuchutchi (bad care), Mikazukitchi (average care), or Shelltchi (good care).

In Video Games

My Tamagotchi Forever

Hoshitchi evolves from the baby stage after eating mostly fruit and snacks, and can evolve into any of the six teenagers in the game depending on its diet.

Name Origin

Her name comes from the Japanese word "hoshi" (ほし), which means star.


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