Hotcaketchi (ほっとけーきっち Hottokēkitchi) is a male adult-stage Tamagotchi character who is currently exclusive to the Sweets version of the Tamagotchi On. He can be encountered in Dolce Town.


Hotcaketchi is a yellow Tamagotchi with beady eyes, stubby arms, and a honey-colored beak and cheeks. He appears to be on top of two hotcakes covered in syrup, and on his head is a larger hotcake topped with syrup, butter, two cream dollops, a mandarin segment, and a slice of banana. He is on a plate decorated with cream and berries or wagashi confectionery, and he is surrounded by a few heat clouds.

In Virtual Pets

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Name Origin

Hotcakes are what pancakes are known as in Japan. However, hotcakes tend to be thicker than average pancakes. His cakes are also steaming, so his name has a double meaning—hotcake and hot cake.

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