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Welcome, Tama-Friends! The Tamagotchi (たまごっち) is the world's first virtual pet, first released by Bandai in 1996 and internationally in 1997. For 25 years, Tamagotchi has been entertaining people around the world, with more than 82 million units sold as of 2019. This Wiki is dedicated to all aspects the franchise, including the virtual pets, characters, toys, video games, anime, and more!

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Patchi forest new.png

Patchi Forest is a forest located just outside of Tamagotchi Town. The forest is home to many different kinds of relaxing hot springs, such as one filled with fruit juice. Patchi Forest is also full of mystery, being home to strange forest spirits and Morikamitchi, the god of the forest. Kuchipatchi lives here with his family and like the other residents, he's a big fan of hot springs.

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Featured Media


It's the last day of summer vacation in the episode Memetchi's Adventure Report: The • World and Memetchi forgot to do her book report! Panicking over not having enough time to read a book, Memetchi writes her report by making up a story. Unfortunately, Grippatchi likes the report so much that she wants to read the original book. Not wanting to be caught up in her lie, Memetchi begs Mametchi and friends for a way out.

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Awamokotchi is an adult female Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Tamagotchi Pix internationally and on the Tamagotchi Smart in Japan. She is a very beautiful Tamagotchi whose entire body is covered in soap suds. She not only practices perfect health habits such as washing her hands and gargling, but she also never oversleeps or loses her belongings.

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Music Box


たまごっち!ED5 キズナ(画質&音質カンペキ!)

Have a listen to Kizuna, the fifth ending to the original Tamagotchi anime series! Performed by the Korean boy band Shu-I, the song takes a look into snapshots of the tama-friends' lives.

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