Lovepapalitchi (ラブパパリっち Rabupaparitchi) is an adult male Tamagotchi character that first appeared in the Tamagotchi! anime. He is the husband of Lovemamalitchi, and father to Lovelitchi and Lovesoratchi.


Lovepapalitchi has white fur and a tuft of fluffy hair on top of his head. He has dark blue eyes with green irises and star-like reflections, and thick dark eyebrows. He wears green pants, orange shoes, a blue bowtie, and an orange vest over a yellow shirt. He also wears a green bowler cap on the right side of his head.

In the Anime

Lovepapalitchi owns the TamaCafe with Lovemamalitchi. He also has his own photography studio and takes a lot of photographs, especially of Lovelin. Another one of his hobbies is cooking, but he is very bad at it. He often comes up with bizarre food combinations and gets disheartened when anyone tells the truth on how bad his ideas are. One of his recipe ideas was a drink called "wild juice" which would include an apple, garlic, and a sea urchin.

Lovepapalitchi has a kind, doting personality. He can be rather eccentric and emotional at times, but he cares a lot about his family. 

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi m!x

Lovepapalitchi can be seen in photographs containing Lovelitchi and her parents.

Name Origin

Lovepapalitchi's name based off of Lovelitchi's name, but "papa" is inserted after "love".


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