Hurray! Tama-Friends Big Investigation (『ワイワイ!たまとも大調査』Waiwai! Tamatomo Dai chousa) is episode 5 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on November 9, 2009.


Ms. Perfect has everyone make a group project. Mametchi's group's theme is "Tama Friend", a friend who is more special than best friends. What exactly is a true "Tama Friend"?


Lovelitchi leaves Tama Cafe early, excited to meet her friends before school starts. When she gets there she talks to everyone and Mametchi calls her a Tama-friend, making her happy. Ms Perfects walks in to start class and assigns everyone a project: Get into groups, investigate a topic of your choosing, and present your findings to the class.

Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, Makiko, and Lovelitchi form a group and try to figure out what topic they'll investigate. After turning down Kuchipatchi's suggestion on the cafeteria menu and Makiko's suggestion on popular hairstyles, Mametchi says they should do a topic everyone would want to investigate. Lovelitchi suggests Tama-friends as a topic, thinking they'll get a lot of interesting answers and everyone agrees to it.

The group then scatter around the school to ask others what they think a tama-friend is, how many friends they have, and who their friends are. While Lovelitchi was interviewing Debatchi, Makiko interrupts to say hairstyles are important to friendship than humor. Memetchi than joins in to say brilliant phrases are more important and the two get into a fight over the importance of hairstyles in friendships. Lovelitchi asks them to stop, but they reply that fights are proof of their friendships. They then proceed to fight over whether they're having a fight or an argument.

The group returns to the classroom to put together all the data they collected. Makiko points out that Lovelin was the most popular choice to the question "What celebrity would you want to be your Tama-friend?" and the rest of the group states that they would want Lovelin to be their friend too. Lovelitchi has a flashback to the first school she enrolled in, where everyone knew that she was Lovelin. A group of girls talk behind her back expressing jealousy at her getting to skip school to film a movie. They then approach her and drop a stack of papers on her desk, wanting her to sign them all so they could give them as gifts to people. Lovelitchi is hesitant as she doesn't even know their names, but they coerce her into doing by saying a friend would do this for them. The scene changes to Mananetchi reassuring Lovelitchi that the next school she's transferring to has celebrities enrolled so she's sure that she won't be bullied. Unfortunately, this turns out to be false as the students there refuse to talk to her and talk behind her back, believing that she thinks she's better than them. The scene changes again to Lovelitchi and Manenetchi driving to Tamagotchi School. This time, Lovelitchi resigns to keeping her identity a secret so everyone will treat her like a normal person. She feels bad about lying, but is desperate to avoid bullying again.

The group asks Lovelitchi if she's alright, snapping her back to reality. She says she's fine, but they ask again with Makiko saying tama-friends don't lie. She reassures them and they get back to the project. Suddenly, Manenetchi calls her to a film shooting and she gets upset as she was supposed to have the day off. She makes up an excuse and leaves, passing by Uwasatchi investigating a print on the floor. Interested to see where she's going in a hurry, Uwsatchi follows her and sees her getting on the Lovelin Bus. Wanting to get good gossip out of the situation, she runs right after the bus to investigate.





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