Jr. Mametchi (まめっち(弟)Mametchi Otōto) is an adult character featured exclusively on the Yasashii Tamagotch.


Jr. Mametchi is identical to Mametchi, except he's smaller and has a much lighter shade of yellow. Additionally, Jr. Mametchi's eyes appear to be permanently crossed.


Jr. Mametchi is the younger brother of Mametchi. He calls himself "Yasashii Mametchi", or sometimes "YasaMametchi" for short. Jr. Mametchi is prone to more rambunctious outbursts than Mametchi, though he can still be serious. He speaks in an odd way, such as adding are to the end of sentences and using strange honorifics.

On Virtual Pets

Yasashii Tamagotch

Jr. Mametchi evolves from Meruhetchi with above average care.

Name Origin

Mame (まめ) is the Japanese word for a number of adjectives used in a positive light including loyal, hard-working and healthy. Otōto () is an honorific that means "younger brother".


  • Jr. Mametchi's sprites are all identical to Mametchi's.
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