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Lovelitchi (ラブリっち Raburitchi), previously translated as Lovelytchi and also known by her stage name Lovelin, is a female adult Tamagotchi character who debuted on the Tamagotchi iD and in the first episode of the Tamagotchi! anime, although her overall debut was in the TamaCafe playset.

Lovelitchi would eventually become one of the main characters and secondary (later primary) mascots of the franchise since 2009 due to her high popularity amongst the Tamagotchi fanbase, particularly in Japan. Her best Tama-Friend is Melodytchi, whom she makes popular songs with, such as Happy Happy Harmony and Smile for Tomorrow.

Name Origin

The name Lovelitchi is derived from the word Lovely, thus the spelling is actually Lovelytchi. But the letter 'y' isn't used as a vowel, only 'li' (リ). In English, Bandai America previously named her Lovelytchi on the TamaTown Tama-Go, but changed it to Lovelitchi in the Bright Way/9Go! dub of the anime and TamaTown, in order to keep the connection to Lovelin, her secret identity.

Names in Other Languages

Region Release Name Etymology
Taiwan 甜心吉 Tiánxīnjí 甜心 "honey; sweetheart; sweetie" + 吉 "-tchi"
Hong Kong Anime 小甜心 siu2 tim4 sam1 小 (diminutive prefix) + 甜心 "honey; sweetheart; sweetie"


Lovelitchi resembles a white bunny and may be based on an Angora rabbit. She has fluffy fur, pink cheeks, and two upright, woolly ears. Her eyes are teal with sparkle-shaped highlights. In both of her designs, she wears a dress, stockings, a heart-shaped purse, and decorations around her ears. There are two primary designs of Lovelitchi because her outfit was changed in Episode 95 of the Tamagotchi! Anime.

In her original design, she wore a frilly blue dress with a fuzzy pink collar, dark pink stockings, and a blue ribbon on each ear.

In "Is This a Confession? Mystery Profile", Lovelitchi's appearance had changed into Tama Heart form. The outfit change was given to Lovelitchi by her mother, Lovemamalitchi. The two Tama Hearts were added by Moriritchi.

Lovelitchi's two bows were replaced with two ancient like Tama Hearts, and a pink beaded scrunchie similar to her Lovelin identity. Her dress color has been changed to pink with another white dress underneath, her neckline was changed with a blue bowtie with long ribbon strands, and her stockings' colors were changed to blue instead of pink. Her pink heart shoulder bag is still the same.


Lovelitchi is a very sweet girl who cherishes her family and loves meeting new people. She is very kind and likes to help out, which can lead to her worrying about pleasing everyone. Due to bad experiences in the past, she used to believe that "idols can't have real friends", until she transferred to Tamagotchi School. Since then, her friends have helped her gain some confidence. Her favorite activity is singing, but she also likes dancing, and trying on new outfits. She is positive and hardworking, even when it comes to her career as a superstar, though sometimes she may end up overworking herself.

Throughout the anime series, it is mentioned that Lovelitchi enjoys reading and can be slightly air-headed at times. It is also revealed that her favorite food is Neapolitan ice cream, and her least favorite food is bell peppers. Lovelitchi is also depicted to be talented at drawing in some episodes.

Her profile on the Tamagotchi Pix website states: "Lovelitchi has a positive attitude. With a strong sense of responsibility, she cares a lot for her famiy and friends."

On Virtual Pets

TamaTown Tama-Go

On the Tama-Go she is obtained by giving excellent care. She evolves from Shelltchi, Mikazukitchi, or Chuchutchi.

Tamagotchi iD

In the Tamagotchi iD Lovelitchi evolves from Shelltchi, and can be obtained with 0 care mistakes. She can reach Tamatomo level by purchasing and putting on the Heart sunglasses, playing with the mic toy, and eating the love cake.

Tamagotchi iD L

She is obtainable in the Tamagotchi iD L series by raising her from Painaputchi (Also applies to the Princess Spacy Ver.) with 0-1 care misses.

Tamagotchi P's

Lovelitchi appeared in the Tamagotchi P's as a special character raised only when connecting the Love & Melody Tama Deco Pierce to the device. She can be obtained by playing with the stage mic 3 times with any female teen character.

Tamagotchi 4U

Lovelitchi evolves from Pannakotchi with 10 or more Art skill points, and 0-4 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi m!x

Lovelitchi can be obtained from any female teen with 0-2 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi On

Lovelitchi is obtainable as a first generation adult with 0-1 care mistakes or by feeding the Pancake snack 3+ times with 2-3 care mistakes. She can be befriended and married as a NPC at Tama Resort Hotel.

Her favorite items are:

  • Vanity Table (Salon)
  • Fortune-telling Mirror (Magic Land)
  • Coin Purse
  • Potpurri

Hello Kitty Tamagotchi

Lovelitchi is a raisable character on the Hello Kitty Tamagotchi, where she can be obtained with perfect care.

Tamagotchi Pix

Lovelitchi appears on the Tamagotchi Pix as a raisable adult. She is obtained from a female teen from a pink egg with 0-1 care mistakes or from eating the Dessert Platter snack 3+ times.

Tamagotchi Smart

Lovelitchi appears on the Tamagotchi Smart, as a raisable adult exclusive to the Melody Friends TamaSma Card. She is obtained from a female teen by feeding them the Love Napolitan meal the most out of the card's foods.

In the Anime


Lovelitchi as she appears in the anime

Lovelitchi is one of the main female characters in the anime, Tamagotchi!. She was first seen as Lovelin in "Get Ready! The Big Race on Tama Street" and then made her major debut in "Tamagotchi School's Transfer Student". She lives in the TamaCafe with her family, Lovepapalitchi and Lovemamalitchi, which also acts as a cafe restaurant run by her mother and father. Lovelitchi leads a secret double-life under the stage name Lovelin. As Lovelin, she is the most popular idol of all in Tamagotchi Town. She appears in many activities as a host, singer, reporter, and often as the lead character in television shows.

In the first season, Lovelitchi becomes friends with Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, and many other Tamagotchis. This makes her struggle with keeping her identity as Lovelin secret as she does not want to lie to them, but also is afraid of getting bullied again like what had happened at her previous schools. Eventually, she tells the truth in "Listen! Lovelin's Confession" and her friends happily assure her that they are still friends and promise to keep her secret between them.

Lovelitchi and Melodytchi performing together

In the second season, Lovelitchi's phone, Telelin, becomes sentient after the Kuchipatchi of Truth sends Lovelitchi and her friends back in time to help an ancient society of Tamagotchis. After returning to the present, Telelin would remain sentient and join Lovelitchi on her adventures, usually riding in Lovelitchi's bag. In "Confession! Lovelitchi is Lovelin!", Lovelitchi eventually reveals her secret identity as Lovelin to everyone at Tamagotchi School which meant that she would no longer have to hide her identity anymore.

In the third season, Lovelitchi meets and quickly befriends Melodytchi, a famous violin player who visits Tamagotchi Town. The two become close and decide to collaborate with each other for musical performances, eventually creating the song "Happy Happy Harmony" in the episode "Dream Collab! Happy Happy Harmony". At the end of the episode, Melodytchi decides to live with Lovelitchi at Tama Cafe.

In the last arc of the original Tamagotchi anime series, Lovelitchi and Melodytchi collect Tama Hearts on their Tama Profys, usually at the end of each episode.

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

After Tamagotchi! ended, Lovelitchi only appeared once during Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, in "Tamatomo Reunion! Coming Home to Tamagotchi Town" where she and the other original cast members gave Mametchi a party to celebrate his birthday and welcome him back home. She had no appearances in the following season, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Lovelitchi with her new younger brother, Lovesoratchi

Lovelitchi returned as a main character in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. She first appeared in "Tamagottsun ♥ Big Meeting!?" where she reunites with Mametchi. She is introduced to Pianitchi, Coffretchi, and other Dream Town residents, as well as the two new students Neenetchi and Orenetchi. Later, she meets Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi and performs with them as Lovelin during their debut as idols. She also accepts Pianitchi as part of her music group and they make a new song together.

She greatly admires Hitomitchi and at first was worried that she was "better" than her, and tried to change her own idol style to become good enough. However, Hitomitchi taught Lovelitchi to just be herself and Lovelitchi continued with her usual style of music.

As of "Lovelitchi Becomes a Big Sister", Lovelitchi has a younger brother named Lovesoratchi.

Tamagotchi Movie: Big Secret Delivery Operation!

In Eiga Tamagotchi: Himitsu no Otodoke Dai Sakusen!, she follows Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi and Nijifuwatchi to deliver an egg to Gotchi King.


  • Mametchi: Lovelitchi and Mametchi are on very good terms. They first met in the first episode where Lovelitchi, as Lovelin, briefly interviewed him and other competitors before the big Tama-Street race. As revealed through a flashback in the following episode, his selflessness in saving Kuchipatchi before the end of the race was one of the reasons that Lovelitchi decide to move to Tamagotchi Town. While attending Tamagotchi School, Lovelitchi became close friends with Mametchi and he taught her about the concept of Tama-Friends. Later, Mametchi willingly put his birthday on hold until Lovelitchi finally came hours later, and after she confessed her Lovelin identity, he was quick to forgive her, making her much more confident in the process. Because of their close chemistry, they are a popular pairing among fans.
  • Melodytchi: Lovelitchi first saw Melodytchi on television, playing her violin. Lovelitchi found the music beautiful and admired Melodytchi's talent. When Melodytchi arrived at TAMAX-TV, Lovelitchi recognized her immediately and was quick to introduce herself. While Lovelitchi was interviewing Melodytchi for a TAMAX-TV show, Lovelitchi felt a mysterious connection to her and was deeply moved by how much she cares about her violin. When Lovelitchi was performing a live concert and the power went out, Melodytchi played her violin to save the concert and the two girls became the best of friends. Melodytchi now lives at Tama Cafe with Lovelitchi and they do nearly everything together. As Melodytchi has a more upbeat personality, she often encourages Lovelitchi when she is doubting herself.
  • Moriritchi: When Lovelitchi first met Moriritchi at Tamagotchi School, she was put off by her overzealous personality and eccentric catchphrases. However, after inviting Moriritchi over and seeing her decorate the room with Tamamori, Lovelitchi started to become friends with her. Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Moriritchi became a trio often seen together in the anime and merchandise.
  • Kuromametchi: Despite his aloof nature, Kuromametchi seems to be the Tamagotchi who understands and cares for Lovelitchi the most. He knew of her secret identity from the very beginning but never revealed it, and would always strive to help her and protect her identity--even if it meant dressing up in a Heroine Lovelin costume to lead others astray. He has Lovelin posters all over the walls of his room, leads her fan club, and is one of the only male Tamagotchis whose infatuation with her has remained throughout the series. For example, during a photo contest in episode 83, he secretly takes an anonymous photo of Lovelin while uncharacteristically blushing with shimmering eyes. He also tried to get her to think twice when she was changing herself in order to impress Hitomitchi.
  • Memetchi: She was the first student to talk to Lovelitchi when she joined Tamagotchi School, and they bonded over a stylish charm Lovelitchi had on her purse. Lovelitchi cancelled everything on her schedule and hugged Memetchi while crying when she thought she was moving away. She also occasionally hangs out with her, Makiko, and Flowertchi on their adventures.
  • Manenetchi: She is Lovelitchi's manager who deeply cares about her and always strives to make sure she remains on schedule, but doesn't want Lovelitchi to overwork herself. She also acts as Lovelitchi's confidant, listening to her problems and offering advice. When Manenetchi was too busy to spend time with Lovelitchi in "Lovelin Shock! Manenetchi's Change of Heart?", Lovelitchi felt upset and some of her confidence faded.
  • Telelin: She is Lovelitchi's treasured cell phone gifted to her by her father, that she named after herself. Telelin was then brought to life by the Kuchipatchi of Truth and often rides in Lovelitchi's bag.
  • TamaPtchi: He is a director at TAMAX-TV who directs many of the shows Lovelin stars in. While he can be strict with other Tamagotchis, he is gentle to Lovelitchi and often calls her affectionate nicknames in the English dub. In the Japanese version, he always ends her name with "-chan".
  • Madonnatchi: She is a child actress at TAMAX-TV who hates and is jealous of Lovelin. She wants to get rid of Lovelitchi so she can become the most popular idol instead, but her traps often backfire and Lovelitchi is oblivious to this.
  • Kizunatchi: She is Lovelitchi's companion who guided her in collecting Tama Hearts on her Tama Profy during the original series. When Kizunatchi ran out of energy and was falling in the finale of the original series, Lovelitchi cried out that if it would save Kizunatchi, she would let herself get infected by Eggification, even if it meant she could never sing again.
  • Uwasatchi: She was suspicious of Lovelitchi ever since she joined Tamagotchi School and put her secret identity in jeopardy a few times. However, when it was finally revealed that Lovelitchi and Lovelin were one and the same, Uwasatchi refused to believe it and needed as much proof as possible. She even asked Lovelitchi some very specific questions about Lovelin, but Lovelitchi got one of them wrong because she herself couldn't remember the answer.
  • Stylitchi: She is Lovelitchi's stylist who does her make-up and provides her with outfits, usually for her concert performances.

Other Forms


Main article: Lovelin

Lovelin heart blue.png

Lovelin is Lovelitchi's secret identity as a pop star and actress. She is very popular and has many fans that adore her and watch everything she appears in. Lovelin has many roles in the entertainment industry, acting in many of TAMAX_TV's shows and movies, working as a TV reporter, and performing in concerts with her own original songs.

Young Lovelitchi

Young Lovelitchi Singing.jpg

Young Lovelitchi (やんぐラブリっち Yangu Raburitchi) is Lovelitchi in her much younger years, about 6 - 8 years ago. Her dress and ribbons are yellow instead of blue. She is very clumsy and a crybaby, always running into everything and crying a lot. Her behavior is somewhat similar to Chamametchi; she can be child-like and emotional. Her main appearance was in "Mother's Day for Lovelitchi". She has only appeared in the Tamagotchi! anime twice.

Lovely Fire


Lovely Fire (ラブリーファイヤー Raburī Faiyā) is one of Lovelitchi's Personality Stage forms on the Tamagotchi 4U and 4U+. Her ears catch on fire and her eyebrows become prominent, thick, and furrowed. In this form, she is very determined, and becomes much faster and stronger. Her burning ears can also catch other things on fire as well. On the 4U, Lovelitchi will transform into this stage if she has all of the special skills and her happiness is at least 80%. She reverts back to normal form if her happiness drops below 60%. In GO-GO Tamagotchi!, she appeared in the episode "A Miraculous Effort! Lovely Fire"

Chubby Lovelitchi


Chubby Lovelitchi is Lovelitchi's other Personality Stage form. In this form, she is very large from eating too much food. Her eyes become much smaller, and her arms stick out more, resembling Neenetchi. On the 4U and 4U+, Lovelitchi will transform into this stage if she weighs at least 90g. She reverts back to normal form if her weight drops below 40g. Chubby Lovelitchi is one of the only 4U Personality Stages to never appear in the anime.


Main article: Love-chan


Love-chan is an alternate form of Lovelitchi from Tamagotchi Village. She appears in "Mysterious Tama-Friends of Tamagotchi Village" in Tamagotchi!

Princess Loveli

Main article: Princess Loveli

Loveli Princess.png

Princess Loveli is a princess form of Lovelitchi that debuted as a Henshin Jo transformation on the Tamagotchi iD L. She later appeared as her own character in the Fantasy version of the Tamagotchi Meets.




Main article: Lovepapalitchi

Lovepapalitchi is Lovelitchi's father who works at his own photo studio on Tama Street and occassionally helps out at Tama Cafe. He is very supportive of Lovelitchi's superstar career and his photo studio has pictures of her all over the building.



Main article: Lovemamalitchi

Lovemamalitchi is Lovelitchi's mother who runs the TamaCafe. Like Lovepapalitchi, she is supportive of her daughter's superstar career. She often helps Lovelitchi create desserts such as chocolates for her friends and fans.


Lovesoratchi final.png

Main article: Lovesoratchi

Lovesoratchi is Lovelitchi's little brother who debuted in GO-GO Tamagotchi! He has a strong bond with Lovelitchi as she watched over him when he was a baby and child.


Modern Artwork

Anime Artwork


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  • Since Lovelitchi's debut in Tamagotchi!, Lovelitchi became the main female mascot for the Tamagotchi brand in Japan, gradually replacing Memetchi in that position, and being featured alongside Mametchi in numerous products and adverts. Since Tamagotchi On, this has also applied overseas.
  • During the 15th Anniversary Poll, Lovelitchi was voted the third most popular female character behind Melodytchi and Moriritchi. However, in a Club Tamagotchi poll asking which character fans were excited to see in GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Lovelitchi ranked first place with 25% of votes.
  • The fanmade Lovelitchi outfit

    In episode 52 of the Tamagotchi! anime, there was a brief scene in which Lovelitchi wore a flashy strawberry-inspired dress. This dress is actually fanmade, as it was the winner of an official Lovelitchi outfit design contest.
  • When Lovelitchi was an egg, it was blue with pink hearts. When she was a baby, she was a Choribotchi with a blue ribbon instead of a red one.
    • Strangely enough, she had another baby stage in one episode, where she looked very much like her past appearance, except her ears are smaller, has a pacifier in her mouth, and wears a pink onesie with a bib. This is technically after her life as a Choribotchi. She later had a child-stage version of her, where she has yellow bows on her ears, a purple shirt, and a diaper.
  • Counting all forms of Lovelitchi (including all forms of Lovelin and the alternate reality Lovelitchi that resides in Tamagotchi Village), she has the second highest number of forms, after Mametchi, among all other Tamagotchis, which even surpasses some other Tamagotchi mascots.

Princess Lovelin and Kunoichi Lovelin (Episode 37)

  • In episode 132 of Tamagotchi!, the scene where Lovelitchi is meeting her other self might be taken from the concept of the first half of episode 37, albeit in her idol form. However, while the latter is only a TAMAX-TV show, the former event really does involve an alternate-universe form of Lovelitchi.
    • In fact, Lovelitchi has at least encountered her double 3 times, with the first 2 being inside her TV shows.

A comparison Chamametchi and Lovelitchi's pajamas

  • Lovelitchi's pajamas is identical to those of Chamametchi's, albeit with a different colour (and size).
  • In My Tamagotchi Forever, Lovelitchi uses her Nano sprite in the Album.
  • Lovelitchi (and hence Lovelin) was born in September 10, and when written as "910", it can be read in Japanese as goroawase for キュート kyūto, meaning "cute".
    • Interestingly, her voice actress, Kei Shindo, was also born in September 10.
  • Lovelitchi has been the subject of several LGBT-related fan assumptions, especially on Twitter and Tumblr.
    • Her bond with Melodytchi has been interpreted as a lesbian relationship by some fans, despite Melodytchi's obliviousness to romance.
    • Both of Lovelitchi's default outfits (regular and Tama-Heart) are cyan and pink. If combined with her white fur, Lovelitchi's default colors strikingly resemble the transgender flag, causing some fans to assume that she is transgender.
  • Lovelitchi's voice actress, Kei Shindo, also voices Madoka Amano from Metal Fight Beyblade, which premiered around the same time, if not concurrently with the Tamagotchi! anime.

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Sanrio Babies and Children Karaputchi Karaputchi sprite.pngRiboputchi Riboputchi.pngMeriritchi Meriritchi sprite.pngMokukumotchi Mokukumotchi sprite.pngYumehotchi Yumehotchi sprite.pngPyokokotchi Pyokokotchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults My Melody MyMelodymix.pngKiki Kikispritemix.pngLala Lalaspritemix.pngPompompurin Purinspritemix.pngCinnamoroll Cinnamorollspritemix.pngHello Kitty Hellokittyspritemix.pngGudetama Gudetamaspritemix.png
m!x Stations M!xable Adults Knighttchi Knighttchimix.pngShoototchi Shoototchimix.pngPolybaketchi Palibaketchimix.pngPaintotchi Paintotchimix.pngMofumofutchi Mofumofutchimix.pngIchirinshatchi Ichirinshatchimix.pngKiramotchi Kiramotchimix.pngMoriritchi Moriritchimix.pngAmakutchi Amakutchimix.pngHarukazetchi Harukazetchimix.pngWhirltchi Whirrltchimix.pngNonopotchi Nonomotchimix.pngMochimotchi Mochimochimotchi.pngAwawatchi Awawatchimix.pngKumanomitchi Kumanomitchimix.pngAisuhimetchi Icecreamtchimix.pngTicktocktchi Cikutakutchimix.pngHotTeatchi Hotteatchimix.pngOtogitchi Otogitchimix.pngMogumogutchi Mogumogutchi mix.pngHerotchi Herotchi m!x.pngSunopotchi Sunopotchimix.pngYoung Dorotchi Youngdorotchimix.pngMajokkotchi Majokkotchi mix.pngRighttchi Righttchimix.pngCharatchi Charatchi-0.pngAcchitchi Acchitchimix.pngShinshitchi Shinshintchimix.pngMaisutatchi Maisumix.pngHoshigirltchi Hoshigirltchimix.pngHimetchi Himetchi Pix Sprite.pngTropicatchi Tropicatchimix.pngAmiamitchi Amiamitchimix.pngBadtz-Maru Badtz-Marumix.png
Other Characters NPCs Depagatchi Depagatchi sprite Mix.pngTamastetchiMamapianitchiRoyal ServantsEco-usatchi TripletsChamametchi Chamametchi pix sprite.pngOnsenmoguratchiGuriritchiKunoitchiIchigotchi Ichigotchi sprite meets.pngDoremitchiSopratchiAkaspetchiPipospetchiProfessor Banzo SmartBanzoSprite.pngMikachu SmartMikachuSprite.pngGinjirotchi Ginjirotchi color sprite.pngNyorotchi Nyorotchi sprite meets.pngUwasatchiUra MametchiUra MemetchiUra KuchipatchiKujakutchiUra OyajitchiGotchi KingCongratchiMiraitchiClulutchi
Tamagotchi On/Meets Characters
Most Versions Teens Mettotchi Mettotchi.pngTerukerotchi Terukerotchi.pngKurupoyotchi Kurupoyotchi.pngPenribotchi Penribotchi.pngMokofuritchi Mokofuritchi.pngHanbunkotchi Hanbunkotchi.png
Raisable Adults Mametchi Mametchimix.pngKuroMametchi Kuromametchim!x.pngKuchipatchi Kuchipatchim!x.pngKikitchi Kikitchimix.pngGozarutchi Gozarutchimix.pngLovelitchi Lovelitchimix.pngMemetchi Memetchimix.pngNijifuwatchi Nijifuwatchim!x.pngPompomtchi Pompomtchi.pngWatawatatchi Watawatatchimix.png
M!xable Adults Omechuptchi Omuchaputchi meets.pngKappappatchi Kappapatchi.pngPizalinatchi Pizzarina.pngHatakemotchi Hatakemotchi meets.pngYoumotchi Youmotchi meets.pngCherrytchi Cherrycherrytchi.pngVioletchi Violetchi sprite On.pngNejirobotchi Nejirobotchi meets.pngBonnetchi Bonnetchi meets.pngGoggletchi Oyogoggletchi.pngTuturinatchi Chuchurinatchi meets.pngNanizatchi Kiminanizatchi meets.pngMochiusatchi Mochiusatchi meets.pngCharismatchi Charismatchi meets.pngCoffretchi Coffretchi meets.png
Tama Pets Chitchi Chitchi.pngHarapparatchi Harappatachi.PNGPuchiberitchi PuchiberitchiSprite.PNGMakimotchi MakimotchiSprite.pngMonatototchi MonatototchiSprite.PNGDoyakentchi DoyakentchiSprite.PNGShurikentchi ShurikentchiSprite.PNGRinsetchi RinsetchiSprite.PNGChapitchi Chapitchi.PNGRubytchi RubytchiSprite.PNGUnnamed baby Tama Pet BabyTamaPet.png
Fairy/Magic Babies and Children Shizukutchi Shizukutchi sprite.pngMarupitchi Marupitchi sprite.pngHoshipontchi Hoshipontchi sprite.pngMokumokutchi Mokumokutchi sprite.pngChiroritchi Chiroritchi sprite.pngPeacetchi Peacetchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults Fairytchi (Fairy) Fairytchi meets.pngUnipegatchi (Fairy) Unipegasatchi.pngKorobatchi (Magic) Korobatchi.pngMajoritchi (Magic) Majoritchi.png
Tama Pets Amipoketchi AmipoketchiSprite.PNG
Pastel Babies and Children Tamaleaftchi Tamaleaftchi sprite.pngTamahanatchi Tamahanatchi sprite.pngWatoputchi Watoputchi sprite.pngMokorobatchi Mokorobatchi sprite.pngRipputchi Ripputchi sprite.pngMimitamatchi Mimitamatchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults Yotsubatchi Yotsubatchimix.pngButterflytchi Chouchoutchimix.pngFlower Fleur Flower fleur.pngPiyotamausatchi Piyotamausatchi-0.pngTamaboytchi Tamaboytchi-0.pngTamaladytchi Tamaladytchi-0.pngEggbasketchi Eggbasketchimeets.png
Tama Pets Amipoketchi AmipoketchiSprite.PNG
Sanrio Babies and Children Karaputchi Karaputchi sprite.pngRiboputchi Riboputchi.pngMeriritchi Meriritchi sprite.pngMokukumotchi Mokukumotchi sprite.pngYumehotchi Yumehotchi sprite.pngPyokokotchi Pyokokotchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults My Melody MyMelodymix.pngKuromi Kuromimeets.pngKiki Kikispritemix.pngLala Lalaspritemix.pngPompompurin Purinspritemix.pngCinnamoroll Cinnamorollspritemix.pngBadtz-Maru Badtz-Marumix.pngHello Kitty Hellokittyspritemix.pngGudetama Gudetamaspritemix.pngKeroppi Keroppi-0.pngTuxedo Sam Sam.png
Tama Pets Unnamed seal Tama Pet BlackSanrioTamapet.pngUnnamed Tama Pet with leaf LeafySanrioTamapet.PNGUnnamed Tama Pet with bow BowSanrioTamapet.PNGUnnamed Tama Pet with bowtie PuffySanrioTamapet.PNGUnnamed strawberry Tama Pet StrawberryTamapet.PNG
Fantasy & Wonder Garden Babies and Children Hoshinokotchi Hoshinokotchi sprite.pngLovekotchi Lovekotchi sprite.pngClubutchi Mitsuclovertchi sprite.pngMochispadetchi Mochispadetchi sprite.pngPureheartchi Pureheartchi sprite.pngHimedaiyatchi Himedaiyatchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults Prince Mametchi PrinceMametchi sprite Meets.pngLoveli Princess Loveli princess.pngMeloarabian Meloarabian-0.pngLamppatchi Lamppatchi sprite.pngYumemi Alice Yumemi alice.pngKirari Hatter Kirari Hatter-0.png
Tama Pets Unnamed playing card Tama Pet WondergardenTamapet.PNGUnnamed Tama Pet with tiara PrincessTamapet.PNGUnnamed Arabian Tama Pet ArabianTamapet.PNG
Sweets Babies and Children Fuwatsunotchi Fuwatsunotchi sprite.pngPuchimochitchi Puchimochitchi sprite.pngDorakurumitchi Dorakurumitchi sprite.pngYakimashutchi Yakimasutchi sprite.pngMokarotchi Mokarotchi sprite.pngOdangonanotchi Odangonanotchi sprite.png
M!xable Adults Hotcaketchi Hotcaketchi.pngAmamelotchi 3.pngHimedolcetchi 12.pngPatitchi Patitchi-0.pngWagassiertchi Wagassiertchimix.pngHimeamachatchi Himeamachatchi.pngTsubuanonetchi Tsubuanonetchi.png
Tama Pets Unnamed fish Tama Pet WagashiTamapet.webpUnnamed cupcake Tama Pet DolceTamapet.PNG
Meets Stations M!xable Adults Sunopotchi Sunopotchimix.pngShimagurutchi Shimagurutchimix.pngSnowmarutchi SnowmarutchiSprite.pngTicktocktchi Cikutakutchimix.pngDecoratchi Decoratchimix.pngHotTeatchi Hotteatchimix.pngAmiamitchi Amiamitchimix.pngIchirinshatchi Ichirinshatchimix.pngMaisutatchi Maisumix.pngPikagorotchi Pikagorotchimix.pngTsukushizukushitchi Tsukushidzukushitchi.pngHarukazetchi Harukazetchimix.pngAmakutchi Amakutchimix.pngHimetchi Himetchimix.pngBushinosuketchi Bushinosuketchimix.pngKnighttchi Knighttchimix.pngKumanomitchi Kumanomitchimix.pngOtogitchi Otogitchimix.pngShinobinyatchi Shinobinyatchimix.pngGuriritchi Guriritchimix.pngYoung Dorotchi Youngdorotchimix.pngJellytchi Jellytchimix.pngYashiharotchi YashiharotchiSprite.pngShoototchi Shoototchimix.pngAisuhimetchi Icecreamtchimix.pngMoriritchi Moriritchimix.pngKiramotchi Kiramotchimix.pngPichipitchi Pichipitchimix.pngNamahagetchi Namahagetchimeets.pngKirayukitchi Kirayukitchi.pngChankotchi Chankotchi.pngJukureputchi Jukureputchi.pngTamagyaotchi Tamagyaotchi.pngHimefujimitchi HimefujimitchiSpriteT.pngTakotakoyakitchi Takotakoyakitchi.pngMaikotchi Maikotchi.pngTosapochitchi TosapochitchiSprite.pngUzushionetchi Uzushionetchi.pngAmaikumatchi Amaikumatchi.pngShisagoyatchi Shisagoyatchi.png
App M!xable Adults Okazarutchi/Rare Okazarutchi Okazarutchi1.png Okazarutchi sprite alt.pngColorfulrabbitchi Colorfulrabbitchimeets.pngMimitchi Mimitchim!x.pngMakiko Makikom!x.pngHerotchi Herotchi m!x.pngAcchitchi Acchitchimix.pngPaintotchi Paintotchimix.pngPumpkitchi Pumpkitchi.pngNonopotchi Nonomotchimix.pngSantaclautchi Santaclautchi sprite mix.pngMochimotchi Mochimochimotchi.pngCharatchi Charatchi-0.pngMaskutchi Maskutchim!x.pngPolybaketchi Palibaketchimix.pngHoshigirltchi Hoshigirltchimix.pngHimebaratchi Himebaratchimix.png
NPCs Applitchi Applitchi sprite.png
Other Characters NPCs Depagatchi Depagatchi sprite Mix.pngTamastetchiTourcontchi Tourcontchi sprite.pngRoyal ServantsEco-usatchi TripletsOrenetchi Orenetchi color sprite.pngKumattatchi Kumattatchi sprite On.pngPukkutchiSebiretchi Sebiretchi Pix Sprite.pngShirimotchi Shirimotchi sprite On.pngNeenetchiUwasatchiOyajitchi Oyajitchim!x.pngSebastiantchiHappyburgertchiHappyburgertchi sprite on.pngChukatchiRingotchi Ringotchi sprite on.pngWatatchi Watatchi sprite on.pngMagictchi Magictchi sprite On.pngCrayontchi Crayontchi sprite on.pngMukimukimukitchiHoshihakasetchiPsychetchiChictchiMajokkotchi Majokkotchi mix.pngPierotchiDecotchi Decotchi sprite On.pngUsatchiJyooubatchiRosetchiSister OtogitchiWitchiJewelboxtchiLattetchiOsensutchi
Tamagotchi Pix Characters
Raisable Characters Babies and Children Tamapatchi Tamapatchimix.pngTamabotchi Tamabotchimix.pngTantotchi Tantotchi m!x.pngPuchitomatchi Puchitomatchi m!x.pngChiroritchi Chiroritchi sprite.pngFuyofuyotchi Fuyofuyotchi (Pix sprite).pngMimitamatchi Mimitamatchi sprite.pngMokumokutchi Mokumokutchi sprite.png
Teens Haretchi Haretchi Pix Sprite.pngTerukerotchi Terukerotchi Pix Sprite.pngSoyofuwatchi Soyofuwatchi Pix Sprite.pngMokokotchi Mokokotchi Pix Sprite.pngTororitchi Tororitchi Pix Sprite.pngKurupoyotchi Kurupoyotchi Pix Sprite.png
Charming Adults Lovelitchi Lovelitchimix.pngGinjirotchi Ginjirotchi color sprite.pngChamametchi Chamametchi pix sprite.pngKuchipatchi Kuchipatchim!x.pngMomotchi Momotchimix.pngCharatchi Charatchi Pix Sprite.pngSebiretchi Sebiretchi Pix Sprite.pngOrenetchi Orenetchi color sprite.png
Smart Adults Himetchi Himetchi Pix Sprite.pngMametchi Mametchi sprite Smart.pngMimitchi Mimitchim!x.pngKuroMametchi Kuromametchi Pix Sprite.pngAwamokotchi Awamokotchi sprite.pngKikitchi Kikitchimix.pngNinjanyatchi Shinobinyatchimix.pngGozarutchi Gozarutchi Pix Sprite.png
Creative Adults Neliatchi Neliatchi pix sprite.pngWeeptchi Weeptchi sprite.pngCoffretchi CofretPix.pngShimagurutchi Shimagurutchimix.pngMemetchi Memetchimix.pngPaintotchi Paintotchi Pix Sprite.pngVioletchi Violetchi Pix Sprite.pngMurachakitchi Murachakitchi Pix Sprite.png
Other Characters Meetable Characters Santaclautchi SantaClautchimix.pngDecotchi Decotchi sprite On.pngMorijikatchi Morijikatchimix.pngMusiharutchiKumattatchi Kumattatchi sprite On.pngYoumotchi Youmotchi meets.pngYoung Dorotchi Young dorotchi mix.pngWatatchi Watatchi sprite on.pngLovesoratchiTonkatchiKnighttchi Knighttchimix.pngMotetchi Motetchi sprite.pngJellytchi Jellytchimix.pngDaikutchiCrayontchi Crayontchi sprite on.pngBonnetchi Bonnetchi meets.pngPompomtchi Pompomtchi.pngFairytchi Fairytchi meets.pngPizalinatchi Pizzarina.pngMoriritchi Moriritchim!x.pngHarukazetchi Harukazetchimix.pngMagictchi Magictchi sprite On.pngHoshihakasetchi Hoshihakasetchi sprite.pngPsychetchiSister OtogitchiPukkutchiTicktocktchi Cikutakutchimix.pngNazotchi Nazotchi sprite mix.pngRingotchi Ringotchi sprite on.pngKunoitchiAcchitchi Acchitchimix.pngGuriritchi Guriritchimix.pngGotchimotchiYotsubatchi Yotsubatchimix.pngYotsubatchi Yotsubatchimix.pngKumanomitchi Kumanomitchimix.pngIchirinshatchi Ichirinshatchimix.pngNejirobotchi Nejirobotchi meets.pngJewelboxtchiNejirobotchi Nejirobotchi meets.pngMaisutatchi Maisumix.pngMaisutatchi Maisumix.pngKappappatchi Kappapatchi.pngShirimotchi Shirimotchi sprite On.pngUwasatchiSunopotchi Sunopotchimix.pngShoototchi Shoototchimix.pngTourcontchi Tourcontchi sprite.pngOtogitchi Otogitchimix.pngGoggletchi Oyogoggletchi.pngHatakemotchi Hatakemotchi meets.pngTuturinatchi Chuchurinatchi meets.pngChictchiPierotchiNanizatchi Kiminanizatchi meets.pngAmiamitchi Amiamitchimix.pngMadamtchiKorobatchi Korobatchi.pngMajokkotchi Majokkotchi mix.pngMaskutchi Maskutchim!x.pngClulutchiPianitchi Pianitchi m!x sprite.pngRoyal ServantsMiraitchiHotTeatchi Hotteatchimix.pngChukatchiMochiusatchi Mochiusatchi meets.pngCharismatchi Charismatchi meets.pngKyawatchiHimebaratchi Himebaratchimix.pngNeenetchiRosetchiHimespetchi Himespetchimix.pngButterflytchi Chouchoutchimix.pngPatitchi Patitchi-0.pngYumemitchi Yumemitchi m!x-0.pngMaidtchiEco-usatchi TripletsSebastiantchiTamastetchiDepagatchi Depagatchi sprite Mix.png
NPCs Sitter Poketchi
Tamagotchi Smart Characters
Base Characters Babies and Children Puchiotchi Puchiotchi sprite.pngPuchikotchi Puchikotchi sprite.pngMofuwatchi Mofuwatchi sprite.pngOmuchutchi Omuchutchi sprite.pngChamekotchi Chamekotchi sprite.pngKurumaritchi Kurumaritchi sprite.png
Teens Achiatchi Achiatchi sprite.pngMokotsunotchi Mokotsunotchi sprite.pngGunchitchi Gunchitchi sprite.pngRabirabitchi Rabirabitchi sprite.pngKyupitchi Kyupitchi sprite.pngSacktchi Sakkutchi sprite.png
Adults Mametchi Mametchi sprite Smart.pngWeeptchi Weeptchi sprite.pngKuchipatchi Kuchipatchim!x.pngWawatchi Wawatchi sprite.pngKarapatchi Karapatchi sprite.pngMilktchi Milktchi sprite.pngPoptchi Poptchi sprite.pngAwamokotchi Awamokotchi sprite.pngGaogaltchi Gaogaltchi sprite.pngTsuyopitchi Tsuyopitchi sprite.png
TamaSma Cards 1996 Friends Mametchi Mametchi sprite 96Friends.pngGinjirotchi Ginjirotchi sprite 96Friends.pngNyorotchi Nyorotchi sprite 96Friends.pngOyajitchi Oyajitchi sprite 96Friends.png
Rainbow Friends Unipegatchi Unipegasatchi.pngPikagorotchi Pikagorotchimix.pngNijifuwatchi Nijifuwatchim!x.pngWatawatatchi WatawatatchSmartSprite.png
Sweets Friends Hotcaketchi Hotcaketchi.pngMimipurutchi SweetsFriendsAdult2.pngIchigotchi Ichigotchi sprite smart.pngMakamokotchi SweetsFriendsAdult1.png
NIZOO Friends Lakotchi LakoTemp.PNGRiyotchi RiyoTemp.PNGMayantchi MayanTemp.PNGRichutchi RichuTemp.PNGKinatchi KinaTemp.PNGAnotchi AnoTemp.PNGLucatchi LucatTemp.PNGLlanutchi LLanuTemp.PNGPyonpyontchi PyonpyonTemp.PNG
Gourmet Friends Omechuptchi Omuchaputchi meets.pngKappappatchi Kappapatchi.pngRingotchi Ringotchi sprite on.pngKoronetchi KornetchiSprite.png
Cosmetic Friends Coffretchi CofretPix.pngMakiko Makikom!x.pngMemetchi Memetchimix.pngPafuwatchi PawufutchiSprite.png
Melody Friends Lovelitchi Lovelitchimix.pngMelodytchi MelodytchiSmartSpriteTemp.pngOrchestrotchi Orchestrotchimix.png • TBA MelodyFriendsCharacterTemp.png
Pastel Friends Piyotamausatchi Piyotamausatchi-0.pngVioletchi Flowertchimix.pngMimitchi Mimitchim!x.png • TBA 0C9927EB-E740-4456-BF3C-F567CE7E151C.png
Other Characters Datable Characters Young Dorotchi Youngdorotchimix.pngButterflytchi Chouchoutchimix.pngPatitchi Patitchi-0.pngShigurehimetchi Shigurehimetchimix.pngMochiusatchi Mochiusatchi meets.pngAmiamitchi Amiamitchimix.pngWagassiertchi Wagassiertchimix.pngMogumogutchi Mogumogutchi mix.pngNanizatchi Kiminanizatchi meets.pngWatapatchiYaytchi
NPCs SmaspitchiShirotamasMimidelivertchiMimishoptchiMimiworktchiMimiformtchiMotetchi Motetchi sprite.pngPukkutchiSantaclautchi SantaClautchimix.pngRednosetchiOyajitchi Oyajitchim!x.pngGotchi KingRoyal ServantsUsatchiWitchiProfessor Banzo SmartBanzoSprite.pngMikachu SmartMikachuSprite.pngPururutchi