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Kuragetchi (くらげっち) is a child Sakanatchi character that debuted in Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2. On the virtual pets, it debuted on Tamagotchi Ocean.


Kuragetchi resembles a small, blue jellyfish.


As stated by a Tamagotchi Ocean guide, "He's always floating around, but not because he's lazy: he just hates to swim! However, when he really feels like it, he can swim faster than anyone else. Although most people don't know about this, since he can only swim up and down. There's an utterly false rumour going around the Sakanatchi crowd that says that the Kuragetchi has a poisonous sting. As a result, Kuragetchi is surrounded by fawning Sakanatchi who are afraid of his "poison". The Kuragetchi is under the mistaken impression that he's just "very very popular"."

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Kuragetchi evolves from Planktontchi after one hour. It begins with its Discipline meter 1/7 full, has a base weight of 5, wakes at 9 AM, and sleeps at 7 PM.

Whether Kuragetchi can evolve is determined by the heart-loss ratio it had as Planktontchi. If it lost 1 Hungry heart for 1 Happy heart, it has the highest chance of evolving. The more Hungry hearts were lost for one Happy heart, the less likely it is to evolve, and instead die at the hour of evolution.

It will evolve into either Otototchi if the Discipline meter is 6/7 or completely filled, or Kingyotchi if the Discipline meter is 5/7 full. Teen evolution occurs after 49 hours from the top of the coming hour, although if the time is set to 51 minutes past the actual hour on hatching, it will reduce the amount of time before teen evolution.

Starting from this stage onward, it is possible for the Tamagotchi to be attacked (resulting in injury or death) by the Polar Bear.

Name Origin

"Kurage" means jellyfish in Japanese.