Lovemamalitchi (ラブママリっち Rabumamaritchi) is a female parent Tamagotchi character that debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime. She appears as a non-raisable character on the Tamagotchi iD L. She is the mother of Lovelitchi and Lovesoratchi, and is married to Lovepapalitchi. She owns the TamaCafe with Lovepapalitchi. Lovepapalitchi helps her out, but is sometimes busy running another shop as a photographer.

In the anime, she is voiced by Chika Fujimura.


Lovemamalitchi in the Tama-Cafe

Lovemamalitchi is a kind and loving mother who has many memories of Lovelitchi when she was young. She sometimes worries too much about her daughter because she feels it is too much work to be such a popular idol, but she is still proud of her.


She is white and fluffy like Lovelitchi. Her ears are round and are done up in buns near the bottom of her head, and she has a tuft of her coming from under a yellow hood. She wears a brown dress with green pockets which says the word "CAFE" on the front, and underneath is a pink shirt.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi iD L/Princess Spacy ver.

Lovemamalitchi runs the TamaCafe and will welcome the player's Tamagotchi.

Name Origin

Lovemamalitchi's name comes from "Mama" inserted into Lovelitchi's name, as Lovemamalitchi is Lovelitchi's mother.



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