Kikitchi Can't Sleep! (ききっち!今夜は眠れない Kikitchi! Konya wa nemurenai) is part 1 of episode 16 in Tamagotchi!.


Chamametchi and Imotchi are having a sleepover at Kikitchi's house. At night, they decided to tell ghost stories which freaks Kikitchi out. Later on, they hear strange it a real ghost?!


The episode begins with Chamametchi and Imotchi excitedly arriving to Celebria and enjoying all the sights on the way to Kikitchi's tower. They make it to the park inside the tower and are greeted by Monsieur Kikipapa, Madame Kiki, and Sebastiantchi who are happy to have them over. Kikitchi is embarassed at how formal his parents are and tells them they should get going as they have a busy schedule today. Sebastiantchi claps his hands and a helicopter rises from the river to fly the parents away to work. He claps his hands again and a nearby tree rises up to reveal a mini car that they'll ride to Kikitchi's bedroom (as the house is so big that walking there will take too long). On the drive to his bedroom, Kikitchi complains about Sebastiantchi driving too fast while the girls cheer and enjoy the ride.

In Kikitchi's bedroom, the girls admire his giant TV and the gang spends the day playing video games and card games. They eventually stop to eat dinner and the girls are amazed by how good the food is as Kikitchi remarks that he eats like this everyday. He asks Sebastiantchi for more sauce and they hop in the mini car and drive to the kitchen and back to fulfill Kikitchi's request. Later on, the gang is sitting in the park enjoying the nighttime fireworks. The girls start wishing they could live in a house like Kikitchi's and Sebastiantchi comes up to tell them to keep an eye out for a surprise. Fireworks then appear in the sky in the shape of their faces, delighting the gang.

At bedtime, Kikitchi suggests having a pillow fight, but Imotchi turns him down saying it's weird to do. She then suggests telling scary stories instead and starts her story as the lights turn out, scaring Kikitchi. Imotchi tells the story of a child who always wet the bed; the pee built up every night under the bed until it took form as a big monster that attacked the child. Chamametchi then tells her story: A tamagotchi who loved to play hide and seek had one day hidden in a closet. However, everyone forgot about him and they went home. Every night since then, a voice can be heard saying "Come and find me", presumably from the missing kid. Kikitchi falls over in fright and the girls help him up before saying it's his turn to tell a scary story.

He deliberates on what to do and settles on telling the story of a scary movie he watched recently. Unfortunately, the girls had fallen asleep while he spent time deliberating. He then notices a shadow on the ceiling and freaks out before realizing it was from the flashlight. The girls' scary stories start getting to Kikitchi and he becomes scared, resorting to trying to wake his friends up for company. His ears then pick up a suspicious noise and he manages to wake up Chamametchi to accompany him as he investigates the noise. As they slowly walk down the hallway, Kikitchi wishes he lived with Chamametchi whose house was a lot smaller and easy to navigate. Hearing no response, he turns back to see her asleep on the floor. He resorts to dragging her with him as he continues the investigation. The sound gets traced to the kitchen and Kikitchi hesistantly approaches the large shadow making the sound. He jumps back in fear and surprise when it turns around and reveals itself as Sebastiantchi slurping on instant noodles.

The scene changes to all three kids in bed, all asleep except Kikitchi. Chamametchi starts talking in her sleep and as Kikitchi goes to look closer he ends up getting slapped as she turns around. Imotchi then rolls over him and off the bed, bumping into a desk and making a mess by knocking things over. Chamametchi then begins singing and Kikitchi sighs in exasperation, realizing he won't get any sleep tonight. The next day at Tamagotchi School, Kikitchi is fast asleep at his desk and Chamametchi and Imotchi talk about how much fun their slumber party was.







  • Chamametchi shouts out Hero Lovelin's attack the first time she talks in her sleep.
    • She also sings a verse from Lovely Day when singing in her sleep.
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