The Kuchipatchi of Truth
Kuchi 1

Kuchipatchi of Truth out of TamaDepa, Harajuku.

(真実のくちぱっち Shinjitsu no Kuchipatchi) or Truth of Kuchipatchi, or Mouth Of Kuchipatchi is an ancient statue that appears in Tamagotchi! episode 26 & 27 and Tama Depa. He has the power to tell peoples fortunes, and if necessary take Tamagotchis back in time, such as he did it with Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, and Lovelin. When Telelin was taken to him, somehow she came to life.


Kuchipatchi of Truth is big, round, and gray. He resembles Kuchipatchi, hence his name. In the anime Lovelitchi / Lovelin got an e-mail from him and thought he was Kuchipatchi.

In the Anime

Kuchi 2

Anime only version.

There are many known and unknown Kuchipatchi of Truth statues hidden throughout Tamagotchi Planet. Kuchipatchi was the first one to find a Kuchipatchi of Truth other than the one located outside Tama-Depa. He found it while he was younger, lost in the woods and starving. The statue gave him some food and helped him reunite with his parents.


  • Kuchipatchi of Truth is based on the sculpture La Bocca della Verità, which is known as Mouth of Truth in Italian.
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