Kawaiinaotchi (かわいいなおっち)

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Kawaiinaotchi (かわいいなおっち Kawaiinaotchi) is a female teen character who appears exclusively on the Hanerutchi 2. She is inspired by the Japanese TV show, Haneru No Tobira (You Knock on a Jumping Door!).


Kawaiinaotchi resembles a Japanese schoolgirl. She has short, ginger hair with two side fringes covering her eyebrows. She has an L shaped nose and wears red lipstick. In her right hand she holds a pink cellphone. She wears a white and red uniform with a green tie, with white tights and black shoes.


Hanerutchi 2

Kawaiinaotchi is the female teen in the Taiiku Group who is obtained from bad care (four or more care mistakes). She evolves from Kujiraitchi and into either Kosuzukitchi with high Music GUT points, Tsukarintchi with high Phys Ed GUT points, or Honeytchi with high Comedy GUT points. She wakes and sleeps at 9:00 AM/PM and has a base weight of 10 grams. She is of average to low maintenance and will evolve after 72-84 hours.

Name Origin

Kawaii means "cute". Nao may come from naon, which is Japanese slang for "woman". Her name is a reference to the skit "Cute♡ (カワイイ♡)" from Haneru No Tobira.


  • Kawaiinaotchi is the second character to feature multiple characters in her close up, the first being Itanantchi. However, unlike Itanantchi, two characters are present in both frames.
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