Shake maker

Shakertchi using her large Shake Maker.

Kururin Shake Maker is an item from the Tamagotchi! anime. It is what Shakertchi uses to make fruit shakes, and is shaped like her. She has her own big Shake Maker then she spins on top of to use, and she also gives out small shake makers to other Tamagotchis. Shakertchi can mysteriously pull her Shake Maker out of her apron despite its large size.


A "toy" has been released called "Tama Cafe Cooking! Kururin Shake Maker".  However, this is more of a kitchen item than something to play with. It was released April 2010 for 3,300 Yen.


Now you can make your own delicious shakes with your Tamagotchi friends! It's super-easy and fun, too--just put fruit and vanilla ice cream into the mixer, turn the handle, and soon you'll have a delicious, healthy shake! A manual is included, in Japanese (with illustrations), and a recipe book too. No batteries needed! For ages 6 and up.


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