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Lighthouse Moritchi (灯台もりっち Tōdai Moritchi) is an elderly male character who first appeared in episode 69 of the Tamagotchi! anime. He is voiced by Kenichi Ogata.


Lighthouse Moritchi is a fluffy white Tamagotchi with a bushy mustache and unibrow, making him resemble a cloud. He wears a goldenrod vest over a sky blue shirt, and a brown bowler hat and pants. His eyes are small, dark, and circular.

In the Anime

Lighthouse Moritchi is the owner of a lighthouse that Mametchi saw when he was a baby. As the years went on, boats stopped passing through the lake, but Lighthouse Moritchi continued caring for his lighthouse even though it was no longer needed. After his lighthouse was almost destroyed in a typhoon, Mametchi and his friends help to move it closer to a city to keep it safe and so Lighthouse Moritchi would be less lonely.

He makes a cameo appearance in the final episode of GO-GO Tamagotchi! with Takoballoontchi by his side. Thus, it is implied that Takoballoontchi joined Lighthouse Moritchi after departing from Mofumofutchi.

Name origin

Mori (もり) means "keeper", so his full name means lighthouse keeper.


  • In one scene of his debut episode, he is depicted with dark brown irises despite not having colored irises in other scenes.
  • His name is similar to that of Moritchi; however, the two characters are completely unrelated.


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