Ibatchi (イーバっち)
Genders and Releases:

Ibatchi (イーバっち) is a secret adult Tamagotchi character that appears exclusively on the Genjintch Tamagotchi


Ibatchi has an alien-like face, similar to Zatchi. He has two pointed ears, a dark slender body, and skinny string-like arms.

On Virtual Pets

Genjintch Tamagotchi

Ibatchi is a secret adult Tamagotchi, and only evolves from Genjintchi. Ibatchi has no further evolutions.

Name Origin

Ibatchi's name may come from the Japanese pronunciation of EBE (イーバ Ība), an acronym for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity". Ibatchi's name may also come from the Japanese word "ibara" (イバラ), which means thorny shrub.

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