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Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus Akai (ケータイかいツー!たまごっちプラス赤いシリーズ Kētai Kaitsū! Tamagotchi Purasu Akai Shirīzu) (usually shortened to Akai Tamagotchi Plus or simply the Akai) is a Japanese Tamagotchi released in July 2005. It is a themed re-release of the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus featuring new characters, content, gameplay and a new base location, Makkakka Town. It has similar programming to the original Keitai.


Promotional image showing the red LCD.

The Akai is modeled after the Keitai Tamagotchi with the same antenna and shell design, but it was released in different colors. On top of this, the pixels are red instead of black and the design behind the screen is sometimes different. It was released in 20 different colors, and the units were packaged in the same boxing as the original Keitai.

Differences From Keitai


The Akai introduces eight new "red"-themed foods; the meals are Sekihan (red beans and rice), pizza, shrimp sushi and turnip; the snacks are strawberry parfait, watermellon, peach and wine.

Wine can only be drunk by teenagers and adults. Teenagers will throw up, while adults will get drunk and stumble around. Neither stage will lose hearts or become sick.


Three new games were introduced; the connection games are the same, but the built-in games are new. They have similar gameplay, but have been altered.

  • Throw Away Poop: This game has reversed objectives to that of the "Get the Notes" name from the Keitai. The messes must be collected in trash cans while avoiding Gotchi. Small messes (made by babies and young Tamagotchis) are worth one point and larger ones (made by older Tamagotchis) are worth two points. Catching Gotchi or missing a mess however will end the game abruptly, whereas collecting 100 points will count as a perfect game.
  • Post: This game is similar to the basketball game from the Keitai, but basketballs are absent; instead there are letters that are knocked into the postbox. Each letter that is knocked into the postbox carries one point and having 30 letters successfully knocked into the postbox wil count as a perfect game.
  • Swimming Race: This game is similar to the running race from the Keitai, although instead the racers are swimming from one end of a pool to the other. The user's Tamagotchi is a contestant in the race against two other characters and the user needs to guess which place their Tamagotchi comes in. Guessing correctly will count as a perfect game, although only 30 Gotchi is awarded.
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