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Below is a list of television networks and streaming services that have broadcasted a television adaptation of Tamagotchi at one point or another.

Television Networks

Name Country(ies) Description & Tamagotchi history Owner(s)
Fuji TV Japan Fuji Media Holdings Inc.
TV Tokyo Japan TV Tokyo Corp.
Animax Japan Animax is a Japanese network dedicated to broadcasting anime, although it has also shown Japanese dubs of foreign cartoons. It has also been exported to various other countries around the world, including the United States, Latin America, and Central Europe.

The anime has been broadcasted on the channel, although only on the Japanese feed.

AK Holdings
9Go! Australia 9Go! (simply known as GO! from 2010-2015) is an Australian network owned by Nine Entertainment Co. that specializes in comedy, reality, films, animation, drama, and other forms of general entertainment. The majority of 9Go!'s programming is imported from other countries and has a varied demographic range from as young as 4 to as old as 18.

The first attempt to dub the anime in English was broadcasted on 9Go! (when it was still known as GO!) from 2010-2014. The dub was done by American company Bright Way Productions, and only the first 26 episodes got dubbed.

Nine Entertainment Co.
GMA Network Philippines GMA Network is a major commercial network located in the Philippines which first launched on October 29, 1961. It airs a variety of programs, although it does air children's programs and dubbed anime as well.

The only attempt so far to dub the anime into the Filipino language was shown on GMA Network circa 2010, and only the first season has been dubbed.

GMA Network Inc.
YoYo TV Taiwan Dongsen TV
TVB Hong Kong Clear Water Bay Land Co. Ltd.
ViuTV Hong Kong Compared to TVB, the entire anime franchise (not counting the movies or short series) has aired on ViuTV. HK Television Entertainment Company Limited
Champ TV South Korea Daewon Media Co. Ltd.
AniBox South Korea Daewon Media Co. Ltd.
MCOT Family Thailand Thailand Government
True Spark Thailand True Spark is a Thai children's channel that broadcasts American, European, and Japanese programs.

It has aired the last two seasons of Tamagotchi!, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, and Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. It is possible that they might have broadcasted GO-GO Tamagotchi! as well, but this is unconfirmed.

Ka-Boom Italy Ka-Boom is a defunct Italian channel dedicated to anime. It originally started on September 23, 2013 and shut down on May 30, 2015. However, it relaunched as a block on Supersix on June 3, 2019.

During its time as a channel, it has aired the Italian dub of Tamagotchi: The Movie. It is currently unknown if the movie will be shown in its second incarnation, however.

Dynit s.r.l.
Gulli France Gulli is a French children's channel created as part of a joint partnership between Lagardère Active and France Télévisions. It was founded in 2005.

There are reports that a French dub of Tamagotchi! aired on there, but visual evidence has yet to be found.

M6 Group

Streaming Services

Name Country(ies) Description & Tamagotchi history Owner(s)
Hulu United States


Hulu is a United States-based Over-the-Top subscription video-on-demand service that launched on October 29th, 2007. The service was a joint-venture between several multi-media conglomerates such as NBCUniversal, News Corporation, WarnerMedia, and The Walt Disney Company. Today, Disney fully controls and has a majority equity stake in the service, while NBCUniversal is currently a silent partner (meaning that they receive a share of profits and losses but aren't involved in management) with future plans to sell their stake to Disney in 2024 and to end exclusivity deals as early as 2020. Disney uses Hulu as their streaming brand for "general entertainment". In Japan, Hulu operates through separate conditions under Nippon TV.

The first 49 episodes of the anime can be streamed on the Japanese version of the service. The Tamagotchi anime is not currently available on the American version.

United States:

The Walt Disney Company

(67% equity; full control)

NBCUniversal [Comcast]

(33% equity; silent partner)


Nippon TV [Yomiuri Group]

Bandai Channel Japan Bandai Namco Holdings
YouTube United States In November 2019, Bandai uploaded 33 episodes from the previous series for a limited time to celebrate the Tamagotchi franchise's 23th anniversary. Google
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