Kuritchi (くりっち) is a baby stage character that debuted on the Mesutchi and Osutchi.


Kuritchi is shaped like a small, yellow ball with a pointed tip, resembling a chestnut.


Kuritchi is moody, rolling over and laughing one minute and throwing a temper tantrum the next. Its little yellow body may turn red with rage, but its sunny side and angry side just show its wide range of emotion.

On Virtual Pets

Mesutchi and Osutchi

Kuritchi is a TMP1 baby, and the first baby born on both the Mesutchi and the Osutchi. Additionally, Kuritchi can be born if a TMP1 adult marries another adult TMP2 or higher. Kuritchi has a base weight of 5g and always evolves into Mohitamatchi.

On the first generation, Kuritchi cannot gain weight and will evolve 64-65 minutes after being born. It will lose hearts every three minutes, poop at the 27 and 52 minute marks, get sick after 33 minutes and take a five minute nap at the 43 minute mark.

When appearing on the second generation onward, Kuritchi will remain a baby for 24 hours before evolving, sleeping at 8 PM and waking at 9 AM.

Name Origin

Kuritchi's name comes from the Japanese word "kuri" - which means chestnut.


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