Koinoboritchi (こいのぼりっち)
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Koinoboritchi sprite

Koinoboritchi (こいのぼりっち) is a character that appears on the Japanese version of the Tamagotchi Ocean.


Koinoboritchi resembles a carp streamer with a light colored face with one visible eye and a large beak. The tail is a darker color and has three large lines going across it. It is separated from the pole with one rope.

Koinoboritchi has no official artwork.

Appearances in Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Koinoboritchi is not a raisable character, but is considered a "secret screen" which can be found on the Japanese version at 5:05 AM. If the light is switched on at this time, Koinoboritchi will appear on the screen for one minute, during which pressing buttons will have no effect whatsoever. If the light is turned off, Koinoboritchi will not appear but pressing a button will have no effect until the one minute has elapsed.

Name Origin

Koinobori (鯉幟) is Japanese for "carp streamer".


  • Koinoboritchi's appearance at 5:05 AM may be a reference to Japan's Children's Day, which happens on May 5, (which can be written as 5/05), and often features koinobori.
  • Koinoboritchi may appear at 5:05 AM because 5:05 PM is written as 17:05 on the 24 hour clock, while 5:05 AM is written as 5:05 or 05:05.
  • The reason Koinoboritchi is absent from the American version may be because Children's Day is not celebrated outside of Japan, and wouldn't have the same significance to American players.