Kyawatchi (きゃわっち Kyawatchi) is a female Tamagotchi character who first appeared as a selectable character on the TamaGoLand web site. Her first anime appearance was in episode 12 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. She appears on the Tamagotchi 4U.


Kyawatchi is light pink with tufts of hair on the top of her head and on her forehead. She has two fluffy, floppy ears, each tied with an accessory that appears to have two fuzzy yellow pompoms. She wears a frilly pink dress with puffy sleeves and a dark pink heart on the front, as well as dark pink stockings. Her eyes are blue and have sparkles in them.

Name Origin

"Kyawa" is a shortened version of "kyawaii". "Kyawaii" has evolved from the word "kawaii", which means cute. Kyawaii has the same meaning, so it can be taken as simply an alternative pronounciation. 


She is the most popularly chosen character on the TamaGoLand web site.


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