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Kandentchi (かんでんっち Kandentchi) is a female fan-made Tamagotchi character that was later incorporated into the franchise through a contest. She debuted on the Tamagotchi Plus Color and has been on every color release since.

Character Contest

Bandai Japan held a contest in which contestants were to draw and name a Tamagotchi character, and give a vivid description of the character. The winning entry would later be incorporated into a future Tamagotchi release. Kandentchi was the winner, and was redrawn in an art style based on the Tamagotchi film and anime adaptations.


Original art of Kandentchi, by the original creator.

Kandentchi appears as a battery on its side, with two small feet, two antennas, and plus (+) and minus (-) symbols for cheeks. In the original art, Kandentchi was depicted as being blue, but Bandai's art features her as yellow. Kandentchi's mouth and antennas were yellow in his original artwork, but made pink in the Bandai artwork.


On Japanese releases, Kandentchi appears on the Tamagotchi Plus Color and Hexagontchi, all Tamagotchi iDs, Tamagotchi iD Ls, and Tamagotchi P's when the battery power on the device is low. On English releases, she takes on this role for the TamaTown Tama-Go and Tamagotchi Friends.

Music Star

Kandentchi also appears on the Tamagotchi Music Star when the rare item "Tama Battery" is used. She will appear and give the Tamagotchi either an instrument or toy.

In the Anime

Kandentchi's only anime appearance is in the second Tamagotchi movie, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe! voiced by Iwai Ryoma.

Name Origin

The name Kandentchi is a play on the word kandenchi, which literally means "battery".


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