MC Puppetchi (MC ぱぺっち MC Papetchi) is a character that debuted in the Tamagotchi! anime.


MC Puppetchi has a humanoid body type with a large head, beady eyes, and a yellow beak, with a unibrown and a green leaf on top of his head. He wears a pink suit with a green tie and light blue pants. He is often seen holding two puppets, which both have light blue heads, poofy yellow hair, pink dresses, and yellow wing-like arms. The left-hand puppet wears a red scarf, and the right-hand puppet wears a blue scarf.


MC Puppetchi is a talented puppeteer and MC, but sometimes he can't help losing control of his puppet act when the discussion heats up.

In Media


MC Puppetchi is an MC working for TAMAX-TV. MC Puppetchi works as the MC for the popular TV show Kirakira! Tamamori Heaven.


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