Jr. Ginjirotchi (ぎんじろっち(弟) Ginjirotchi Otōto) is an adult character featured exclusively on the Yasashii Tamagotch.


Jr. Ginjirotchi resembles Ginjirotchi, except it's smaller and its colors are lighter.


Jr. Ginjirotchi is quick to make long-lasting friendships, but can be a freeloader.

On Virtual Pets

Yasashii Tamagotch

Jr. Ginjirotchi evolves from Meruhetchi with bad care, or Mayumarutchi with good care.

Name Origin

"Ginjiro" (ぎんじろ) is a Japanese name that names "good silver". "Otōto" () is an honorific that means "younger brother".


  • Jr. Ginjirotchi's sprites are all identical to Ginjirotchi's.
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