Itatchi (いたっち)
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Genders and Releases:

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Itatchi is a female adult stage Hanerutchi character who appears on the Hanerutchi 2. Since she is absent from the Hanerutchi 1, the Hanerutchi 2 is her first and latest appearance to date.


Itatchi resembles a young woman. She has short, dark brown hair with fringes. She also wears a stripy yellow and orange top, a white skirt and sandles.

Appearances in Virtual Pets

Hanerutchi 2

Obtainable in the Owarai Group, Itatchi evolves from either Remitchi or Rorimamatchi after 72-84 hours if either of them have high Comedy GUT points. Itatchi will graduate from school 48 hours after evolving from either of the two teens and then will be able to get a job depending on her GUT points, and whether or not Gogobuchou accepts her during the interview. 24 hours later Otokitchi will show up with a mating partner. However, if she does not mate by the age of 16 then she will evolve into Morinoshintchi. Itatchi sleeps from 10 PM to 9 AM, has a base weight of 10 grams (citation needed) and is of low maintenance.

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