Jamanetchi (ジャーマネっち Jāmanetchi) is a character that appears as part of the "story" of the TamaOtch. While she doesn't appear on the device itself, she does appear on its packaging, instruction manual, web site, and guide book. In relation to the TamaOtch, she serves a role to the user similar to that of Professor Banzo.


Jamanetchi resembles a woman in a pink suit, wearing a white top underneath. She has brown hair and wears glasses. She has red shoes and is often seen carrying a book with a clasp.


Jamanetchi is friendly and helpful, but is no-nonsense when it comes to managing actors and actresses. However, this is only because she wants them to be successful.

In TamaOtch Media

Throughout the official TamaOtch guide book, Jamanetchi appears to give the reader tips on how to properly raise their TamaOtch.

Jamanetchi appeared in a few navigation images on the TamaOtch web site. She appears on the TamaOtch's packaging, both on the front and back, and in the instruction manual.


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