Mamametchi (ままめっち Mamametchi) is the mother of Mametchi and Chamametchi, and the wife of Papamametchi. She first appeared in Tamagotchi: The Movie. She is the mother character for the Mame Family on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. She appears in Let's Go! Tamagotchi and the Tamagotchi! anime series. She is also a possible customer in the Tamagotchi Corner Shop series.


Mamametchi has cream skin and pink Mametchi ears. The ears resemble a hat that goes over her eyes slightly. She has a ribbon on the side of her ears like Chamametchi does, except it is the same color as her ears (pink) instead of yellow.

She wears a pink scarf and skirt. Originally, she did not wear a shirt. However, in the Tamagotchi! anime she was changed so that she wore a light pink shirt.

In the anime, she has blue irises. Originally in Tamagotchi: The Movie and Let's Go! Tamagotchi, there was no white reflection on her eyes. Later on in the Tamagotchi! anime, her eyes were given a more shiny appearance.


Mamametchi looks very young and is often mistaken as one of Mametchi's friends. She was the cheer and dance champion at Mame City ten years ago (said in 2008). She is very talented. Papamametchi says that she was the quiz show champion at Mame City.

Mamametchi likes cooking and often makes cookies and pies for when Mametchi's friends come to visit.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi: The Movie

Mamametchi's first animated appearance was in Tamagotchi: The Movie. She is seen early on in the movie carrying Chamametchi's egg in a brown sling. She appears later on when Mametchi and his friends are in space, and she watches them from the Mamemame Laboratory.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Mamametchi appears in episode 6, "Super Heroine Chamametchi!". At the beginning of the episode, she goes out of the house for a bit. Towards the end of the episode, she comes back to find that Chamametchi is napping on the couch. Mamametchi picks up Chamametchi, and Chamametchi mumbles that she was a super hero. Mamametchi smiles and remarks that she must've had quite a dream.


Mamametchi appears from time to time in the Tamagotchi! series. She can usually be seen at Mametchi's house.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Mamametchi appears in episode 6, "Dokidoki! Exchange Sleepover". Coffretchi stays over at Mametchi's house, and she and Chamametchi and Mamametchi all have fun together. At the end of the episode, Mametchi and Chamametchi make a cake for Mamametchi to show their love and appreciation for her.

Name Origin

Mamametchi's name comes from mama and Mame, as she is the mother of the Mame Family.


  • On the activity DVD that comes specially with Tamagotchi Version 5, Mamametchi is mistakenly called "Mamamametchi".


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