Hyottokotchi (ひょっとこっち) is a special male adult Tamagotchi on the Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus and the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5


Hyottokotchi is based on a Hyottoko, which is a Japanese mask. Hyottoko masks usually have different eye sizes between left and right and a scarf around his head, usually with blue polka-dots. Hyottoko's mouths are often supposed to look like it's blowing on fire with a bamboo pipe.

On Virtual Pets

Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus

Hyottokotchi evolves from Ura Mametchi. First, Ura Mametchi must have at least 200 Humor points before applying for a job. Ura Mametchi must get the highest-offered job, and then reach 999 Humor points within three days.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5

Hyottokotchi evolves from Ura Mametchi if he has 450+ skill points and over 350 in Funny/Humor before the first Matchmaker visit. His favorite food is pasta.

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