Kingyotchi (きんぎょっち) is a teen character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Ocean.


Kingyotchi looks like a red fish with pink lips and large, round eyes on top of its red. It has two frilly fins and a frilly tail.


It longs for Keropyontchi to become its "Boss". It wants to hide behind Keropyontchi and be its servant, but actually it is fairly weak. It has myopia so suffers from near-nearsightedness. Even though it lives in the ocean, it can't remain healthy unless it takes a shower in fresh water once a day.

Kingyotchi tends to hide. When it's in sight, it can become a disagreeable sort. Its favorite food is chikuwabu.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Otototchi evolves from Kuragetchi after 49 hours from the top of the coming hour when evolving from Planktontchi, if two or more discipline calls are missed. It can evolve into either Taiyakitchi, Kaitchi, Kujiratchi, or Ashigyotchi after 30 hours (or 16 awake hours). Otototchi sleeps from 8pm to 10am.

Tamagotchi Town

Kuragetchi will evolve into Kingyotchi if it has four or more stress. Unlike on the Tamagotchi Ocean, Kingyotchi is capable of evolving into any of the adult Ocean characters in the game, including Kaizokutchi, who cannot evolve from Otototchi.

If Kingyotchi has enough stress to evolve into Kaitchi, it may evolve into Kaizokutchi depending on how polluted its home block was across its life. If Kingyotchi is lured into another block by food upon waking up on the day it is due to evolve, it will evolve into Hangyotchi if lured into a grassland block, Tonbotchi if lured into a forest block or Sanzokutchi if lured into a mountain block.

Name Origin

Kingyo means "goldfish" in Japanese.

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