Let's Go! Tamagotchi English title card

Let's Go! Tamagotchi (さぁイコー!たまごっち Saa Ikō! Tamagotchi) is an anime series focusing on the lives of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and their friends. This series of shorts (each with a length of approximately 3 minutes)[1] was first released in December 2007, on the Japanese satelite network "BS11".[2][3] Bandai Entertainment has since produced a dub of the show, releasing it onto Youtube in December 2008.

List of Episodes

Episode Number English Title Japanese Title
1 Perfect in the Morning! Tamagotchi School 朝からごりっぱ!たまごっちスクール
Asa Kara Gorippa! Tamagotchi Sukūru
2 Mametchi's Surprising New Invention?! まめっちのビックリ新発明!?
Mametchi no Bikkuri Ara Hatsumei?!
3 Memetchi's Curling Predicament! めめっちのぐるぐるピンチ!
Memetchi no Guruguru Pinchi!
4 A Day in the Patchi Forest ぱっちのもりのある一日
Patchi no Mori no Ara Ichinichi
5 Team Battle! Mametchi VS Kuromametchi チームでたいこー!まめっちvsくろまめっち
Chīmu Detaiko! Mametchi vs Kuromametchi
6 Super Heroine Chamametchi! スーパーヒロインちゃまめっち!
Sūpā Hiroin Chamametchi!
7 Do You Remember, Flowertchi? おぼえてる?ふらわっち
Oboe Teru? Furawatchi
8 Kuromametchi Is So Popular?! モテモテ!?くろまめっち
Motemote!? Kuromametchi
9 Passion! Mametchi's Fan Club ねつれつ!まめっちファンクラブ
Netsuretsu! Mametchi Fankurabu
10 Gotchi King Doesn't Laugh?! ごっち大王は笑わない?!
Gotchi Daiou ha Wara wa nai?!
11 Ms. Perfect's Birthday! ごりっぱ先生のバースデー!
Gorippa Sensei no Bāsudē!
12 The Secret of Tamagotchi Town たまごっちタウンのないしょばなし
Tamagotchi Taun no Naishobanashi

Voice Cast

English Cast

Actor/Actress Character(s) Played
Johnny Yong Bosch Kuromametchi
Marc Diraison
Wayne Grayson Pink Servant
Dan Green
Bella Hudson
Evelyn Lantto
Rachel Lillis
  • Building
  • Young Mametchi
Annice Moriarty Makiko
Michelle O'Medlin Chamametchi
Stephanie Sheh
Michael Sinterniklaas Gozarutchi
Eileen Stevens Ringotchi
Veronica Taylor
Marc Thompson

Japanese Cast

Actor/Actress Character(s) Played
Kugimiya Rie Mametchi
Yuzuki Ryoka Memetchi
Yaguchi Asami Kuchipatchi
Hinako Sasaki Violetchi
Sugiyama Kazuko
  • Makiko
  • Otokitchi
Katou Nanae
  • Kuromametchi
  • Morikamitchi
Gibu Yuko
  • Chamametchi
  • Mimitchi
Jou Masako
  • Maidtchi
  • Usatchi
Yoshihara Natsuki Young Mametchi
Kawase Akiko
Furushima Kiyotaka
  • Gozarutchi
  • Zukyutchi
  • Mushikuitchi
Yoshino Takamori
  • Tosakatchi
  • Mamametchi
Jun Konno
  • Togetchi
  • Bikertchi
Matsuou Daisuke
  • Hinotamatchi
  • Sunnytchi
Aiko Hibi Shimashimatchi
Misa Watanabe Yattatchi
Mamiya Kurumi
  • Ms. Perfect
  • Monkitchi
Hiroshi Ootake
  • Principal Mimizu
  • Gotchi King
Miyake Kenta
  • Oyajitchi
  • Beartchi

Regional Differences

Title Card

The Japanese opening sequence features a CGI Tamagotchi Planet, rotating quickly as the screen zooms away, and the title appears. Then the cast appears and shouts the show's title, and Kuchipatchi falls and lands on the title and says "dacchi".

However, in the dub, it borrows the opening sequence from a preview of Eiga de Tōjō! Tamagotchi Doki Doki! Uchū no Maigotchi!?; a realistic Tamagotchi Planet, facing away from the screen, zooms in. A satellite flies by, and the screen rotates to reveal an animated version of the Planet appears. The letters of the title fall into place, and the cast appears, doing the same actions from the Japanese opening.

Cuts and Changes

While nearly all of the original scenes and dialogue were kept, a scene of Oyajitchi wandering through Tamagotchi Town while drunk was cut from episode 12.

The original version of episode 10 featured jokes that were focused on Japanese puns that couldn't be directly translated into English.

Violetchi, despite having gone through many name changes in the U.S., retains her original Japanese name Flowertchi in the dub.

In the Japanese version of episode 1, when the flower vase is about to fall, Flowertchi screams "No!", but in the English version, she just screams.

In the Japanese version of episode 12, all of the buildings are male. In the English version, some of the buildings are female in order to give gender balance to them.

In the Japanese version of the two aforemented episodes, there is at least one moment where Zukyutchi says, "Zukyun!" In the English version of episode 1, his line is replaced with one for Kuchipatchi, that being "Nice shot-tchi!", and for episode 12, he instead says, "Go!"



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