Maidtchi (めいどっち Meidotchi) is a female adult Tamagotchi character that debuted in Japan on the Entama and in America on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4. She is also raisable on the Music Star, the Tamagotchi Plus Color, and the Hexagontchi. She appears on the Tamagotchi iD L and the Tamagotchi 4U as a non-raisable character.


Maidtchi's body is dark blue with white lace around it. Her face and arms are light blue, and she has two dark blue balls on her head. She also has white lace on top of her head, resembling a maid's hat. She has pink cheeks and the highlights in her eyes are shaped like triangles.


Her personality is of a maid and she works hard to keep her house clean and tidy. Everyone likes Maidtchi and she is a top favorite among the Tamagotchi boys.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4

Maidtchi can be obtained from Young Mimitchi or Ringotchi by raising the fashion (sparkle) points higher than the intelligence and social points. The skill points must have a total over 30. She can also evolve from either of the two universal teenage girls, Ojyotchi and Hawaikotchi.

Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus

Maidtchi is obtainable by means of the same method.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Maidtchi can be obtained on any even generation by taking moderate to poor care. On the Tamagotchi Plus Color and Hexagontchi series, Maidtchi can be obtained on any even generation by giving one to three care misses to either Chamametchi or Ichigotchi.

Tamagotchi Plus Color/Hexagontchi

Maidtchi appears on even generations with 1-3 care misses from a female teen.

Tamagotchi iD L

Maidtchi serves as a waitress at the Tamagotchi Restaurant and isn't raisable.

Tamagotchi 4U

Maidtchi serves as a waitress at the Restaurant and isn't raisable.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi: The Movie / Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe

Maidtchi appears as a background character.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Maidtchi is depicted as a student at Tamagotchi School. She likes to sweep the classroom in the mornings before school begins for each day. In episode 5 she is in Kuromametchi's team for a friendly competition between students.


Maidtchi Sprite
Plus Color