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Kikitchi (ききっち Kikitchi) is a male teen-stage and later adult-stage Tamagotchi character who debuted in the second Tamagotchi movie, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!. His first virtual pet appearance was on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. Originally he was a teen character, but he has been an adult since the Tamagotchi iD.

Name Origin

Kiki (きき) is Japanese for "hear" or "listen", and Kikitchi is called this because he has a good sense of hearing. Kiki is also a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a monkey makes.

Names in other languages

Region Release Name Etymology
Taiwan 吱吱吉 {{{zh-tw-tr}}} From Japanese.
Hong Kong Anime 吱吱 zi1 zi1 From Japanese.
Korean Fanmade 키키치 Kikichi From Japanese.


Kikitchi's behind.

Kikitchi resembles a baboon. His body is yellow, and his face is cream-colored. He has round ears, oval-shaped eyes, pink cheeks, and a cat-like mouth. He also has a pink heart shape on his rear like a baboon does. He wears a red scarf.


Kikitchi is often very stubborn, self-centered, and only listens to himself. He got this way after being bullied a lot as a child because of what he often heard with his big ears. There is an example from a flashback Kikitchi had in Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!.

"The children were talking about the festival tomorrow, but Kikitchi could hear the nearby tree saying that it was going to rain the next day. When Kikitchi told the other children that the tree told him it was going to rain, they all made fun of him, saying things like "Why are you saying such horrible things? You are a liar and a terrible person!" "

Because of what Kikitchi often heard no one wanted to be his friend when he was young, and was often left out as an outcast. Another reason why Kikitchi is so stubborn is because his family were never around when he needed them. As a child his parents were very busy taking care of Celebria and were almost never home. His sisters were also never there too, and his butler, Sebastiantchi, was the only person who cared and took care of Kikitchi when he was young.

His best friends are Chamametchi, Hapihapitchi and Imotchi, but sometimes he fights with Hapihapitchi. He also looks up to and admires Gozarutchi, even calling him "master". He became a very good skateboarder after Kuromametchi helped him to and may look up to him.

Kikitchi has phasmophobia, also known as a phobia of the paranormal world. In episode 113, Kikitchi tried to conquer his fear by going into the forest.

Kikitchi loves bananas very much, similar to a monkey.

His profile on the Tamagotchi Pix website states: "Kikitchi is sensitive and kind hearted, though a bit mischievous, too! He's also very athletic!"

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity

Kikitchi is obtained from any male child with high Active training. Ahirukutchi evolves into him naturally, but Yattaritchi, Mousetchi and trained Ahirukutchi will all evolve into Kikitchi if their highest points are in Active.

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Kikitchi is obtained from any male child with 4+ care mistakes. On odd generations, he can evolve into Mametchi with 0 care mistakes, Kuchipatchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Gozarutchi with 4+ care mistakes. On even generations, he can evolve into KuroMametchi with 0 care mistakes, ShimaShimatchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Nemutchi with 4+ care mistakes.


Kikitchi is obtained from any male child with 4+ care mistakes. On odd generations, he can evolve into Mametchi with 0 care mistakes, Kuchipatchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Nonbiritchi with 4+ care mistakes. On even generations, he can evolve into Tensaitchi with 0 care mistakes, KuroMametchi with 1-3 care mistakes, or Nemutchi with 4+ care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Kikitchi evolves from either Kuribotchi or Kuchitamatchi and can appear in any generation with perfect care. Kikitchi's adult evolution is based on how well he is cared for at the end of thirty hours (one day plus six additional hours). He sleeps from 8:30 PM to 7 AM.

Tamagotchi iD

Kikitchi is obtained from Monapatchi with 4+ care mistakes. He is the worst care character in this version.

Tamagotchi iD L

Kikitchi is obtained from Happabouyatchi with 2-3 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Nano Series 1-3

Kikitchi is obtained through severe neglect from Pachikutchi.

TamaTown Tama-Go

Kikitchi is obtained from any male teen with good care.

Tamagotchi On

Kikitchi is obtained from any male teen with 6 care misses or by playing with the Scooter toy 10+ times. He is the second worst care character in this version. As an NPC, he is available internationally at the Tama Hotel in the Fairy and Magic versions, as well in as the Japanese exclusives Pastel and Sanrio. He also appears in the Fantasy version, in Arabian Night instead. His favorite items are:

  • Scooter
  • Unicycle
  • Jewel Box (Princess Palace)

Tamagotchi Pix

Kikitchi is obtainable as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi Pix.

In the Anime

Anime version of Kikitchi

Kikitchi made his first appearance in the movie Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe! as one of the main characters. He appeared as a recurring character in the first few seasons of Tamagotchi! and later made minor appearances in GO-GO Tamagotchi!.

Kikitchi often uses to words dashi (だし) and desho (でしょ) at the end of every sentence. Kikitchi sometimes uses the word nawake or na wake (なわけ) when asking a question.


He goes on a traditional adventure with Chamametchi and Imotchi on Tamaween in "Go Go! Tama Adventure!". He manages to make Kuchipatchi angry by accusing him of never making it to Pumpkin Soup Lake which makes him try to scare him later in Pumpkin Forest. Kikitchi helps the girls get down a steep cliff and reach their destination.

In "Kikitchi Can't Sleep!", Chamametchi and Imotchi have a sleepover at his house and are amazed at how luxurious his home in Celebria is. At bedtime, they both tell scary stories and Kikitchi is frightened to the point of falling over and feeling anxious over suspicious noises and shadows.

Kikitchi undergoes ninja training in "Kikitchi's Ninja Training" with Gozarutchi, Mametchi, and Kuchipatchi. He is at first unimpressed by Gozarutchi, even going as far to call Gozarutchi "not a very good ninja". He soon comes to respect him after Gozarutchi rescues him from being trapped on a kite high in the air and asks him to teach him how to be a ninja, asking if he can call him "master". However, Gozarutchi is overwhelmed by his enthusiasm and hides from him instead.

Voice Change

Kikitchi was voiced by Junko Takeuchi in the second Tamagotchi Movie, Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!. His voice was much older and sounded more stubborn and angry. When the anime TV show, Tamagotchi! came out, Kikitchi's voice actor was changed to Mayumi Yamaguchi. His voice now sounds a lot more childish and more suited to his age.

Kiki Family


Monsieur Kikipapa

Main article: Monsieur Kikipapa

Monsieur Kikipapa (ムッシュ・キキパパ Musshu・Kikipapa) also known as Messieur Kikipapa, is Kikitchi's father. He is the owner of Celebria along with Madame Kiki, Kikitchi's mother.


Madame Kiki

Main article: Madame Kiki

Madame Kiki (マダム・キキ Madamu・Kiki) is Kikitchi's mother. She is second owner of Celebria along with Monsieur Kikipapa, Kikitchi's father.


Celeb Sisters

Main article: Celeb Sisters

The Celeb Sisters (セレブ姉妹 Serebu Shimai) are Kikitchi's sisters and are well known celebrities, but their real name are unknown.

Other Forms

King Kikitchi

Anime version of King Kikitchi from Tamagotchi!

King Kikitchi (キングききっち Kingu Kikitchi) is Kikitchi's Henshin Jo transform character from the Tamagotchi iD L. In the anime TV show Tamagotchi!, King Kikitchi is the king of the Banana Kingdom.

Lord Kikitchi

Lord Kikitchi is a character that Kikitchi plays in Princess Lovelin, a TAMAX-TV show where the setting is ancient Japan. He rules over Castle Town with Lady Chamametchi and is often sending others to look for Princess Lovelin who sneaks out into town.






  • In the UK, Kikitchi debuted on the Tamagotchi Music Star.
  • Kikitchi appears in Music City as a drummer. He can also be seen on the Celebrity Cruise ship in Tama & Earth EXPO.
  • In My Tamagotchi Forever, he mistakenly used a female adult's voice, but this was later fixed.

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