Konnyakutchi, (こんにゃくっち Kon'nyakutchi) is a male baby stage character that debuted on the Oden-Kun Tamagotchi. His female counterpart is Tamagotchi.


Konnyakutchi resembles a small, black triangular Gelatin.

On Virtual Pets

Oden-Kun Tamagotchi

Konnyakutchi is the male baby, and has 50% chance of rising from Oden's cooking pot (which acts as the egg stage) at birth. After one hour it can evolve into Meatboyatchi at first generation or from parents with less than 50% training, or Hanpen Kuntchi if born from a parent with over 50% discipline.

Name Origin

Konnyakutchi's name comes from Konnyaku, which is a gelatin with little taste which comes from boiled Konnyaku potatoes. It is a treat in Japan.

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