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Idol Graduation?! Lovelin and hitomitchi (アイドル卒業?!ラブリンとhitomiっち(前編・後編) Aidoru sotsugyō?! Raburin to hitomitchi (zenpen・kōhen)) is episode 10 of GO-GO Tamagotchi! and is episode 231 overall. It first aired on June 5, 2014.

Unlike previous episode in the GO-GO Tamagotchi! series, this is a full episode rather than two unrelated sub-episodes. It is, however, divided into two parts according to the original title: (前編・後編); (Part 1・Part 2).

Plot Summary

An extremely popular music artist, hitomitchi, is coming to DoriTama Town. In addition, she will perform with Lovelin. Lovelitchi is excited to be co-starring with hitomitchi but she had a nightmare about not being able to sing with hitomitchi and she worries that she might not be good enough. She decides to try a new type of music, and her friends help her decide on rock music.

Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Pianitchi all prepare for the performance and dress up in rock-themed clothes, and Melodytchi has an electric guitar instead of her violin. All the Tamagotchis are impressed by Lovelitchi's practice performances except for Kuromametchi. Lovelitchi doesn't understand why he seems unhappy.

When it is time for Lovelitchi to meet hitomitchi, she doesn't feel confident. But hitomitchi acts excited and says she is a very big fan of Lovelin, and even asks for her autograph. Lovelitchi reveals her worries and hitomitchi talks to her about how she had similar feelings on her journey to be an idol. After listening to hitomitchi, Lovelitchi realizes what is wrong; she wasn't being herself. She apologizes to Melodytchi and Pianitchi and gets ready to perform with hitomitchi the way she is instead of acting as a rock performer.




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