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Patchi Forest
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Mamapatchi (ままぱっち Mamapatchi) is a female parent Tamagotchi character who first appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. Mamapatchi is a member of the Kuchipa Family (くち属), and Kuchipatchi's mother. She lives in Patchi Forest.


Mamapatchi is very similar-looking to Kuchipatchi. Her body has the same pear shape and stubby arms and legs. She has beady eyes and a beak. Her skin is yellow rather than green, and she has light orange cheeks.  She also has hair, which is done in a bun, with three bangs hanging over her forehead.


Mamapatchi is the wife of Papapatchi, and the mother of Kuchipatchi and the Chibipatchis.


Mamapatchi is very relaxed and stays at home cooking most of the time. She is very forgetful; she always confuses Papapatchi and Kuchipatchi. The reason why Chibipatchis don't have separate names is because Mamapatchi forgot to name them when they were born. She is very formidable when she is angry, and the only thing that can calm her is a peaceful hot spring.


Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 /Celebrity

Mamapatchi is a parent stage character in the Kuchipa Family. She evolves from Patchi characters, such as Yonepatchi, after getting married.

Tamagotchi iD L

On the Tamagotchi iD L, you cannot raise Mamapatchi, but she does appear in Donuts Park sometimes.

In the Anime

Mamapatchi appears as a minor character in the Tamagotchi! series. Her most recent appearance was in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. She lives in Patchi Forest with her family. Her voice actress is Kawase Akiko.

She has also appeared as a main character in the Sorette Kuchipatchi webisodes.


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