Main Songs

Other Songs

Songs that don't play a big role in the anime, and/or are not made together by Lovelitchi and Melodytchi.


  • Most of these songs appear on the Tamagotchi iD L Princess Spacy ver in the concert destination.
  • Full versions of Happy Happy Harmony and Happy Heart were released on CD.
  • The full version of Smile For Tomorrow first appeared in episode 121, all uninterrupted except for the ending where Joou Sama talks. An extended version is found on the Ready GO Hasha GO Daishu GO! Tamagotchi! CD.
  • Rainbow Melody does not have a full version. This may be because it is too long to be an abridged version but too short to be a full version, compared to other songs by Lovelin and Melodytchi.
  • The special version of Happy Happy Harmony first appear on CD and made its first anime appearance (in a slightly shorter version) in the final episode of GO-GO Tamagotchi!
  • Melody Waltz is the only music that does not appear in any CDs.
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