Laughing, Laughing, Another Gottsun (笑って笑って またごっつん! Waratte waratte matagottsun!) is the fiftieth and final episode of GO-GO Tamagotchi! and the two-hundredth-seventy-first overall and final episode of the Tamagotchi! series. It aired on March 26, 2015. A special version of the song Happy Happy Harmony appears in this episode.

Plot Summary

Mametchi and friends manage to give all they have to the planet and it finally calms down and once again happy.

Everything turns back to normal as DoriTama Town separates back to Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town. All the fused places were unfused back to their original states. As the main characters of Dream Town, expect Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, wait underground from something, a subway train appears with the main characters of Tamagotchi Town, including Mametchi, Memtchi, and Kuchipatchi, who seem to have return their original homes as well, appear as they get off. It soon reveals that there's now a new traveling train that Mametchi created called the DoriTama Rainbow which allows all citizens of both towns to see each other, and visit other places. Mametchi and the Narrator have one final conversation with each other, with Mametchi stating that he wants the DoriTama Rainbow to be able to travel all throughout Tamagotchi Planet, and even to outer space and other planets, including The Earth and that there's more adventures to come.

After some flashbacks from previous episodes from the series till up to the first episode of the series, Mametchi and his friends appear one last time together and they thank all the viewers for watching their show as they all wave and say goodbye as the screen fades out.



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