Kirapapatchi with Kiramotchi.

Kirapapatchi (キラぱぱっち) is a male parent Tamagotchi. He is Kiraritchi and Kiramotchi's father, and Kiramamatchi's husband. He is a minor character in the anime series. 


Kirapapatchi has sandy colored skin and blue eyes. He has thick eyebrows and fluffy hair on top of his head. He wears blue overalls and a white shirt.


Kirapapatchi is laid-back and relaxed.

Name Origin

Kirapapatchi's name uses "kira", from Kiraritchi's name, and "papa", since he is a father.


  • Kirapapatchi has far fewer appearances than Kiramamatchi or Kiramotchi. He also doesn't have a profile or artwork on Tamagotchi Channel's anime page.
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