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Kuromametchi Is So Popular?! (モテモテ!?くろまめっち Motemote!? Kuromametchi) is episode 8 of Let's Go! Tamagotchi.





Mametchi sad Spoilers Below!

This section contains major plot-progressing story elements!

After class, Mametchi asks Memetchi and the other students if they'd like to go to the Tamagotchi Department Store because there's a special band playing in the evening. Makiko agrees, even Ringotchi and Young Mametchi, except for Kuromametchi, who turns down the offer and leaves. Gozarutchi then comments about how Kuromametchi is such a loner, but Makiko then points out that being a loner is one of Kuromametchi's coolest traits.

Ciaotchi is walking in the street, but Bikertchi blocks her path. Knowing that he is a known troublemaker, Ciaotchi angriliy asks him what he wants and Bikertchi says he has something important to discuss with her. Ciaotchi tries walking away, but Bikertchi continues to harrass her. Just before he says anything, Kuromametchi appears and gets Bikertchi in an armlock, allowing Ciaotchi to leave. Kuromametchi then notices an envelope dropped by Bikertchi and realizes that Bikertchi only wanted to confess his love to Ciaotchi. He picks up the letter and catches up with Ciaotchi before giving her the letter.

Afterwards, Kuromametchi runs back and apologizes to Bikertchi for the misunderstanding. Bikertchi then sees Ciaotchi reading his letter and is overjoyed. He tries to thank Kuromametchi, but he is nowhere to be seen. The next day, Bikertchi is seen thanking Kuromametchi and Makiko then states that Kuromametchi is so cool that even the boys want to hang out with him.

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