Mamesaku (まめさく) is an alternative version of Mametchi of the Tamagotchi Village. He is exclusive to Episode 132 of Tamagotchi!.


Mamesaku is first seen in the Tamagotchi Village, when Lovelitchi and her friends got lost and arrived at the place. At first, as with other main residents of the hidden village, Mamesaku, along with Kuchibe and Mememi (who are alternate forms of Kuchipatchi and Memetchi respectively), they are mistaken for their alter egos by Lovelitchi and co. On the other hand, he also mistaken Lovelitchi as Love-chan, who is also a villager that resides in this place and looks identical in appearance.

With the help of Lovelitchi and her friends, they are able to make the village become more beautiful, and successfully make Tonotchi, the village master, become happy.

After the Mushroom Heart is collected by Kizunatchi, he and his fellow villagers promise they will meet again someday.

Names in other languages

Region Name Meaning
Cantonese (Hong Kong) 豆作 Mamesaku (豆作 Dòu zuò)


  • Out of all villagers, Mamesaku is the only one who has Tamamori done on him.
  • Mamesaku and Mametchi are not the same person, which means two (or more) of the same Tamagotchi can co-exist at the same time.
    • However, Mametchi has never met Mamesaku himself.


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