Kabuto Oyajitchi (かぶとおやじっち KabutoOyajitch) is a variation of Oyajitchi available on the Yasashii Tamagotch.


Kabuto Oyajitchi resembles Oyajitchi with arms and a Kabuto helmet, and carries a sword.


He is younger than the actual Oyajitchi, and is impressed with the lifestyle of the warrior. He is working hard to master Bushidō, the Japanese warrior's code of conduct, and is a collector of warrior's goods.

On Virtual Pets

Yasashii Tamagotch

Kabuto Oyajitchi evolves from Pantarotchi with perfect care.

Name Origin

His name is a combination of Kabuto, a type of helmet worn by ancient Japanese warriors, and Oyajitchi's name.

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