This is a list of episodes from the anime, Tamagotchi!.

Season 1

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
01 ワクワク!たまストリートで大レース/ドキドキ!ラブリンは誰にほほえむ?(Wakuwaku! Tama sutorīto de dai rēsu / Dokidoki! Raburin ha dare nihohoemu?) Get Ready! The Big Race on Tama Street! / Heart Pounding! Who Will Lovelin Smile Upon? 12 October 2009
Mametchi and friends participate in a big race hosted by Tamagotchi Town's idol, Lovelin to win a Lovelin themed game console. But to get to the end, they have to go through many obstacles such as hamburger building, giant pencil stacking, and obstacle courses!
02 キュン! たまごっちスクールの転校生』/『どこどこ?ラブリっちのおうち(Kyun! Tamagotchi sukūru no tenkōsei / Dokodoko? Raburicchi no ouchi) Tamagotchi School's Transfer Student / Where is Lovelitchi's House? 19 October 2009
Lovelitchi transfers into Tamagotchi School and Mametchi's class welcomes her, but she leaves early to work her idol job at TAMAX TV. After school, Mametchi and friends realize that Lovelitchi left before she knew about today's homework so Mametchi builds a device to track her down. They go all over town following the device which touches upon Lovelitchi's recent locations.

Meanwhile, the Spacey Brothers also transfer into Tamagotchi School and try to blend in. After school, they consider going into Waru Cafe because it looks evil and cool.

03 ゴーゴー!TAMAX-TV見学/クラクラ!いきなり生放送 (Gōgō! TAMAX-TV kengaku / Kurakura! Ikinari namahousou) Go-Go! TAMAX-TV Tour / How Exciting! A Sudden Live Broadcast 26 October 2009
Mametchi's class takes a field trip to TAMAX TV where they run into Lovelin who invites them to watch her act in a cooking show. She ends up fainting from working too hard at so many shows and it's up to Mametchi and friends to take her spot!

The Spacey Brothers encounter a tough looking tamagotchi and follow them around fearing that they too, want to take over the world.

04 シンケン!レインボーそりっち作戦 (Shinken! Reinbō zoricchi sakusen) Are You Serious? The Fastest Rainbow Sleigh Ever! 2 November 2009
Mametchi watches a DVD of Gotchiman late at night and ends up waking up late and being late to class. After a failed attempt of following Kikitchi's shortcut to school, Mametchi builds his own shortcut in the form of a rainbow sled from his house to the school. The Spacey Brothers get lost in the underground trying to take a shortcut in taking over the world.
ハラハラ!ラブリンコンサート (Harahara! Raburin konsāto) The Lovelin Concert!

Lovelitchi is invited to Lovelin's concert by Mametchi and friends, but realizes the complications of performing the show and enjoying it with her classmates at the same time. Determined to spend time with her friends and keep her identity secret, she performs the concert and rushes into the audience during breaks.

05 ワイワイ!たまとも大調査 (Waiwai! Tamatomo Dai chousa) Hurray! Tama-Friends Big Investigation 9 November 2009
Ms. Perfect has everyone make a group project. Mametchi's group's theme is "Tama Friend" a friend who is more special than best friends. What exactly is a true "Tama Friend"?
ラブリン大追跡!だわさ (Raburin daitsuiseki! Dawasa) In Hot Pursuit of Lovelin!
Uwasatchi suspicions of Lovelitchi's secret identity become high and she starts her own investigation to figure it out once and for all.
06 ヒ・ミ・ツ!まめっちの誕生日 (Hi·me·tsu! Mametchi no tanjoubi) It's a Secret! Mametchi's Birthday 16 November 2009
It's Mametchi's birthday tomorrow and his friends try their best to keep his surprise party a secret!
キ・メ・タ!ラブリンの告白 (Ki·me·ta! Raburin no kokuhaku) Listen! Lovelin's Confession
Lovelitchi wonders if she should tell her friends that she is Lovelin.
07 ええっ!まめちゃまめっち (Ee! Mamechamametchi) What? Swapping Personalities 23 November 2009
Mametchi and Chamametchi suddenly switch bodies after pressing a switch at the Mametchi Research Institute.
パチリ!ハチャメチャさつえい会 (Pachiri! Hachamecha satsuei kai) Say Cheese! A Great Photo Shoot!
Memetchi, Makiko, and Flowertchi are having a girl's day out. While shopping, the three of them found a photo studio with Lovelin's photos...?
08 たまスペ!カメラは見た!/ ピンチ!南の島大脱出 (Tama supe! Kamera hamita! / Pinchi! Minami no shima dai dasshutsu!) A Reality Show! The New Tama Challenge / Escaping From The Mysterious Island 30 November 2012

TamaPtchi invites Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi to join Lovelin in a reality show where they must explore an island and find the legendary pirate treasure. However, something causes them to get separated from the camera crew! Can they escape the island?

09 ええっ!と~じょ~!あんパン刑事(デカ) (To~jyo~! An pan keiji (deka)! Watch Out! Anpan Detective is Here! 07 December 2009
The Phantom Thief Papillion mask that Lovelin uses to shoot the TV show is gone. was a thief?! Mametchi and friends who came for a tour start an investigation find the mask
まて~!怪盗パピヨン (Mate~! Kaitou Papiyon) Stop Right There! Thief Papillon!

There's a letter from Phantom Thief Papillion that says, "I'm stealing the Golden Goddess statue"! Can Anpan Detective Mametchi arrest them?

10 時ラブ?メッセージボトルで大混乱 (Toki rabu? Messējibotoru de daikonran) A Puzzling Love Message in a Bottle 14 December 2009
Mametchi and his friends find an old message bottle in the river. The message was a timeless love letter! Who wrote this love letter, which became very popular with everyone of Tamagotchi Town?
ふわふわ!届けクリスマスカード (Fuwafuwa! Todoke Kurisumasukādo) Fly Away, Christmas Cards!

At Christmas, Lovelin sends Christmas cards to her fans. However, due to the snowstorm, the cards always arrive late for fans in the North Pole. Can Mametchi think up good ideas for how to get the letters there on time?

11 キラキラ!仮装でクリスマス (Kirakira! Kasou de kurisumasu) Get Ready! A Christmas Costume Party! 21 December 2009
Mametchi and his friends are having a Christmas party at Lovelitchi's house. At the party, they decide to dress up in Christmas costumes and have fun. Spacytchi was invited, but he doesn't know anything about Christmas!
ぐるぐる?迷子のアカハナっち (Guruguru? Maigo no Akahanatchi) Rednosetchi is Lost!

Every year, Santaclautchi and Rednosetchi will deliver presents for Christmas. However, this year they got lost!

12 ゆけゆけ!ちびっこトリオ / ゴクゴク!パンプキンスープの泉 (Yukeyuke! Chibikko torio / Gokugoku! Panpukin sūpu no izumi) Go Go! Tama Adventure! / Looking For The Pumpkin Soup Lake 23 December 2009

For Tamagotchis, there is a tradition that little children have a big adventure. This time, Chamametchi, Imotchi, and Kikitchi decide to go to the pumpkin soup fountain in the Pumpkin Forest. Can the three get there safely?

13 ピポパポ!たまごっち星征服?/ キラ~ン!ラブリン氷上に舞う (Pipopapo! Tamagotchi hoshi seifuku?) Beep Beep! Ready to Take Over Tamagotchi Planet 04 January 2010
The Spacy Brothers were playing as usual when suddenly, all the Tamagotchis except the three had disappeared! Perhaps, they can finally conquer Tamagotchi Planet!
キラ~ン!ラブリン氷上に舞う (Kira~n! Raburin hikami ni mau) A Sparkling Debut! Lovelin's Skating Lessons

While Mametchi and friends were playing at the skating rink, Lovelin comes in for a shoot. Lovelin, who has never skated before, decides to pair with someone. Who will be the lucky partner?

14 ズバッ!ごっちがきる (Zuba! Gotchi gakiru!) Chop! Gotchi Slices! 11 January 2010
At Tamagotchi Castle during olden times, tomboy Princess Lovelin escapes from the castle and goes to Castle Town to have fun. However, she runs into an incident!
すてき!若き ぱぱまめっちの冒険 (Suteki! Wakaki PapaMametchi no bouken) The Adventures of Young Papamametchi

Papamametchi went on a big adventure in search of legendary creatures when he was young! What kind of adventure was it?

15 うわさの親子!だわさ (Uwasa no oyako! Dawasa) The Power of Gossip! 18 January 2010
Uwasatchi loves rumors. Her mom, Safetytchi also loves rumors. Both of them go around trying to get the scoop on everyone's secrets, but Memetchi turns furious after a rumor of her hair curl being fake goes around.
ハピハピっちがんばる!ワン!(Hapihapitchi ganbaru! Wan!) Hapihapitchi Helps Out!

Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi find a crying girl while playing outside. Her name is Winditchi. The two decide to help out Winditchi who is lost.

16 ききっち!今夜は眠れない (Kikitchi! Konya wa nemurenai) Kikitchi Can't Sleep! 25 January 2010
Chamametchi and Imotchi are having a sleepover at Kikitchi's house. At night, they decided to tell ghost stories which freaks Kikitchi out. Later on, they hear strange it a real ghost?!
クール!くろまめっちの旅 (Kūru! Kuromametchi no tabi) Kuromametchi Finds His Coolness

Thinking that he is no longer cool, Kuromametchi goes on a journey to regain his coolness.

17 バラン? タコウインナーっちの秘密 (Baran? TakoUinnātchi no himitsu) You Got Me! Octodogtchi's Secret! 01 February 2010
Chamametchi tries to make friends with an octopus-shaped wiener in her class, but the very shy octopus-shaped wiener runs away immediately after talking to her. Can she befriend them?
ままーめままめ!マーメの日 (Mamā memamame! Māme no nichi) Let's Celebrate! Tama-Beans Festival

Today is Tama-Bean Day! According to Mametchi's parents, they must throw a certain number of beans in order to suck up all the bad energy and expel them. If they mess up the ceremony, something terrible will happen!

18 ソワソワ!ラブリンチョコのゆくえは?(Sowasowa! Raburin choko noyukueha?) Chocolate! Chocolate! Who Will Get Lovelin's Chocolate? 08 February 2010
Today is Valentine's Day. Lovelin will choose one lucky fan to give her handmade chocolates to and the crowd gets into an uproar, desperate to be the lucky fan.
いっぱい!エブリーラブリンチョコ (Ippai! Eburī raburin choko) Chocolate! Chocolate! Lovelin's Chocolate is Everywhere!

Lovelitchi decides to give chocolate to everyone who supported her with gratitude. She works hard for many days to make all the chocolates, worrying Mametchi and friends who see how exhausted she is. To help her out, Mametchi decides to make an invention.

19 おさわがせ!TAMAラッキーくじ (Osawagase! TAMA rakkī kuji) Tama-Lucky Lottery 15 February 2010
Mametchi and Chamametchi find a "Tama Lucky Lottery" in an open space. Chamametchi really wants to draw one and win a prize. The Spacy Brothers also want to draw a lottery ticket!
おさわがせ!TAMAラッキーくじ (Pinpōn! Tsugi kara tsugi hetoo kyaku sama) Ding Dong! You have a Visitor

Mametchi is trying to clean his room, but visitors keep showing up at the door to hang out with him or ask him something!

20 ポポン!笑いで花を咲かせましょう (Popon! Warai de hana wo saka semashou) Cheery Cherry Blossoms 22 February 2010
Mametchi and friends leave for Tama Plateau to see the cherry blossoms together. The legendary Tama Sakura tree is there and according to Flowertchi, will only bloom if everyone is laughing and happy. The Tama friends put up their own act to entertain everyone else and make them laugh to see the bloom.
決戦! ドーナツコンテスト (Kessen! Dōnatsu kontesuto) Battle On! The Great Donut Contest!

Today is Tama Donut's "Handmade Donut Contest". If you win, your donut will be adopted in the Tama Donut menu and you will receive a year's worth of donuts! Everyone starts making their own special donuts. Who will win the contest?

21 男子はダメよ!ひめまつり(Danshi wa dameyo! Hime matsuri) No Boys Allowed! The Princess Day Party 01 March 2010
Today is Girl's Day. At Gotchi King's castle, a Girl's Day party is held in which only girls invited by Princess Tamako can participate. But the boys who really want to join the party sneak into the castle!
まさか!虫歯きんでむしばっち?(Masaka! Mushiba kin de mushi batchi?) No way! Mametchi Gets a Toothache

When Mametchi ate sweets with his friends, his teeth started hurting! Maybe it's a cavity? Scared of going to the dentist, Mametchi does everything in his power to get rid of the cavities himself.

22 いいかも~?うらないっちの占い (Īkamo~? Uranai no uranai) Gypsytchi's Fortune Telling 08 March 2010
It seems Gypsytchi on Tama Street has a reputation for being a good fortune teller. Memetchi and Makiko, who love fortune-telling, decide to invite Mametchi and the others to meet them. Can Gypsytchi really tell fortunes?
ききっち!修行はきびしいでござる (Kikitchi! Shugyou hakibishiidegozaru) Kikitchi's Ninja Training

Gozarutchi is training hard to become a good ninja. Mametchi, Kikitchi, and Kuchipatchi decide to go to his training grounds to train with him. At first, they struggle with the various exercises, but then...

23 ソーダツ! エブリーラブリンチョコ (Sōdatsu! Eburī raburin choko) The Great Chocolate Scramble! 15 March 2010
Tama Street is holding the "Treasure Hunt Heart Chocolate Competition Game". The pair who finds the most chocolates hidden on the street will receive a year's worth of chocolates! Mametchi and friends decide to participate. How will the game go?
キョーレツ!まめっち・ヴァンパイア (Kyōretsu! Mametchi·vanpaia) Terrifying! Mametchi the Vampire

In ToraTamavania Castle, Mametchi the vampire finally awakens! Sister Lovelin decides to defeat Mametchi with Sister Memetchi and others. However, her friends are attacked by bats!

24 GOTCHIMAN!フォーエバー (GOTCHIMAN! Fōebā) Gotchiman! Forever! 22 March 2010
The audience ratings for "GOTCHIMAN" reach an all time low and TamaPtchi tells Gotchiman that the show will be discontinued. As Gotchiman walks around town feeling down, he runs into his biggest fan, Mametchi.
くるりん!トレビアンなフルーツシェイク (Kururin! Tore bian na furūtsu sheiku) Tres Bien! A Delicious Fruit Shake!

Lovemamalitchi is thinking about a new menu for the Tama Cafe. Mametchi and the others try to come up with a new menu, but they have a hard time coming up with a good idea. Suddenly, they remember a wandering genius chef and look for their help!

25 ウソッ!?たまプリルフール (Uso~tsu! ? Tama purirufūru) Surprise! Tama-April-Fool's Day 29 March 2010
Today is April Fool's, a day when you can play tricks on people. Memetchi decides to fool everyone and say that they're going to transfer to another school. Everyone ends up believing her lie and gets upset, causing Memetchi to struggle to tell the truth before it's too late.
ドキッ!花言葉でラブパニック (Doki! Hana kotoba de rabu panikku) A Love Panic Situation

Flowertchi receives a special flower and goes to the library to find out what its name means. Reading the book, she finds out that it means "You will have an encounter with your destined partner". At that moment, Gozarutchi falls from the ceiling! Maybe...this is a fateful encounter!


Season 2

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
26 まぼろし?真実のくちぱっち (Maboroshi? Shinjitsu no Kuchipatchi) Is He a Myth? The Kuchipatchi of Truth 12 April 2010
Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi decide to go to the Forest of Truth in search of "The Kuchipatchi of Truth". They finally find it, but they get sucked into a strong bright light!
ゆめ?不思議なメール (Yume? Fushigi na mēru) Am I Dreaming? A Mysterious E-mail
Lovelin notices that a mysterious email has arrived on her cell phone "Telelin". Wanting to know the meaning of it and its sender, she tries to consult Mametchi and the others.
27 タイムスリップ!ジャングルたまごっち星 (Taimu surippu! Janguru tamagotchi-sei) Time Slip! Jungle Tamagotchi Planet 19 April 2010
Mametchi and the others get sent back in time to the era of the first tamagotchis! In this era, tamagotchis are suffering from huge attacking plants. Determined to help everyone, Mametchi builds a mecha to defeat them.
スーパーヒロイン!テルリン誕生 (Sūpāhiroin! Terurin tanjou) Super Heroine! Birth of Telelin!
Lovelitchi gets sent back in time to the same place as Mametchi and the others. Her cell phone "Telelin" starts talking, surprising her. They both join Mametchi to save the tamagotchis in peril.
28 テルリン!TAMAX-TVへ (Terurin! TAMAX-TV he) Telelin! To TAMAX-TV 26 April 2010
Telelin wants to go to TAMAX-TV to watch Lovelitchi act. Lovelitchi agrees, but Telelin disrupts the filming. Telelin promises not to interrupt again, but when Lovelitchi is in danger, Telelin has no choice but to take action.
テルリン!たまごっちスクールへ (Terurin! Tamagotchi sukūru he) Telelin! To Tamagotchi School
Lovelitchi takes Telelin to Tamagotchi School to introduce her to her friends, but she realizes Telelin is missing. While the others look for her, Telelin explores the school and causes events which lead some Tamagotchis to think that there is a ghost in the school.
29 ボーノ!はじけるフルーツシェイク(Bōno! Hajikeru furūtsu sheiku) Bon! Bursting Fruitshake 03 May 2010
Mametchi and friends are invited to a party at the Gotchi King's castle. Shakertchi is also there and makes shakes using the fruits in the castle yard. However, the shake Kuchipatchi makes contains a mysterious blue fruit...?
オーレ!たまワールドカップ (Ōre! Tama wārudo kappu) Oh! Tama World Cup

Forwardtchi, a popular soccer player who also plays in the Tama World Cup, is coming to Tamagotchi School. Kuromametchi, who loves soccer, is very excited. The class invites Forwardtchi to play a game of soccer with them.

30 あっちも!こっちも!ままめっち (Acchimo! Kocchimo! Mamametchi) Here and There! Mamametchi 10 May 2010
Corn aliens have turned everyone in Tamagotchi Town into Mamametchi! Can Mametchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitchi find their real mom?
ラブリっちの母の日 (Raburitchi no haha no hi) Mother's Day for Lovelitchi
Lovelitchi and Telulin take Lovemamalitchi out on a special Mother's Day trip, but things don't go well as planned.
31 どっち?怪盗パピヨン再び (Docchi? Kaitou papiyon futatabi) Which One? Thief Papillon Again 17 May 2010
The phantom Thief Papillon leaves a note saying, "I am stealing the national treasure of Very Rich Kingdom!" Will Detective Anpan be able to arrest Thief Papillon this time!?
解決!ラブリン&テルリン最初の事件 (Kaiketsu! Raburin & Terurin saisho no jiken) Solved! Lovelin & Telelin's First Case
Telelin receives an intimidating e-mail saying, "I took care of Lovelin!" The two friends are swayed by e-mails coming in one after the other. Who is the sender? Will Lovelin and Telelin find the culprit?
32 スペイシーブラザーズのお引越 (Supeishī burazāsu no o hikkoshi) The Spacy Brothers' Moving 24 May 2010
The Spacy Brothers want a new secret base. They decide to move to the place Akaspetchi found, but mysterious phenomena keep happening one after another in the new place!
特訓!ファイトー!バーゲンセール (Tokkun! Faitō! Bāgensēru) Train! Fight! Bargain Sale
Mametchi decides to to to a TAMA styled bargain sale to get a lucky bag. However, competition is fierce at the sale so he receives special training to get to the bag. Can Mametchi and friends get the lucky bags safely?
33 ボカーン!きょうだいゲンカ?(Bokān! Kyoudai genka?) Pow! A Squabble Between Siblings? 31 May 2010
Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi get into a fight causing Hapihapitchi to run away! Will she ever come back home?
新ヒーロー?ぱっちマンだっち (Shin hīrō? Patchiman dacchi) New Hero? Patchiman Datchi

Kuchipatchi goes around town solving problems as Patchiman. Soon, a new rival hero arises and they both must fight for the title of best hero!

34 ジャジャン!番組対抗クイズバトル (Jajan! Bangumitaitou kuizu batoru) Tah-Dah! Opposing Program Quiz Battle 07 June 2010
Mametchi and the others divide into teams to appear in the TAMAX-TV program competition quiz battle. TamaPtchi wants Lovelin's team to win for ratings, but Mametchi's team has other plans. What will be the result of this exciting game?
ワンツーワンツー!レッツダンチュ (Wan tsū wan tsū! Rettsudanchu) One, Two! One, Two! Let's Dance

Imotchi and Chamametchi are wowed by the dance team "TAMA6" newly formed by Lovelin. Chamametchi decides to create a dance group of her own, but Imotchi doesn't seem to be enthusiastic about it?

35 海の男!キャプテン号っち来航 (Umi no otoko! Kyaputen goucchi raikou) Man of the Sea! Captain Gotchi Arrives 21 June 2010
Mametchi comes to the sea to see Papamametchi and Captain Gotchi. While looking inside the ship, he accidentally drops the bottle ship Papamametchi cherishes into the sea....
ラララーン!ラブパパリっちの珍メニュー (Tarararararān! Rabupaparitchi no chin menyū) Tarararararan! Lovepapalitchi's Strange Menu

Mametchi is invited to the Tama Cafe on Father's Day. Lovepapalitchi, who has no sense of cooking, wants to treat everyone to home cooking, but the food has a strong smell! They do their best to his eat food for Lovelitchi who wants to make her dad happy.

36 ピチピチ島!ごっちでバトル (Pichipichi shima! Gotchi de batoru) Pichipichi Island! Gotchi Battle 28 June 2010
Mametchi and friends come to Pichi Island with the help of TAMAX-TV special program's location. He enjoys sightseeing on the island, but ends up eating too much food...
おみせっちでお仕事!ピチ (Omisecchideo shigoto! Pichi) Work in a Shoptchi! Pichi

Mametchi and friends help out at various shops on Pichi Island. There seems to be a secret on the island and the group tries to find out the secret together.

37 シュタタ!くのいちラブリンまいる (Shutata! Kunoichi raburin mairu) Shutata! Ninja Lovelin is Here 05 July 2010
At Gotchi Castle, the hanging scroll "Gumachi Fell" was stoeln! Around that time, Princess Lovelin notices sounds coming outside her bedroom. Who's out there and can she safely get out?
だれの?スケジュール帳だわさ (Dareno? Sukejūru chou dawasa) Whose Is It? Schedule Book

Lovelitchi accidentally drops and leaves her schedule book at Tamagotchi School.The Spacy Brothers pick up the schedule book and hand it over to Uwasatchi. Will the book be safely returned to Lovelitchi's hands?!

38 スペイシーっち!史上最大の作戦 (Supeishītchi! Shijoudaidai no sakusen) Spacytchi! The Greatest Strategy Ever 12 July 2010
The Spacy Brothers learn of the terrifying existence of "Cavills" that must be taken care of. As a shortcut to conquer Tamagotchi Planet, he struggles to get Cavills on his side...
GOTCHIMANの田舎に泊まろう (GOTCHIMAN no inaka ni toma rou) A Stay in GOTCHIMAN's Hometown

GOTCHIMAN decided to look for a house where he could stay overnight while his show got planned. But he can't find a house to stay in...

39 らるらる!テルリンがラブリン?/ さようなら、テルリン (Raruraru! Terurin ga raburin? / Sayonara, terurin) Lalulalu! Telelin is Lovelin? / Goodbye, Telelin 19 July 2010

Telelin wakes up in the corner of Lalulalutchi. She can't remember her name or what happened, but she decides to help the guys in return for their help. At that time, Lovelitchi, with the help of Mametchi's invention, manages to locate her. However, Telelin says that she will remain in the forest to protect the Lalulutchi.

40 ナツ!とこなつ島だなっつ!(Natsu! Tokonatsu shimadanattsu!) Summer! Everlasting Summer Island Nattsu! 26 July 2010
Mametchi goes to Tokonatsu Island as a goodwill ambassador of Tamagotchi Town. He participates in the legendary seed skipping tournament and competes with King Taneta Meha.
ラブリン!マリンブルー伝説 (Raburin! Marinburū densetsu) Lovelin! Marine Blue Legend

One day, mermaid Lovelin sees pirate Mametchi's crew and her heart beats faster. For the sake of fulfilling her wish "I want to see him again...", she decides to go search for the legendary Marine Blue.

41 ゴー!たいふうっちVS秘密基地 (Gō! Taifuucchi VS himitsukichi) Go! Typhoontchi VS Secret Base 02 August 2010
The Spacy Brothers decide to create a secret base in the backyard of Tamagotchi School. However, a large typhoon is predicted to head towards Tamagotchi Town.
パクリ!自由研究は命がけ (Pakuri! Jiyuukenkyuu ha inochigake) Chomp! The Research Project is Life-Threatening

When Kuchipatchi stumbles across a seed in the forest, Mametchi decides to grow it for observation. However, it seems that the plant has a secret...

42 すっきり!さわやか!ごっちのしずく(Sukkiri! Sawayaka! Gocchi no shizuku) Clean! Refreshing! Gotchi Droplets 09 August 2010
Lovelin runs the fountain in Gotchi King's castle for Gotchiman who was feeling hot from the summer heat. TamaPtchi, who notices its deliciousness, decides to release it immediately. As an image character, Gotchiman will appear in the commercial for the first time.
たー!ちー!ちびぱっち くちぱっち ぱぱぱっち (Tā! Chī! Chibipatchi kuchipatchi papapatchi) Ta! Chi! Chibipatchi, Kuchipatchi, Papapatchi

Kuchipatchi is asked to babysit the Chibipatchis. The weather is nice so he takes them outside to play. However, he falls asleep and the brothers wander off and disappear from sight. At that time, a suspicious tamagotchi is seen going into the forest they wandered into...

43 ひゃっく!しゃっくりが止まらない (Hyakku! Shakkuriga toma ranai) Hic! The Hiccups Will Not Stop 16 August 2010
Memetchi gets the hiccups and they won't go away. She tries various methods to get rid of them, but they still won't stop...
ゴロゴロ!カミナリ!がんこっち (Gorogoro! Kaminari! Gankocchi) Rumbling! Thunder! Gankotchi

Mametchi goes to the countryside with Lovepaplitchi and friends, intending to have a relaxing day. However, he's made to out with field work, one after another...

44 ちゃま!お空を飛びたいです(Chama! O sora wo tobi taidesu) Chama! I Want to Fly in the Sky 23 August 2010
Chamametchi wants to fly in the sky after seeing a bird. In order to fulfill her wishes, Mametchi invents machines to help her fly.
これって、お料理ごっこだし!(Korette, O ryouri gokkodashi!) This is Pretend Management-dashi!

Sebastian comes down with a fever so it's now up to Kikitchi to do all the housework...

45 リーラブリー届け!のーすのーすぽいんとへ (Eburī raburī todoke! Nōsu nōsu pointo he) Every Lovely Delivery! To North North Point 30 August 2010
Lovelin reads a fan letter from the North Point, which is far away from Tamagotchi Town. She decides to travel all the way there to give them a concert.
マリンブルー!海賊島で宝探し (Marin buruū! Kaizoku shima de takara sagashi) Marine Blue! Treasure Hunt on Pirate Island

Mametchi and his friends shoot a drama in search of the legendary treasure "Marine Blue". Their search takes them to a cave...

46 ダッチ!マンモスくちぱっちVSメカくちぱっち (Dacchi! Manmosu kuchipatchi VS meka kuchipatchi) Dacchi! Giant Kuchipatchi VS Mecha Kuchipatch 06 September 2010
One night, Kuchipatchi wishes upon a shooting star and says "I hope I can eat more tomorrow". The next day, when he woke up, his body was very big!
おーほっほっほ!めざせ次世代プリンセス (Ōhohhohho! Mezase jisedai purinsesu) Ohohoho! Aim to Be the Next Princess

Makiko participates in TAMAX-TV next generation princess audition. She goes through a body shape check and voice examination one after another.

47 告白!ラブリっちはラブリン (Kokuhaku! Raburintchi ha raburin!) Confession! Lovelitchi is Lovelin! 13 September 2010
Lovelin shoots a promotional video at Tamagotchi School due to a mistake made by Manenetchi. She begins to wonder about keeping her identity a secret to everyone at school...
ラブリン!うわさのたまともだわさ (Raburin! Uwasa no tamatomo dawasa) Lovelin! Tama-Friend Rumor dawasa

Lovelitchi announces to everyone that she is Lovelin. However, Uwasatchi doesn't believe her so she decides to take Uwasatchi to her show so she can see for herself.

48 ライバル?アイドル?メロディっち登場 (Raiburu? Aidoru? Meroditchi toujou) Rival? Idol? Melodytchi Entry 20 September 2010
Melodytchi, an idol in the classical world, is moving to Celebria. Lovelitchi meets her and they become fast friends.
きせき!エブリーラブリー♪バイオリン (Kiseki! Eburī raburī♪baiorin) Miracle! Every Lovely ♪ Violin

Lovelin gives a concert at Tamagotchi Hall. When she started singing Every Lovely, the power goes out. Suddenly, a melody is heard...

Season 3

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
49 どこどこ?メロディっち&バイオリン (Dokodoko? Meroditchi& Baiorin) Where Are They? Melodytchi & Violin 27 September 2010
Lovelitchi searches for Melodytchi, wanting to see and hear more of her music. She ends up at a nursery school and finds Melodytchi playing the violin for the children there.
夢のコラボ!ハッピーハッピーハーモニー (Yume no korabo! Happī happī hāmonī) Dream Collab! Happy Happy Harmony
Lovelitchi gets called to Melodytchi's house. At the suggestion of Melodytchi, they get together for a dream collaboration.
50 ンボー! メロディっちのリフォーム大作戦 (Manbō! Meroditchi no rifōmu dai sakusen) Mambo! Melodytchi's Reform Big Battle 11 October 2010
Melodytchi decides to stay at the Tama Cafe every once in a while. Mametchi and friends bring a moving celebration from their homes
ハロー! たまごっちスクール (Harō! Tamagotchi sukūru) Hello! Tamagotchi School
Melodytchi enrolls in Tamagotchi School and meets many new friends.
51 まめっちのヒミツをみはるでござる (Mametchi no himitsu wo miharu de gozaru) Watch for Mametchi's Secrets de Gozaru! 18 October 2010
Mametchi is holding on to a secret. Kuchipatchi and Gozarutchi keep an eye on him.
ふわふわ!つくろうたまシュマロ (Fuwafuwa! Tsukurou tamashumaro) Fluffy! Let's Make Tamarshmallow
Handmade tamarshmallows are now being sold at Tama Cafe. In commemoration of the release, a Tamarshmallow contest is held. Mametchi and others make their own.
52 パンプキンミントン! はじまるだっち(Panpukinminton! Hajimarudatchi) Pumpkinmington! Let's Start-datchi 25 October 2010
Mametchi and friends decide to participate in the Pumpkinmington event. It seems that if you win, you will get a super big prize. Who will win?
秋よこいこい! あきつげっち (Aki yokoikoi! Akitsugetchi) Welcome Autumn! Akitsugetchi

Mametchi and friends go to Mt. Tamao, which is famous for its beautiful autumn colors. But Akitsugetchi, who should appear every year, hasn't come this year yet...

53 ハッピー!学園祭でお店屋さん / 大変!GOTCHIMANとヒーローショー(Happī! Gakuensai de omise ya san / Taihen! GOTCHIMAN to hīrōshō) Happy! Shops at the School Festival / Terrible! The GOTCHIMAN and Hero Show 01 November 2010
It's time for the annual school festival! There's a hero show, handmade cookie shop, hamburger shop, popcorn shop, and flower shop. Every shop seems very busy, but at the hero show an unexpected accident happened....
54 だじゃれはだれじゃ!ごっちリン (Dajarehadareja! Gotchi rin) Who Is It? Gotchilin 08 November 2010
Instead of Lovelitchi, who suddenly got a job, Telelin decides to show Melodytchi around Tama Street. They end up entering Gotchi King's castle and get chased by soldiers.
たまごっちグランプリ!猛レース (Tamagotchi Guran Puri! Takeshi rēsu) Tamagotchi Grand Prix! Fierce Race
The Tamagotchi Grand Prix decides who's the fastest and goes over the wilderness with mountains and valleys. The winner will receive a year's worth of whatever they want. Who will win the championship?
55 夜空にドッカーン!はなびっち (Yozora ni dokkān! Hanabicchi) Boom in the Night Sky! Hanabitchi 15 November 2010
Mametchi and his friends are invited by Hanabitchi to go to the new fireworks contest on the Sumitama River. However, due to an unexpected accident, Hanabitchi couldn't enter the contest...
レッツエンジョイ!たまカフェ (Rettsu enjoi! Tama kafe) Let's Enjoy! Tama Cafe
The Tama Cafe is closed today, which is rare. However, while Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Telelin were away from home, a customer came in...
56 ハッピーバースディ!まめっち (Happī bāsudei! Mametchi) Happy Birthday! Mametchi 22 November 2010
It's a memorable day, the 60th anniversary of the birth of Tamatown. Mametchi, who has the same birthday as Tamatown, is appointed as the one-day stationmaster of "Tama Street Station".
なりきりチャレンジ!王子様とテニス (Narikiri charenji! Ouji sama to tenisu) Narikiri Challenge! A Prince and Tennis

Mametchi and friends go to Challenge Town where they can challenge various kinds of classes. Today, they take on the challenge of playing tennis.

57 密着!メロディっち24時?(Micchaku! Meroditchi 24 toki?) Stay Close! Melodytchi's 24 Hours 29 November 2010
As part of a special program on TAMAX-TV, Lovelitchi shoots a 24-hour documentary with Melodytchi. However, she loses sight of Melodytchi on the way...
なりきりチャレンジ!茶道!グレイト!(Narikiri charenji! Sadou! Gureito!) Narikiri Challenge! Tea Ceremony! Great!

Mametchi comes to Challenge Town to play. Today, he wears a kimono and challenges the tea ceremony

58 レッツゴーグル!探せバイオリン (Rettsugōguru! Sagase baiorin) Let's Go-guru! Found a Violin 06 December 2010
Melodytchi practices her violin in the park. As soon as she takes her eyes off it, her precious violin disappears.
なりきりチャレンジ!たまカーリング (Narikiri charenji! Tama kāringu) Narikiri Challenge! Tama-Curling

Mametchi comes to Challenge Town to play. Today, he takes on the challenge of "Tama Curling", a sport in which stones are thrown to compete for points.

59 ピンクの!ハートの!メッセンジャーワン!(Pinku no! Hāto no! Messenjā wan!) Pink! Heart! Messengers-wan! 13 December 2010
As pink messengers, Hapihapitchi and Telelin deliver a message to everyone. However, they both got into a fight on the way and only Hapihapitchi came home first.
たまともみんなで!キャロリング (Tamatomo minna de! Kyaroringu) All the Tama-Friends! Caroling

In order to liven up the Christmas mood, everyone decides to carry out Melodytchi's idea. However, the remaining sweets are running low on the way...

60 メリー!スペイシー!クリスマス (Merī! Supeishī! Kurisumasu) Merry! Spacey! Christmas 20 December 2010
Spacytchi finds out that if he is a good boy, he will get a present from Santaclautchi for Christmas. So he pretends to be a good child to try to get a present...
ハッピーハッピー!イルミネーション (Happī happī! Iruminēshon) Happy Happy! Illumination

Santaclautchi is separated from Rednosetchi and can't give out Christmas presents. Mametchi and friends decide to look for Rednosetchi together.

61 3,2,1スタート!ミニTAMAX-TV (3, 2, 1 Sutāto! Mini TAMAX-TV) 3, 2, 1, Start! Mini TAMAX-TV 27 December 2010
The person in charge of the broadcasting committee comes to Ms. Perfect's class. Mametchi, who ran for the broadcasting committee, makes a "mini TAMAX-TV" with the help of his friends.
ドッキリ!たまステっちのお見合い大作戦 (Dokkiri! Tamasutetchi no o miai daisakusen) Surprised! Tamastetchi's Big Matchmaking Battle

Mametchi's parents recommend matchmaking to him and he is not enthusiastic about it. He then comes up with a good way to turn down matchmaking.

62 レッツくのいち修行!でござる (Rettsu kunotchi shugyou! De gozaru) Let's Train to Be Ninjas! De Gozaru 10 January 2011
Melodytchi asks Gozarutchi for ninja training, wanting to be a ninja herself. Mametchi and the others get involve and everyone starts training, but things start to go awry.
あつあつ!さぶさぶ!席がえパニック (Atsuatsu! Sabusabu! Seki gae panikku) Atsuatsu! Sabusabu! Seat Panic

Rumor has it, Mr. Turtlepedia is planning to change the seats in Chamametchi's class. While everyone is worrying about what seat to use, Sabusabutchi and Atsuatsutchi are thinking about who they will be seated next to.

63 おしのび!お出かけ!ラブリン姫 (O shinboi! Odekake! Raburin hime) Stealth! Heading Out! Princess Lovelin 17 January 2011
Princess Lovelin sneaks down to castle town to eat the rumored sweets. She meets Melodytchi and then goes home, but she gets into trouble there.
ドガガーン!とこふゆ島で雪玉合戦!(Dogagān! Tokofuyu-jima de yuki dama!) Dogagan! Snowball Fight on Everlasting Winter Island!

At the request of Queen Tsurara, Mametchi and friends decide to go to the Island of Everlasting Winter to play against her son in a snowball fight. How will the game go?

64 ゅ~きゅ~!メロディランドへの招待状 / みゅ~みゅ~!メロディチャーム誕生

(Kyu~ kyu~! Merodi rando he no shotai jou mi / Myu~ myu~! Merodi chāmu tanjou)

Kyu Kyu~! Invitation to Melody Land / Myu Myu~! The Melody Charm is Born

24 January 2011

One day, a parcel for Melodytchi arrives from Melopapatchi and Melomamatchi. Inside was a new hat, a letter, Doremitchi and Sopratchi who snuck into the box without the parents noticing, and an invitation to the music festival. Mametchi and friends head to Melody Land, the country of melody, to accompany Melodytchi who will play her violin at the festival.

65 きゅきゅ!迷子のどれみっち / テレレッテン!メロディチャームの奇跡

(Kyu kyu! Maigo no doremitchi / Tereretten! Merodi chāmu no kiseki)

Kyu Kyu! Doremitchi is Lost / Teleletten! Melody Charm Miracle

31 January 2011

Mametchi and friends go sightseeing in Melody Land to make a lot of memories before returning to Tamagotchi Town. However, one of them gets lost on the way. Melodytchi and Lovelitchi play a melody charm to find out which one is lost.

66 パフパフ!エブリーラブリンチョコ (Pafu pafu! Eburī raburīn choko) Puff Puff! Every Lovelin Choco 07 February 2011
It's Valentine's day, but Melodytchi has never heard about it. She decides to make chocolates with Lovelitchi this year, but she's not very good at cooking so they don't turn out well. Given the situation, she suddenly comes up with a good idea.
ディっちちゃま!かげながら応援でちゅ (Meroditchi chama! Kage nagara ouen dechiyu) Melodytchi-chama! Secretly Cheering Dechu

Chamametchi and Imotchi are wondering who Melodytchi will give their chocolate to and follow her and cheer her on while hiding. However, it seems that she can't find a special tamagotchi to give the chocolate to...

67 激突!ワイワイユーホッケー (Gekitotsu! Waiwaiyūhokkē) Clash! Waiwai Hockey 14 February 2011
"Waiwai Hockey" is a hot topic among tamagotchis. Everyone will participate in the tournament and the winner will challenge the Grand Champion! Who will win?
困った!まめっちのいないスクール (Komatta! Mametchi no inai sukūru) Impossible! Class Without Mametchi

Tamagotchi school has a slightly different atmosphere than usual today....Mametchi is sick at home! At that time, troubles started happening here and there in's tough!

68 ちっちゃいスカウト!まめまめクラブ (Chacchai sukauto Mamemame kurabu) Tiny Scouts! Mamemame Club 21 February 2011
"Mamemame Club" is where Principal Mimizu serves as the chairman. Someone does a test in hiding to join the club. What kind of test will be done?
ケーキとおしゃべり!ママともクラブ (Kēki to oshaberi! Mama tomo kurabu) Cake and Chitchat! Mama Friend Club

Tamagotchi's moms sometimes gather at Tama Cafe to hold tea parties. What sort of stories will they tell today?

69 推理?あんパン刑事VSメロディ捜査官 (Fansuiri? Anpan keiji VS Merodi sousa kan) Lazy Reasoning? Detective Anpan VS Melody Investigator 28 February 2011
It's time for TAMAX-TV's popular drama "Anpan Detective"! This time, the new Melody investigator is a big success! Catch the criminal who stole the legendary treasure "Tamaria's Eyes"!
灯台もりっち!最後の灯 (Toudai moricchi! Saigo no akari) Lighthouse Moriritchi! The Last Light

Everyone drives to the sea in Lovelin's bus. They get lost and arrive at a lighthouse which is similar to what someone saw when Mametchi was small...

70 ビューン!風のおくりもの (Byūn! Fuu no o kuri mo no) Whoosh! A Gift from the Wind 07 March 2011
Mametchi's family goes on a picnic to the sea by car. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi meet Winditchi again and they join their picnic with their brother Whirlitchi.
シスターラブリン!ヴァンパイアの花嫁 (Shisutā raburin! Vanpaia no hanayome) Sister Lovelin! The Vampire's Bride

Mametchi the Vampire is back! He turns Sister Lovelin into his bride, and immediately starts preparing for their wedding...

71 新メンバー?突然クラスがえ (Shin menbā? Totsuzen kurabu gae) New Members? To Class Suddenly 14 March 2011
Many new students arrive at Tamagotchi School due to Principal's Mimizu's new idea. Mametchi and the others meet all sorts of new friends. Meanwhile, Spacytchi suspects that the new classmates are spies that are planning to stop them from conquering Tamagotchi Planet.
ヒ―ロー?アイドル?TAMAX-TV (Hīrō? Aidoru? TAMAX-TV ni gen ru) Hero? Idol? Revealed at TAMAX-TV

A new actor and actress, Herotchi and Madonnatchi, are introduced at TAMAX-TV. While they seem innocent, they secretly want to get rid of Lovelin and Gotchiman so they can become the stars of the show...

72 たまもり!よろぴく!もりりっち(Tamamori! Yorobiku! Moriritchi) Tamamori! Very Good! Moriritchi 21 March 2011
Moriritchi, who knows how to have a good time, has joined Mametchi's class. The girls are excited by the new popularity of the fashionable "Tamamori", but Lovelitchi who is confused by Tamamori is overwhelmed by the frequent begging for her to try it.
まかせてちょんまげ!たまもりショップ (Makasete chonmage! Tamamori shoppu) I Will Hair-do It! Tamamori Shop

Today, Moriritchi's "Tamamori Shop" opens. The line goes all the way to the entrance of Tama Street and it is very crowded even before the store opens! Girls and boys, moms and dads, and Moriritchi and Anemoriritchi get more and more enthusiastic.

73 ワタワタ!おしゃべり!わたわたっち (Wata wata! Oshaberi! Watawatatchi) Watawata! Communicate! Watawatatchi 28 March 2011
One day, when Mametchi and the others are taking a walk, they meet Doremitchi and Sopratchi. Both of them are trying to convey something, but the group doesn't understand at all. At that time, they remember Watawatatchi talking to Doremitchi and Sopratchi, so they all go to find her house.
イケ!大食い!くちぱっちVSくいしんぼっち (Ikeike! Dai gui! Kuchipatchi VS kuishinbotchi) Go Go! Gluttony! Kuchipatchi VS Kuishinbotchi

Kuishinbotchi is in the same class as Chamametchi and claims his eating skills can't be beat. Kuchipatchi decides to start a rivalry with him and participates in the "Tamamori Gluttony Competition" to prove his eating skills are better. He then begins special training for the competition. Who will win?

Season 4

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
74 シュシュシュ!ケンケンケン!しぐれひめっち城 (Shushushu! Kenkenken! Shigurehimetchi shiro) Shushushu! Kenkenken! Shigurehimetchi's Castle 11 April 2011
A mysterious black shadow ran through at a tremendous speed besides the car Kikitchi was riding. Riding in that shadow is...Shigurehimetchi! Kikitchi decides to go to Shigurehimetchi's house with Chamametchi and Imotchi to confirm it was her.
オドロキ!桃の木!アイテムの種 (Odoroki! Momo no ki! Aitemu no tane) Surprised! Peach Tree! Item Seeds
By planting seeds under development at the Mamemame Laboratory, many vegetables and fruits can be harvested in one day. Mametchi organizes a vegetable party using the vegetables and invites everyone from Tamagotchi School. Chamametchi helps Mametchi prepare for the party, but she spills the seeds on the way...
75 スクールまるごと!たまもり!(Sukūru marugoto! Tamamori!) The Whole School! Tamamori! 18 April 2011
Mametchi goes to school in a blue mood and finds out the entire classroom got a Tamamori makeover from Moriritchi. Thanks to Tamamori, Mametchi and his friends felt better and after school they decided to head for Moriritchi's house.
たまもルームでバッチグー!(Tamamo rūmu de bacchigū!) Very Good in the Tamamo Room!
Mametchi and friends want to hang out in their own room after seeing the fold-up room. However, they struggle to figure out how to decorate their rooms so they consult Moriritchi and practice in the Tamamo Room in the Tamamori Shop where you can freely arrange various furniture.
76 キラキラ!たまもり天国 (Kirikira! Tamamori tengoku) Sparkling! Tamamori Heaven! 25 April 2011
Anemoriritchi will appear on the popular TV program "Sparkling Tamamori Heaven" as the manager of the now talked about Tamamori Shop. However, Anemoriritchi suddenly got a job, and Moriritchi decides to confront the charismatic Tamamori talent on the show. What will happen?
ヘイカモン!ふらわっちのバースディ (Heikamon! Furawatchi no bāsudei) Hey, Come On! Flowertchi's Birthday
Today is Violetchi's birthday and the party will be held at the Three-Tama restaurant. However, she is worried that Papakizatchi will do something wrong and Mametchi and friends are nervous about eating at a high-class restaurant. Everyone is stressed out despite it being a special day. Seeing such a situation, Moriritchi decides to come to the rescue.
77 ドッカーン!発明!ヘヤピカール (Dokkān! Hatsumei! Heyapikāru) Bang! Invention! The Room Cleaner 02 May 2011
Kuchipatchi goes to Mametchi's house to visit him, but he spies Kuromametchi coming out his room. Lovelin and Telelin also say they saw Spacytchi, Melodytchi, and Gozarutchi at his house. However, Mametchi said that he was alone at home. What in the world is Mametchi up to?
はらっぱらっ!テルリンの大冒険 (Harappara! Terurin no dai bouken) Harappara! Telelin's Big Adventure

Mametchi decides to participate in the flea market with his many inventions. He changes the store number to see other stores and as a result of the lottery, Telelin will be the first storekeeper. However, she gets so bored that she becomes sleepy...

78 たまベリー!母の日ケーキぺろ (Tamaberī! Haha no hi kēki pero) Tama Berry! Mother's Day Cake Pero 09 May 2011
Perotchi wants to make a cake for Bakerytchi as a Mother's Day present. She wants to use Tama Berries for the cake, so she sets off with Chamametchi and Kikitchi to search for some.
プレゼントたまも (Mama he! Purezento tama mori) To Mama! Tamamori Present
Melodytchi tries to think of a perfect Mother's Day present for Melomamatchi.
79 スクープ!スペイシーっちの秘密だわさ (Sukūpu! Supeishītchi no himitsu dawasa) Scoop! Spacytchi's Secret Dawasa 16 May 2011
Uwasatchi overhears Spacytchi and his brothers discussing world domination. She tries to convince her classmates that Spacytchi wants to take over the world but they don't believe her. So, Uwasatchi follows Spacytchi and tries to obtain photographic evidence with the help of Nachuratchi in order to prove herself right to her friends. However, Nachuratchi's short attention span becomes a problem.
夢の共演?GOTCHIMAN vs あんパン刑事 (Yume no kyouen? GOTCHIMAN VS Anpan keiji) Dream Co-star? Gotchiman vs. Detective Anpan
When Madonnatchi and Herotchi find out that Gotchiman and Detective Anpan (Mametchi) will star in a show together, they try to ruin the show's plans. However, it turns out that the show isn't what they expected.
80 ハクネツ!学級委員選挙 (Hakunetsu! Gakkyuu iin senkyo) Getting Heated! Class Committee Election 23 May 2011
Mr. Turtlepedia class is looking for a new class representative. Meanwhile, Chamametchi and Imotchi start arguing over petty things and the class is divided between chosing those two for class representative. Who will get the role?
たまもり!アート対決 (Tamamori! Āto taiketsu) Tamamori! Art Showdown
The theme of today's "Glittering Tamamori Heaven" is "Tamamori Art Showdown" and paint and glitter is thrown around as the contestants compete! Shigurehimetchi, Kakiwaritchi, Pipospetchi, and Mametchi compete in the showdown and Mametchi seems to be steadily winning. Can he win the championship?
81 ートにズキュドキュ!たまともキッチンの輪 (Hāto no zukyudokyu! Tamatomo kicchin no wa) Put Your Heart Into It! Tama-Friend Kitchen Circle 30 May 2011
"Lovelin's Tama-Friend Kitchen Circle" is a program in which Lovelin surprise visits Tama-friends and treats them with handmade sweets and dishes. Starting with Melodytchi, Lovelin is introduced to Tamamo and eats more and more with the strongest helper, Kuchipatchi.
ころころ!ぱっちの森のぐりぐりっち (Korokoro! Patchi no mori no guriguritchi) Rolling! Guriguritchi of Patchi Forest

Mametchi comes to Patchi Forest to have lunch there. Beartchi, who was invited by the scent, is worried that he has frightened the Gurimutchi because of his appearance. In order to resolve the misunderstandings between Guriguritchi and others, Mametchi and friends plan various strategies.

82 こんどはカメラが!パシャリン誕生 / パシャリン!キラキラデビューたまもり (Kondo ha kamera ga! Pasharin tanjou / Pasharin! Kirakira debyū tama mori) Now for the Camera! Pashalin's Birth / Pashalin! Sparkling Debut Tamamori 06 June 2011

One day, when Moriritchi was cleaning up the warehouse she found a toy "Pashalin" that she used to play with when she was little. She missed it and tried play with it, but it seemed to be broken and didn't work. She goes to Mametchi so he can fix it, but something unexpected occurs during the repair. Suddenly, Pashalin became able to speak and she remembered Moriritchi and Anemoriritchi!

83 決定的シュンカン!写真コンテスト (Ketteiteki shun kan! Shashin kontesuto) Decisive Moment! Photo Contest 13 June 2011
Today's episode of "With Lovelin" features the "Decisive Instant Photo Contest". The winner who shoots the most decisive moment will receive a year's worth of the refreshing drink "Gotchi no Shizuku"! Mametchi and friends go to Tama Street with a camera in hand to participate. Who will win?
ピコピココピー!ぱぱまめっち (Piko piko kopī Papamametchi) Piko Piko Copy! Papamametchi

One sunday, Mametchi and Chamametchi had promised to go out with Papamametchi. However, Papamametchi gets suddenly called to Mamemame Laboratory and couldn't go. Feeling sad, Mametchi invents the Piko Piko Copy Machine to make a copy of Papamametchi for them to spend time with. A copy of him is successfully created, but it seems something is different from the real one....

84 ドォーンと変身!へんしんじょ / 合体!地獄デビル三姉妹 (Dōn to henshin! Henshinjo / Gattai! Jigoku debiru san shimai) Don Transform! Henshin Jo / Unite! Three Hell Devil Sisters 20 June 2011

Mametchi and friends go to "Henshin Jo" to find a transformation that suits them perfectly. Don Paratchi helps them pick out the perfect transformation and some of them get transformed into heroes or monsters! They end up entering a mysterious world where the Three Hell Devil Sisters are planning to conquer the world using Kuchipatchi who has become a huge monster. Mametchi and the other heroes rise up to stop them!

85 夏だ!海だ!ぴちぴっちだ!ぴち (Natsu da! Umi da! Pichipitchi da! Pichi) It's Summer! It's the Sea! It's Pichipitchi! Pichi 27 June 2011
Lovelitchi and Moriritchi open a seaside house in a one-day collaboration between Tamamori Shop and Tama Cafe. While picking up shells on the beach to decorate the shop, they find something that moves in the shadow of a rock. What a hungry tamagotchi it was!
かわいい!迷子のルビーっち (Kawaii! Maigo no rubītchi) Cute! Lost Rubytchi

Mametchi finds a big ball of dust in Donut Park, but the dust ball turns out to be a black and dirty tamagotchi! It was wearing a nice collar so they come to the conclusion that it must be someone's pet. They then go off in search for the tamagotchi's house and owner.

Season 5

(Note: From Episode 95 and beyond, the format has switched to a single 20 minute episode)

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
86 テルリンせんぱい!がんばる (Terurin senpai! Ganbaru) Telelin-senpai! Do Your Best 04 July 2011

Pashalin joins Tamagotchi School and Telelin decides to guide her around. She quickly becomes popular due to her photo taking abilities so Telelin shows her around the streets of Tamagotchi Town instead. Pashalin is popular there too and Telelin becomes jealous!

パシャリン!思い出の写真 (Pasharin! Omoide de shashin) Pashalin! Pictures of Memories

Moriritchi finds an old landscape photograph in Pashalin that she has never seen before. She can't remember where it's from, but feels it's an important memory. Moriritchi and friends decide to find out where the place is and why a photo was taken there.

87 思い出探して、走れ!ラブリンカー (Omoide sagashi te, hashire! raburinkā) Hurry to Find Memories! Lovelin Car 11 July 2011

Where was the photo left in Pashalin taken? Mametchi and friends set out on a perilous journey up a mountain using Lovelin's Car to find the scenery in the photo.

パシャリン!カンゲキ!里帰り (Pasharin! Kangeki! Satogaeri) Pashalin! Emotion! Homecoming

Continuing on, Mametchi and friends find a crescent lake in the mountains after the rain, looking for the location of the photo left in Pashalin. The journey takes them down a running river. Can they really find the location?

88 あげ~?スペイシーっちの恋 (Age~? Supeishīcchi no koi) Age~? Spacytchi's Love 18 July 2011

One day, Spacytchi, who aims to conquer Tamagotchi Planet, goes to Waru Cafe with Akaspetchi and Pipospetchi. While they were nervously hesitating at the entrance, Agetchi and Anemoriritchi came. Spacytchi is completely infatuated with Agetchi's adult charm. Where will his love go?!

おーほほほ!地獄デビル三姉妹再び (Oohohoho! Jigoku Debiru San Shimai futatabi) Ohohoho! The Three Hell Devil Sisters Again

Mametchi and friends go on another adventure! The hell queen kidnaps the Majokko Flower and it's up to Prince Mametchi, Metal Kuromametchi, and MushaGozarutchi to rescue them. However, there is an unexpected trap...

89 ワッショイ!TAMAX-TV祭り / どどーんと!人気番組大集合 (Wasshoi ! TAMAX - TV matsuri/do dō n to ! ninki bangumi dai shuugou) Wasshoi! TAMAX-TV Festival / Dodonto! Big Gathering of Popular Programs 25 July 2011

Today is the "TAMAX-TV Festival" that everyone has been waiting for. Mametchi and friends enjoy the festival, taking pictures with their favorite hero and looking for Tamamori item bargains. They then decide to entertain the guests at the festival with Mametchi dressing up as Anpan Detective to sell food and as a Vampire to scare people. Melodytchi and Lovelitchi play parts in a historical drama.

90 とこなつ島!出張たまもりなっつ (Tokonatsu shima! Shucchou tamamori nattsu) Tropical Island! Summer Tamamori Business Trip 01 August 2011

Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Mametchi go on a business trip to Tokonatsu Island for "Tamamori Heaven". After enjoying the live performance, they spend time with King Taneta Meha of Tokonatsu Island. The theme is beach fashion Tamamori! Who will win the championship?

真夏の雪のおくりもの (Manatsu no yuki no okurimono) A Gift of Midsummer Snow

What a hot summer! Mametchi invents a machine that can make it snow in order to keep summer cool and everyone is overjoyed. Kuchipatchi makes a snowman called Yukipatchi. Then, Yukipatchi started to move! The two become very close, but eventually it's time to say goodbye. It's a story of Kuchipatchi's sad love.

91 ぱっちの森のフシギな写真? (Pacchi no mori no fushigi na shashin?) A Mysterious Photo of Patchi Forest? 08 August 2011

Pashalin comes to Patchi Forest for a picnic and is very excited. Wanting to keep playing instead of stopping for lunch, she goes into the depths of the forest with Telelin, Sopratchi, and Doremitchi. After taking pictures of flowers and chasing unknown tamagotchis, everyone decided to take a commemorative photo in a scenic spot. Then, a psychic photograph was taken?!

ござる村!おにぎりたまもり (Gozaru mura! Onigiri tamamori) Gozaru Village! Onigiri Tamamori

Time for a business trip! The Tama Friends go to Gozaru Village in Lovelin's Bus to shoot "Tamamori Heaven". After enjoying the Karakrui Mansion, they decided to participate in Tamamori Heaven together. The theme this time is "Onigiri". Everyone in Gozaru village is also participating. Who will win the championship?

92 夏!エンジョイマシーン (Natsu! Enjoimashīn) Summer! Enjoy Machine 15 August 2011

Kuchipatchi is sad that summer vacation is over so Mametchi invents the "Summer Enjoy Machine" for Kuchipatchi so he can enjoy it a little longer. However, the machine starts going crazy...

ハッピー!フラワーたまもり (Happī ! Furawā tamamori) Happy! Flower Tamamori

It's time for the popular program "Business trip! Tamamori Heaven"! This episode takes place at Flower Hills! Lovelitchi is paired with Melodytchi and Violetchi is paired with Papakizatchi, aiming for victory.

93 でたでたおばけ?肝だめし (De tade ta obake? Kimo da meshi) Was It a Ghost? Summoning Courage 22 August 2011

Mametchi and Kuchipatchi spend the last days of their summer vacation trying to spook each other. However, a real ghost seems to join in the fun.

めめっち冒険記 ザ・ワールド (Memecchi bouken ki za・wārudo) Memetchi's Adventure Report: The • World

Memetchi tries to work on her homework on the last day of summer vacation, but ends up not finishing her reading assignment. She then decides to read a book she made up herself.

94 なかまわれ?地獄デビル三姉妹 (Naka maware? Jigoku de biru san shimai) Falling Out? Three Hell Devil Sisters 29 August 2011

The Three Hell Devil Sisters break up after a fight over trivial matters.

がんばれ!たまペット大レース (Ganbare! Tama petto dai rēsu) Good Luck! Big Tama Pet Race

Today is the the "Big Tama Pet Race"! The Tama Friends let their tama pets participate in the race. Pipospetchi also joins disguised as a pet. How will the race go?

95 これって告白?謎プロフ (Korette kokuhaku? Nazo purofu) Is This a Confession? Mystery Profile 05 September 2011

At Tamagotchi School, it is very popular to exchange profiles by writing your own and handing them over! However, a profile is found that says "I love you, Melody", causing the girls to go crazy! Who is the owner of the profile?

96 もしもーし!プロフマシーンで大混線?(Moshi mōshi! Purofumashīn de daikonsen?) Hello! Big Mix-up in the Profile Machine? 12 September 2011

Mametchi makes a machine that automatically creates profiles for Lovelitchi and Melodytchi. After some trial and error, a super high-tech profile machine is completed! Everyone is delighted with the functions of the profile machine, such as taking pictures and entering a profile just by reading out the events of the day! However, the machine gets glitchy and a voice of a mysterious girl is heard!

97 誕生!たまプロフィ(Tanjō! Tama purofi) Formation! Tama Profy 19 September 2011
As a result of the profile machines crossing signals, Tomomi, a girl from Earth, has come to Tamagotchi Planet! Mametchi apologizes for teleporting her because of the profile machine and decides to figure out how to return her home. The next day, the Tama Friends and Tomomi head to Gotchi Castle to show off Lovelitchi and Melodytchi's new song. Mametchi wants to give them the new Tama Profy he made, but waits till after their performance. Then, something strange happens!
98 ライバルのきずな (Raibaru no kizuna) A Rival's Bond 03 October 2011

The Tama-Friends are curious about the Tama Profys, and Tomomi has decided to join Tamagotchi School. Tomomi, who is skilled at studying and sports, quickly becomes popular among the students! Meanwhile, Kuromametchi and Tomomi have to work together to resolve trouble Doremitchi and Sopratchi got themselves in.

Season 6

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
99 ともみのTAMAX-TVデビュー! (Tomomi no TAMAX - TV debyū!?) Tomomi's TAMAX-TV Debut!? 10 October 2011
Tomomi and the Tama Friends come to TAMAX-TV to introduce Tomomi to everyone through TV.
100 探しものはなんですか? (Sagashi mono wa nandesu ka?) What are You Looking For? 17 October 2011
The Tama-Friends go to the library to find out about Tama Hearts. There, they meet a mysterious old lady who is looking for a collection of poems by a Tamagotchi she encountered long ago. The Tama-Friends will help her look for the book.
101 発見!たまサバク 神殿の秘密 (Hakken! Tama sabaku shinden no himitsu) Discovery! Secret of the Tama Desert Temple 24 October 2011
Tomomi, Mametchi and their friends explore a temple in the Tama Desert. While they are exploring, Mametchi falls into a hole and discovers a device which seems to have been used to pump water from an underground lake. The other Tamagotchis go looking for him, and he reunites with them safely. Then they wonder if they can recover the secret oasis of the Tama Desert.
102 フーアーユー?お目覚めきずっち (Fūāyū? O mezame kizunatchi) Who Are You? Wake Up, Kizunatchi 31 October 2011

Mametchi, who has fallen into a hole in the temple of Sabaku, discovers a device that is in an underground lake. Meanwhile, the elders and Labrichs look for Mametchi.

103 ナゾがいっぱい!きずなっち (Nazo ga ippai! Kizunatchi) Full of Mystery! Kizunatchi 07 November 2011
On the way back from the Tama Desert, a mysterious tamagotchi called Kizunatchi appeared. Who is Kizunatchi? Where did she come from and why does she appear in the Tama Profy? The Tama Friends head to Princess Tamako for answers.
104 たまギネスに挑戦だっち! (Tama ginesu ni chōsendatchi!) Tama Guinness Challenge-datchi! 14 November 2011
It's Thanksgiving at the Tamamori Shop and parents and their children are participating in the "Parent-Child Tamamori Contest". Seeing all the happy families makes Melodytchi feel lonely and homesick so Kuchipatchi and Tomomi invite her to challenge Guinness with her hometown's special "Sachertorte".
105 ドラマスペシャル ごっちがヴァンパイア刑事(デカ)? (Dorama supesharu gotchi ga vanpaia keiji (deka)?) Drama Special Gotchi Vampire Detective? 21 November 2011
TamaPtchi decides to make a program that combines "Anpan Detective", "Gotchi ga Slash", and the "Vampire" series together.
106 ジ・アースへ!さよならともみ (Ji āsu e! Sayonara Tomomi) To The • Earth! Goodbye, Tomomi 28 November 2011

Mametchi works hard to make a rocket to return Tomomi from Tamagotchi Planet to Earth.

107 ラブリンショック!まねーねっちの心変わり? (Raburin shokku! Manenetchi no kokorogawari?) Lovelin Shock! Manenetchi's Change of Heart? 05 December 2011

Madonnatchi thinks that the reason she isn't as popular of an idol as Lovelin is because she doesn't have a great manager. At this time, Madonnatchi's manager is injured, so she takes the chance to ask Manenetchi to be her manager. Because Manenetchi is constantly attending to Madonnatchi, Lovelitchi begins to miss her...

108 メリークリスマス!たまもりツリー対決 (Merīkurisumasu! Tamamori tsurī taiketsu) Merry Christmas! Tamamori Tree Showdown 12 December 2011

Today is the pre-Christmas special for the TAMAX-TV program "Glittering Tamamori Heaven"! The Moriritchi and Glitter team will compete against each other to create the most elaborate Tamamori tree. Which one will win?

109 ミラクルホワイトクリスマス! (Mirakuru howaito kurisumasu!) Miracle White Christmas! 19 December 2011

Tamagotchi Town gets covered entirely in snow after Yukipatchi makes it snow too much. Santaclautchi arrives to deliver presents, but can't find all the houses hidden under snow. It's now up to the Tama-Friends to figure out where everything is and deliver the presents in time!

110 お外でウキウキ!きずなっち (O-gai de ukiuki! Kizunatchi) Happy to Be Outside! Kizunatchi 26 December 2011

Kizunatchi goes around Tamagotchi Town to enjoy her freedom outside the Tama Profy.

111 びっくりスタート!新TAMAX-TV (Bikkuri sutāto! Shin TAMAX - TV) Surprise Start! New TAMAX-TV 09 January 2012

The new office building of TAMAX-TV has been built and the unveiling ceremony will be held soon. TamaPtchi leads the brand new broadcast, but things go awry and the future of Tamagotchi stars is seemingly trouble. Can Mametchi, Tomomi, and Kizunatchi fix things before it's too late?

112 ともみ決心!ジ・アースへ (Tomomi kesshin! Ji āsu e) Tomomi Decision! To the Earth 16 January 2012

The mysterious transmission from Tomomi's cellphone has been analyzed. Apparently, it reminded Tomomi of someone she holds dear...

113 怖がりききっち大特訓! (Kowagari kikitchi dai tokkun!) Fearful Kikitchi's Big Training! 23 January 2012

Kikitchi is so cowardly that he can't even go to the bathroom alone at night. One day, he is determined to overcome his fear. He goes to Patchi Forest at night for special training with Sebastiantchi. Meanwhile, Mametchi and the others heard a rumor that a mysterious heart appears in Patchi Forest during the night, and they go to find out if it's a Tama Heart.

114 ギガキュン!謎の転校生ひめスペっち (Gigakyun! Nazo no tenkōsei himesupetchi) Gigakyun! Mysterious Transfer Student Himespetchi 30 January 2012

A new student named Himespetchi comes to Tamagotchi School.

115 嵐の予感!?ひめスペフォン占い (Arashi no yokan!? Hime supefon uranai) Premonition Commotion!? Himespe Phone Fortune-Telling 06 February 2012

Himespetchi uses her Himespe Phone to predict the future and do friendship, fashion, and regular fortune-telling. This becomes a hit and she becomes popular with everyone. After school, Himespetchi meets Chamametchi and decides to forsee her worries. However, the result causes an unexpected incident.

116 伝説のラブラブパワースポット (Densetsu no raburabupawā supotto) Legend of Love-Love Power Spot 13 February 2012

As Valentine's season approaches, some girls are excited about giving chocolates while others are excited about popular boys. Himespetchi, who has a crush on Mametchi, suggests that all the girls should go to Tama Beach, where the legendary Love-Love Power Spot is. The girls depart while daydreaming of being in love and meeting a new prince! They arrive at Tama Beach...

117 ドタバタ収録!あんパン刑事 (Dotabata shūroku! Anpan keiji) Slapstick Included! Detective Anpan 20 February 2012

Thanks to Lovelin, Himespetchi is able to appear in the TAMAX-TV drama "Anpan Detective". The episode is a jewel unveiling party at the Dotcine Hotel. Detective Anpan disguises himsef as a woman to join the party and protect the "Akatsuki no Heart" ruby from the phantom thief Papillion. Will he be able to keep it safe? And what is Himespetchi's role in the drama?

Season 7

Episode # Japanese Title & English Translation Original airdate
118 大ゲンカ!? もりりっちvsあねもりりっち (Dai genka!? Moriritchi vs Anemoriritchi) Big Fight!? Moriritchi vs. Anemoriritchi 27 February 2012
One day, Moriritchi draws in Anemoriritchi's book of Tamamori designs, angering her. After a fierce dispute, Moritichi gets angry and decides to run away to Lovelitchi's house. Lovelitchi and Telelin are worried about their relationship while welcoming Moriritchi. In order to reconcile the two, Pashalin tries to bring up old memories using photos she took.
119 音をなくしたメロディバイオリン (Oto wo nakushita merodi baiurin) Melody Violin Loses its Sound 05 March 2012
One day, The melody violin loses it sound and Melodytchi becomes depressed. As Mametchi tries to cheer her up, he comes up with the idea of consulting the Queen of Melody Land to find out why the sound stopped. Can they regain the sound of the violin?
120 よみがえったメロディ (Yomigaetta merodi) Melody Revived 12 March 2012
The Tama Friends come to Musica Forest in search of clues to regain the sound of the melody violin. In the woods, Melodytchi meets a mysterious little girl. Worried about about her safety, she keeps her company. Meanwhile, the Tama Friends look for Melodytchi who has disappeared into the woods chasing after the girl. Can Melodytchi really find the sound of the melody violin?
121 「歌ヘタ」まめっちと「歌イヤ」フォルテっち (`Uta heta' Mametchi to 'uta iya' Forutetchi) "Tone Deaf" Mametchi and "Sing by Ear" Fortetchi 19 March 2012

The Tama Friends visit the nursery school in Melody Land and encounter Fortetchi, who hates singing. Mametchi invites him to join the chorus, but Fortetchi thinks Mametchi is deaf. Determined to convey the joy of singing to him, Mametchi decides to give special training himself.

122 大当たり!? テルリンのものまね占い (Ōatari!? Terurin no monomane uranai) Right on Mark!? Telelin Mimics Fortune-Telling 26 March 2012
Telelin becomes jealous of Himespetchi's Himespe Phone which attracts everyone's attention with its fortune-telling. To grab attention to herself again, she uses a machine that can also do fortune-telling to predict other's futures. However, the machine is missing a part...
123 最後のたまミズキ (Saigo no tamamizuki) The Last Tama-Mizuki 09 April 2012
The Tama-Mizuki is a tree known for blossoming beautiful flowers. In the old days, there was a whole forest of them that would create a beautiful sight when they bloomed, but over time, the trees started dying until there was just one left. Upon learning this, Mametchi, Chamametchi, and their Tama-Friends explore the region around the Tama-Mizuki to try and find a way to save it.
124 スケボーききっち猛特訓! (Sukebō Kikitchi mō tokkun!) Skateboarding Kikitchi's Extreme Training! 16 April 2012
The new skate park is being hoarded by Anchitchi, Ponchitchi, and Tanchitchi who doesn't let anyone use the park. This makes the children sad because they can't use the park and Anchitchi criticizes everyone's skateboard skills. Kikitchi decides to stand up for the children and challenges the the gang to a skate off on the condition that they let everyone use the park if he wins. Can Kikitchi beat them?
125 サプライズウェディングパーティー! (Sapuraizu uedingu pātī!) Surprise Wedding Party! 23 April 2012

Today is Lovemamalitchi and Lovepapalitchi's wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, the couple are on a very low budget to make a great party in honor of the day of their wedding so the Tama-Friends decided to give them their support by surprising them with a party.

126 ライバル出現!?モヤモヤひめスペっち (Raibaru shutsugen!? Moyamoya Himesupetchi) Rival Appears! Depressed Himespetchi 30 April 2012

Ringotchi comes to Himespetchi for fortune-telling, worried about a boy who might have a crush on her. The next day, Himespetchi finds out that Ringotchi's possible crush is Mametchi! She then becomes depressed and conflicted about her feelings for Mametchi.

127 つくってみせらぁ! ぐるぐるハニワ大作戦 (Tsukutte miseraa! Guruguru haniwa dai sakusen) Make It Charming! Guruguru Haniwa Big Battle 07 May 2012

Memetchi and Imotchi destroy the important exhibit "Guru-Guru Haniwa" in the museum where Memetchi works during a fight. So they go to ask the haniwa craftsmen to repair it with Mametchi, but the craftsman Rokurokubi and his grandson Rokurokubi are fighting. The two fighting each other decide which one can make a splendid round and round haniwa ...

128 ナゾだらけ!? ハー島とハートかみっち (Nazo-darake!? Hā shima to Hātokamitchi) Full of Mystery!? Ha Island and Hatokamitchi 14 May 2012

The Tama Friends decide to send a letter to Hatokamitchi through his messenger Densohatotchi. However, before they could put it together Denshohatotchi disappeared. Everyone then hurries to find him.

129 ドギマギ! うち記憶喪失になっちゃった!? (Dogimagi! Uchi kioku sōshitsu ni natchatta!?) Flustered! I've Lost My Memory!? 21 May 2012

Himespetchi was excited to see a love story movie. However, on the way back, she falls down some stairs and loses her memory. Prince Tamahiko, who encounters the confused Himespetchi, tries to help her regain her memory. Himespetchi mistakes the kind and gentle Prince Tamahiko for the person she is fated to be with.

130 ナハハハハ! まめっちのGOTCHIMANデビュー (Nahahahaha! Mametchi no GOTCHIMAN debyū) Nahahaha! Mametchi's GOTCHIMAN Debut 28 May 2012

Mametchi is excited to appear in his favorite TV show "GOTCHIMAN", but gets cast as the villain, "Dr. Mametchi". Feeling disappointed at first, he soon learns the importance of villains from Black Hat and tries his best to make Gotchiman look attractive.

131 マーマー! 迷子のふわもこっち (Māmā! Maigo no Fuwamokotchi) Mama! Lost Child Fuwamokotchi 04 June 2012

One rainy day, a mysterious fluffy, baby Tamagotchi fell into the garden of Mametchi's house. Mametchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitci decide to search for the baby's mom and leave Kuchipatchi to look after them while Mametchi uses his "Mama Hunting" machine to locate the mom.

132 たまごっち村の不思議なたまともたち (Tamagotchi-mura no fushigi na tama-tomo-tachi) Mysterious Tama-Friends of Tamagotchi Village 11 June 2012

Lovelitchi and friends get lost in Patchi forest and end up in a mysterious village where they find tamagotchis who look exactly like Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi. The tamagotchi counterparts listen to Melodytchi playing her violin and make a request to Lovelitchi and others.

133 まさかのスペイシー・パニック! (Masaka no supeishī panikku!) Spacey Panic Emergency!? 18 June 2012

Mametchi discovers Mini TAMAX-TV, the hideout of the Spacey Brothers. Spaceytchi and the others try to hide that they live there, but a bigger problem arises! For some reason, the mini TAMAX-TV has left for space like a rocket. Can they return to Tamagotchi Planet?

134 ビックリ! そっくり? くちぱっちといしぱっち (Bikkuri! Sokkuri? Kuchipatchi to Ishipatchi) Surprise! A Look-alike? Kuchipatchi and Ishipatchi 25 June 2012

Kuchipatchi finds a stone statue that looks like him at an antique shop. When he takes a picture with it, it gets stuck to his body. Kuchipatchi eventually accepts being stuck with it and goes on with his daily life until the statue starts talking to him. After learning that the statue had a younger brother they were separated from, Kuchipatchi and friends try to find and reunite the statues.

135 ちょいワル? 真夏のサンタクロっち (Choiwaru? Manatsu no Santakurotchi) A Bit of a Badboy? Midsummer Santaclautchi 02 July 2012

It seems Santaclautchi has appeared in Tamagotchi Town even though it's still summer. What is the true identity of this Santaclautchi, whose language and clothes are more bad boyish than usual?

136 ピンチ! ごっち大王ゆであがる!? (Pinchi! Gotchi Daiō yudeagaru!?) Pinch! Gotchi King Is Boiling!? 09 July 2012

The Gotchi King starts boiling up, and Mametchi and his gang must get help from Adobentchi to explore the underground caves and temples of the Gotchi King's castle to find a Crystal Crown that can cure the problem.

137 決めろ! 黄金のたまともシュート! (Kimero! Kogane no tamatomo shūto!) Let's Succeed! Golden Tama-Friend Shoot! 16 July 2012

A robot soccer tournament is being held in Tamagotchi Town. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi form a team and participate. Spacytchi, seeing another opportunity to conquer the world, also decides to participate and forms his own team with Romametchi and Himespetchi. Another unexpected strong team also joins in. Who will win the championship?

138 あばよ たまとも! スペイシーっち涙の決断 (Abayo tamatomo! Supeishītchi namida no ketsudan) Farewell, Tama-Friends! Spacytchi's Tearful Decision 23 July 2012

The Spacey Brothers realize they have forgotten their original purpose of conquering Tamagotchi Planet after becoming friends with everyone. One day, Spacytchi dreams and remembers his purpose on the planet. He then decides to go on a journey to find himself. Rumors spread that the Spacey Brothers will move to school as Spacy prepares for his departure.

139 消えたたまハートと不思議のはじまり (Kieta tamahāto to fushigi no hajimari) The Mysterious Beginning of the Vanishing Tama-Hearts 30 July 2012

Mametchi is researching legends about the Tama Heart and finds a document that says "When the mysterious plates gather, the Tama Hearts cause a miracle". Around the same time, there is news from the TV that a mysterious phenomenon is occurring in which Tamagotchi turn into eggs. Meanwhile, Mametchi and his friends visit the beach to go to the seaside house where Pichipitchi works. The shop is very prosperous, but the soft serve ice cream machine is broken!

140 流行!サイコー?タマゴ化スタイル (Ryūkō! Saikō? Tamago-ka sutairu) Fashion! The Best? Eggs of Style 13 August 2012

The phenomenon of eggification becomes more widespread. Despite concerns, the Tamagotchi Research Institute announces that "There is no health hazard even if you become an egg" and "Eggified tamagotchi are still happy". Lovelitchi and Melodytchi notice that there are more vacant seats at their joint concert. The show goes on in "Tamamori Heaven", despite some of the crew becoming eggs.

141 ショック! タマゴ化がとまらない (Shokku! Tamago-ka ga tomaranai) Shock! The Eggification Doesn't Stop 20 August 2012

Eggification continues to spread across Tamagotchi Planet. Meanwhile, Papamametchi, who was investigating the phenomenon of eggification, finds a mysterious letter from the wall clock of the Tamagotchi Research Institute. The letter is from the past addressed to Mametchi from a certain Tamagotchi...

142 たまごっち星のピンチ!救えるのはきずなっち!? (Tamagotchi hoshi no pinchi! Sukueru no wa Kizunatchi!?) Tamagotchi Planet's Pinch! Can Kizunatchi Save It!? 27 August 2012

At last, Tamagotchi Planet itself has started to become an egg! Papamametchi, who notices the danger, tells Mametchi that the key to resolving this incident is on Ha Island. Mametchi goes to Ha Island with his friends who have not yet turned into eggs...

143 きずなのちから (Kizuna no chikara) The Power of the Bond 03 September 2012
The gang all tries to have faith in Kizunatchi as she attempts to cure the entire planet and its inhabitants of the egg curse.



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