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Kaitchi (かいっち) is an adult character who appeared in Tamagotchi Ocean.


Kaitchi resembles a large, yellow oyster with blue eyes visible from the opening. Kaitchi's real body is actually a blue pearl, hidden inside the shell.


Kaitchi is a bashful, romantic Tamagotchi who likes to write poems. The pearl hidden deep inside its shell is said to bring good luck.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Kaitchi can evolve from Otototchi after 47 hours or Kingyotchi after 30 hours with completely dirty water with roughly 10 minutes before evolution. If its weight is kept at 10 grams, all attacks are avoided and all health meters are kept full, Kaitchi can evolve into Ningyotchi after 49 hours, 12 minutes. It sleeps from 6pm to 10am. Because of this, it is not possible to turn off the light properly when Kaitchi first goes to sleep, because the sun sets an hour later on Tamagotchi Planet.

Name origin

kai can mean "shell" or "shellfish".

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