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Not to be confused with Memetchi.

Mametchi (まめっち Mametchi) is a male adult Tamagotchi character who debuted on the original Tamagotchi, and has appeared on many versions since, serving as the series mascot. Mametchi is in the Mame Family (まめ属 Mame Zoku) and his birthday is November 23, the same date as the release of the first Tamagotchi. On almost every Tamagotchi model, he is the adult character obtained by having the healthiest care and/or having intelligence Skill Points the highest on certain release . His female counterpart is Chantotchi, most notably in the later Connection titles.


Name Origin

Mame (まめ) means diligent, but is often also interpreted as soy bean ( mame) (for example, see his Chinese names below), which possibly reference to his color scheme.

Names in other languages

Region Name
Mandarin (Taiwan) 麻每吉
Cantonese (Hong Kong) 豆豆
Russian Мамечи
Korean (official) 꼼꼼치
Korean (unofficial) 마멧치


Mametchi is light yellow and has a wide, round head with a narrow body and large, black eyes. He has two arms, two legs, and two large bumps resembling animal ears covered in black fur on top of his head. As of 2004, he has rosy pink cheeks as well as dark blue eyes and ears.

When Tamagotchi first launched in the US, Mametchi was classified as a female instead of a male and had a much leaner build, a smaller head and eyes, and a blue body. These changes were eventually abandoned and Mametchi's original Japanese appearance has since been maintained worldwide.

In Tamagotchi L.i.f.e., he can be yellow, pink or blue.


Mametchi is a very healthy adult Tamagotchi who is likely to have a long life. He is extremely clever with an IQ of around 250. He is a serious prodigy type, and one of the smartest Tamagotchis. He has poor drawing skills.

The Tamagotchi Record Book also describes Mametchi as being extremely serious, well-mannered and very clever; but adds that he is inflexible on some issues.

According to Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3, Mametchi once stole some candy when he was younger, implying that he used to have a mischievous side.

Official profiles
"Count yourself as a good parent if you end up with Mametchi. It's the Tamagotchi equivalent of a mathematical genius, and very polite to boot." - Nintendo Power guide to Tamagotchi Game Boy (USA, 1997)
"Mametchi loves inventing things and though sometimes he fails he will succeed - he just keeps trying! He loves to study and play sports, and works hard at everything he does" - Tamagotchi Pix Website (2021)
"Mametchi loves studying and sports, and is considered a hard-working tamagotchi. His hobby is creating inventions, but sometimes he fails...

He doesn't seems to be very good at painting!?" - Tamagotchi Smart Website (2021)

On Virtual Pets


Mametchi is a Generation 1 character. When the Tamagotchi is Marutchi, good care must be provided and the Discipline meter must be filled to 75-100%. It will evolve into Tamatchi and begin with 50% Discipline. From there, the user must maintain perfect care and fill the Discipline meter to 100%. Mametchi has a base weight of 30, wakes at 9 AM, sleeps at 10 PM, and will never make Discipline calls.

Mametchi has a maximum lifespan of 21-22 days on the original release and 24 days on the 2017 rerelease, giving it the longest lifespan of any of the standard adults. The rate at which it loses hearts depends on how old it is - one every 86 minutes from evolution until the age of 16, finally losing one every three minutes towards the end of its maximum lifespan on the originals or one every 16 minutes on the rerelease.

Santaclautch no Tamagotch

Mametchi may sometimes appear on the Tamagotchi Monitor, or sleeping in a futon in the Chimney Game.

Tamagotchi Connection

Mametchi is obtained on odd generations with perfect care. Ichigotchi and Hinotamatchi cannot evolve into Mametchi if severly neglected in the child stage, regardless of the care they were given. Its unique meal, snack and connection items are a piece of sushi, a slice of tart, and pencils and bows respectively, all shared with Mimitchi, however a tart is also one of the items that can be given as presents to any character when connecting.

Tamagotchi Connection V2

Mametchi is one of the three adults obtained on odd generations with perfect care and good care during the child stage. Its favorite food is omelet and it dislikes peanuts.

Tamagotchi Connection V3

Mametchi is one of the three adults obtained on odd generations with perfect care and good care during the child stage, and now uses the new sprites introduced on the Entama. As with the V2 its favorite food is omelet, but its least-favorite food is now bananas.

Keitai Katsuu Tamagotchi Plus

Mametchi is obtained on even generations with perfect care. If married to a Violetchi, any offspring they have will eventually evolve into Paparatchi if they are raised into a Dorotchi.

Keitai Katsuu Tamagotchi Plus Akai

A version of Mametchi known as Aka Mametchi is obtained on even generations with perfect care. If married to a Ribotchi, any offspring they have will eventually evolve into Paparatchi if they are raised into a Tengutchi.

Tamagotchi Mini

Mametchi is the perfect care adult. He evolves into Super Unchikun in the Japanese and Good Luck versions if good care is maintained, Ginjirotchi in the English editions with the same conditions, or Bill on the 2017 rereleases. Marutchi cannot evolve into Mametchi if the previous character was a Darumatchi that died of old age.

Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus

Mametchi is a male Mame adult that evolves from Young Mametchi or Young Androtchi if their Intelligence is their highest guts, and is the mascot of the Mame Group. He will graduate from school about 24 hours after evolving, and can evolve into Tensaitchi if he becomes a scientist and reaches 999 Intelligence within 72 hours of obtaining a job.

Tamagotchi Connection V4

Mametchi evolves from a male Mame teen or a male Universal teen if the Intelligence skill has the highest number of points and they have a high overall amount of guts and above-average care. He can evolve into Tensaitchi if there are 350 or more Intelligence points, and if Mametchi has 450 or more points total.

Tamagotchi Connection V4.5

Mametchi is a male Universal adult, evolving from Hikotchi or Hashitamatchi. Any offspring Mametchi produces will evolve into a universal teen with above average care.


Mametchi evolves from Young Mametchi if his relationship level is high enough and evolves into Ojitchi after 15 days has passed .

Tamagotchi Connection V5

Mametchi evolves from Mamekatchi, Bakutchi and Korokotchi with high bonding (80%-100%) and if they have Smart influence. He will evolve into Papamametchi when married, and if married to a Chantotchi at 100% bonding will produce the Mame Family. The eldest Mimifuwatchi will evolve into a Mametchi after an hour.

Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 Celebrity

Mametchi is a male adult obtained through low bonding and Social influence. He can evolve into Eiyuutchi via eating a Golden Bean, and will evolve into Tonotchi on the Japanese version when married or Papamametchi on the international releases.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Mametchi is obtained from any male teen on odd generations with perfect care.

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Mametchi is obtained from any male teen on odd generations with 0 care mistakes.


Mametchi is obtained from any male teen on odd generations with 0 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD and Lovely Melody Ver.

Mametchi is obtained from Kilalatchi with 0 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi Nano

Mametchi is a male adult obtained through perfect care.

TamaTown Tama-Go

Mametchi is obtained from any male teen through perfect care.

Tamagotchi iD L and Princess Spacy Ver.

Mametchi is obtained from Hanikamitchi with 0-1 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Ver.

Mametchi is obtained from Kujakutchi with 0-1 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi P's

Mametchi is obtained from Cosmotchi with 0-2 care mistakes and the Intelligence and/or Strength traits.

Tamagotchi Friends

Mametchi is obtained from any male teen with perfect care and the Social trait.

Tamagotchi Friends (Dream Town ver.)

Mametchi is obtained by having any male teen win the Robotics class minigame at Dream School at least three times, and by taking generally good care of him through achieving little to no care mistakes.

Tamagotchi 4U and 4U+

Mametchi is obtained from any child with 10 or more Invention skill points and 0-4 care mistakes.


  • Oyakodon (おやこどん)
  • Sushi (おすし)
  • Donut (ドーナツ)
  • King Crown (キングクラウン)
  • Threader Car (ソーラーカー)
  • Experiment Kit (じっけんキツト)
  • Baby Pool


  • Rice (ライス

Tamagotchi m!x

On all editions of the m!x, Mametchi can be obtained on the first generation from any male teen with less than three care mistakes. He is also a m!xable NPC in the Melody, Spacy, Sanrio, and Dream versiosn, appearing in Tamagotchi Town in all of those except the 20th Anniversary m!x, where he can be found in his Akai form at Makkakka Town. On the Gift version, Mametchi does not appear as an NPC in any town, making his genetics exclusive to the first generation. Mametchi's favorite toys are the Robot and Mini-Rocket, and his genetic traits include his ears, eyes, body, and body color.

Tamagotchi On

On all editions, Mametchi can be obtained from any male teen in the first generation through two or less care mistakes. If three or more care mistakes are made, he can alternatively be obtained by using the VR Set item 5+ times. He appears as a m!xable NPC at the Tama Resort Hotel and his favorite items are:

  • VR Set
  • Smartphone (App)
  • Vegetable Seeds (Tama Farm)
  • Balloon
  • Frisbee
  • Magic Hat (Wonder Garden)
  • Planetarium (Starry Lab)

Tamagotchi Pix

Mametchi appears as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi Pix.

In The Anime

Mametchi sad.png Spoilers Below!

This section contains major plot-progressing story elements!

Mametchi working on an invention in Let's Go! Tamagotchi.

Mametchi has appeared in every anime of Tamagotchi to date. In the Vintage era, Mametchi speaks in incomprehensible gibberish like the the other Tamagotchis. In the Modern era, Mametchi is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in Japanese, and has had two notable English voiceovers; Stephanie Sheh in Tamagotchi: The Movie and Let's Go! Tamagotchi and Erica Mendez in the Tamagotchi Friends webisodes.

Vintage Era

Tamagotchi Honto no Hanashi

Mametchi first appears two and a half minutes into this short film, where he cracks open an egg, revealing a cake that Tongaritchi and Hashitamatchi eat. He is later seen getting Tarakotchi to follow him as he and the other Tamagotchis flee the Tamagotchi Planet due to Oyajitchi getting it drunk.

Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

Mametchi is a recurring character in the vintage anime. Of the 9 episodes that have sufficed on home video, Mametchi plays starring roles in 2 of them.

In the 3rd episode, Mametchi and Ginjirotchi are seen eating at a restaurant. They order 4 different meals, and while Ginjirotchi is enjoying his orders, Mametchi's orders keep getting eaten while he thanks Kuchipatchi for delivering them. The 3rd order reveals that Nyorotchi is the one eating Mametchi's food, and Mametchi tries to keep him away from his 4th order by running away from him, but Nyorotchi ends up snatching the food and ends up getting ill from eating too much. Mametchi and Ginjirotchi then contact the hospital, and after Nyorotchi gets cured by Tarakotchi and Maskutchi, everyone, including Mametchi, enjoys a meal together.

In the following episode, Mametchi takes the role of a traffic director. He tries helping Ginjirotchi back up, which leads to him bumping into Kuchipatchi, and later helps Tarakotchi and Zuccitchi go forward, causing the latter to bump into the former. Mametchi is later seen eating rice in the middle of the road, causing the Tamagotchis around him to be stuck in traffic. Mametchi gets back to his job, and becomes exhausted doing so. Later that night, Mametchi is seen sleeping on the road, causing the nighttime drivers to be stuck in traffic.

Mametchi plays non-starring roles in the 5th episode, where he is among Ginjirotchi's audience, the 8th episode, where he operates a subterrene that Tongaritchi thought was one of the flowers in his ruined garden about to bloom, and in the 9th episode, where he confirms Ginjirotchi's passing.

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

In Tamagotchi Video Adventures, Mametchi is revealed to have contributed to the Tamagotchi Museum's Galaxy Wing by bringing back a mechanical hand from a planet named Vulcan. Mametchi is later partnered with Kusatchi in finding an artifact from the Earth. Kusatchi finds a flower and insists on bringing it back, but Mametchi believes that a nearby cat would be better, until the cat shows its claws and meows in annoyance. The two later settle with the flower and leave behind a golden egg, which the cat then plays with.

It should be noted that because Tamagotchi Video Adventures was made in the United States during the vintage era, Mametchi is written as a blue-colored female instead of a yellow-colored male like he usually is.

Modern era

In the Modern era directed by Jōji Shimura, Mametchi usually plays the role of the main protagonist. He is written as a well-mannered and intelligent boy who has a pastime for crafting inventions with helpful intentions, although these inventions have a good chance of going wrong and exploding instead. Mametchi resides in a standard house in Mame City with his parents Mamametchi and Papamametchi, little sister Chamametchi, and Tama-Pets Bagubagutchi and Hapihapitchi. He gets along very well with other Tamagotchis, but his friends, or Tama-Friends, are Lovelitchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi.

Tamagotchi: The Movie

In the first movie, Mametchi invents a Transporter Machine, and invites Memetchi and Kuchipatchi to see it in action, but Kuchipatchi, mistaking a Hamburger-shaped Yo-Yo Catcher for a real Hamburger, goes after it and causes the machine goes off-course and transport a human girl named Tanpopo to Tamagotchi Planet, leading to a shocking introduction. It is later revealed to Tanpopo that Mametchi is soon going to be a big brother.

Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi show Tanpopo around Tamagotchi Town and Tamagotchi School, mentioning that the Gotchi King's birthday has caused the town to be busier than usual. Mametchi is later shown cowering in fear as a result of an explosion caused by Professor Flask. He explains to his friends and Tanpopo that he's terrified of the dark, which started in his youth when he fell into a pit that he couldn't get out of. Mametchi reveals that the initial intention of the Transporter Machine was to transport a sun to Tamagotchi Planet to accompany him in dark areas, and that he wants his younger sibling to look up to him and not see him as a coward.

Mametchi then practices math drills at his home while Tanpopo looks at pictures of him in his youth. The egg containing Mametchi's soon-to-be-born sibling hops out of its crib, onto Bagubagutchi's head, and later outside. Mametchi and Tanpopo chase after the rolling egg, which ends up at the top of the No. 1 Tower, suspended by balloons. Mametchi climbs the tower and retrieves the egg, but ends up falling from the tower. Tanpopo catches him, but she falls too. Memetchi tries to save them using the Hamburger-shaped Yo-Yo Catcher, but to no avail. Finally, Kuromametchi, Togetchi, Androtchi, and Gozarutchi stretch Kuchipatchi to form a trampoline, allowing them to land safely.

Mametchi's sibling finally hatches to reveal Mimifuwatchi, who jumps on his head, expressing her gratitude for her rescue. Mametchi, with help from Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Tanpopo, then take it upon themselves to invent a portable sun while Papamametchi and Mamametchi take care of Mimifuwatchi. Mimifuwatchi then evolves into Chamametchi the next day. Mametchi then creates Mamesunnytchi, who Mametchi calls "the star of his dreams".

The following day, it still appears to be night, and is later revealed that Sunnytchi, Tamagotchi Planet's real sun, has disappeared, which results in the Tamagotchi Planet getting a cold. Mametchi runs to the Mamemame Laboratory, where he hears Papamametchi read a letter written by Sunnytchi and sent by Principal Mimizu. The letter implies that Mametchi's creation of Mamesunnytchi caused him to leave, making Mametchi believe that he was responsible. Mametchi then runs off, tearfully blaming himself for the whole situation.

Mametchi then sneaks off and heads to the rocket that was intended to bring Tanpopo back to the Earth to search for Sunnytchi. Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Tanpopo find him in the rocket, with the latter holding the rocket manual. To Mametchi's shock, Chamametchi boards the rocket just as its about to blast off. Papamametchi then video-calls Mametchi to tell him that he's too young to run off on his own and try to rescue Sunnytchi, citing how strenuous and dangerous the task is. Mametchi, still believing he's responsible, tells Papamametchi that he intends to make right what he got wrong. Papamametchi, hearing Mametchi's request, reluctantly lets him continue on the mission and informs him about a cold-curing pill intended for the Tamagotchi Planet inside the rocket's tip. Mamehakasetchi then points out that there's only one pill and it must be aimed right at the Planet's mouth.

Mametchi prepares to fire the pill, but Chamametchi interferes, causing the pill to go off-course. Miraculously, the Planet's drool-turned-runny nose catches the pill, but the Planet then sneezes the fivesome into the middle of nowhere in space. After repeated demands from Chamametchi to speak to Mamametchi and Papamametchi, Mametchi snaps at her, angrily calling her out on her unnecessary interference and tendency to follow him everywhere and telling her to leave him alone and think about her actions, causing her to cry.

Mametchi and Chamametchi later make amends, but another problem arises; the rocket is approaching a black hole. Mametchi activates miniature reverse rockets to pull away from the black hole, but the video call reveals that the black hole is actually Blackholetchi sleeping. Mametchi and the others shout at Blackholetchi to wake him up, but a meteor gets stuck in the rocket's speaker, so Mametchi and Tanpopo leave the rocket to pry it. Kuromametchi then chimes in to the shouting, followed by the other Tamagotchis in the Laboratory and across the Planet. After successfully removing the meteor from the speaker and hearing everyone else trying to wake Blackholetchi up, Mametchi overcomes his fear of the dark and joins in, but he and Tanpopo are sucked in Blackholetchi. After one more shouting push, including from the Planet itself, Blackholetchi finally wakes up, frees Mametchi and Tanpopo, and sends the rocket off.

Papamametchi points out that the rocket is running out of fuel, and that Mametchi must return to Tamagotchi Planet immediately. The rocket then gets approached by a bright light, and after everyone believed that the rocket ran out of fuel and the fivesome failed to return, Mametchi announces that the bright light that was chasing them was Sunnytchi safely bringing them back. Sunnytchi then apologizes for the misunderstanding and revealed that he left to go on a hot spring tour.

Mametchi, the other Tamagotchis, and Tanpopo enjoy themselves at Gotchi King's birthday, but Mamametchi and Papamametchi inform Tanpopo that a comet taking her back to the Earth will be arriving soon. Mametchi and the others then bid a tearful farewell to Tanpopo, and in the post-credits scene, Mametchi sends her a message on her Tamagotchi device.

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Mametchi has played several prominent roles in the Let's Go! Tamagotchi short series that followed the first movie:

Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!

In Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe, Mametchi's dream gets a rude comment by a new student Kikitchi from Chamametchi. Mametchi then explains to Kikitchi that the flying library is a flying ship that contains magical books that children are magically transported into and made the main character when they read them. Suddenly, a ship appears and the books start popping out various objects. Mametchi and the others started jumping in them. After finishing that up, Mametchi and his friend decided to find out what's happening.

As Kuchipatchi, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Chamametchi tell about what happened while they were in their stories, Makiko and Memetchi get into an argument over the prince that had been in their story. Soon, Mametchi has an idea for an invention, and he rushes home. After several failed attempts, he finally gets his experiment right, and he invites his friends over to watch him complete it. But after several events, the experiment goes wrong, and a small creature emerges. Mametchi explains that he did not expect his experiment to become and actual living thing, but that the creature can absorb the feelings of others and use it to make other people happy. Mametchi decides to call his new creature "Hapihapitchi".

While the birth of Hapihapitchi is being celebrated, Kikitchi eats a large meal on his own. He is full after one bite, and turns on his TV. He sees an advertisement for Celebria, a newly completed super-shopping mall. Kikitchi's parents then appear on TV, explaining that they built Celebria as a place where all Tamagotchis could go to have fun. Kikitchi sadly turns off the TV, and watches fireworks from outside his window.

Hapihapitchi begins to use her power to make people happy. She attempts to use her power on Kikitchi, but Kikitchi runs away, yelling that forcing people to be happy is "nonsense". Over time, Mametchi begins to notice that Hapihapitchi is actually making people unhappy; they now depend on Hapihapitchi to make them happy when they are upset. Mametchi then tells Hapihapitchi not to use her powers on anyone until he can figure out what to do.

At school, the flying library comes again. Kikitchi, who is hiding in a corner, hears the small voice calling out for help again, and begins to search for the source. Hapihapitchi also senses the unhappiness that is connected with the voice, and she begins to search for the source, too. As Kikitchi, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitchi run into each other, a book opens up at their feet, entitled "The World's Happiest Story". They enter the book, where they notice that, unlike the other magical books in the library, they don't become the main character. The story tells of a man named Happy who lived with his dog named Lucky. Because his name is "Happy", he is determined to become the happiest man in the world, so he sets off on a journey, leaving behind his home and his dog. He becomes rich and a hero, but he still isn't the happiest man in the world. The characters find Happy, but he states that he doesn't want their help. As the Tamagotchis follow Happy through the various pages of the story, they notice that the story loops; the end simply brings them back to the beginning. Kikitchi notices that Happy acts similar to how he acted, and he begins to feel bad. However, before the Tamagotchis can help Happy, the school bell rings, and they have to leave the library. Unknown to anyone else, Kikitchi leaves the Library, the book with him.

Back at his house, Kikitchi remembers an event that occurred when he was younger. A group of younger Tamagotchis were talking about a festival that was to occur the next day, but Kikitchi hears a tree say that it will rain tomorrow. When he tries to tell the others, the children call him a liar and a horrible person. Unable to wait, Kikitchi enters the book he has taken home. As he does, however, a tornado of paper engulfs Celebria, and causes the Tamagotchi caught in the tornado to become two-dimensional. Mametchi's family sees the news report on TV, and Chamametchi and Mametchi instantly think of Kikitchi. The family then heads to Mame Laboratories to discuss the problem with other scientists.

At the laboratory, one of the scientists explains that the last page in Happy's story had been torn out, so that he is unable to complete his story. Over time, the book had become unstable, and Kikitchi entering the story caused it to become unstable enough to affect the real world. The only way to save the world was to have Otogitchi, the captain of the flying library, write a new ending with a magic crayon. Meanwhile, Papamametchi reluctantly allows Mametchi and his friends to enter the story to save Kikitchi.

Mametchi and his friends enter the book on the flying library ship. In the book, Kikitchi is talking with Happy, who is beginning to believe he will never be happy. The flying ship finally finds them, where Otogitchi explains to Happy that they have to write a new ending to the story. They attempt to write several different endings, but they all disappear, meaning that they aren't correct. When he begins to become discouraged, the other Tamagotchi begin to give him ideas of what makes them happy. Kikitchi's idea, which is when someone says "hello" to him during class, has a large impact on Happy, and he begins to get an idea. Unfortunately, the world inside the story begins to fall apart, and the magic crayon is accidentally dropped. Since Happy states that he can't leave the book with the other Tamagotchi, Hapihapitchi asks Mametchi if she can try to make Happy happy. Happy is surrounded with memories, and he finally decides how he wants his story to end. Kikitchi risked his life to get the magic crayon back, and he asks Happy what he wants the ending to be. Happy says that he wants to go back to his home as it was before he left. Otogitchi's sister draws a door, and Happy opens it; suddenly, the book stops disintegrating, and returns to normal. Kikitchi realizes that Lucky was the one calling out to him, and is happy that Happy is now happy.

Suddenly, Hapihapitchi collapses in a field. Mametchi explains that without any happiness, Hapihapitchi would die. Hapihapitchi gets up and weakly sprinkles her last happiness over Kikitchi, stating that she promised she would make him happy. Kikitchi begins to cry, and Mametchi tells everyone that Hapihapitchi needs happiness to absorb, but no one can be happy while Hapihapitchi is about to die. Happy approaches Hapihapitchi, picks her up, and tells her that he is the happiest man in the world. Suddenly, Hapihapitchi's health is restored, and she springs back to life and Kikitchi stops crying but is still sad. The Tamagotchi wave goodbye to Happy and Lucky, and leave the book on the flying ship.

Back in the real world, the citizens of Tamatown celebrate the return of the heroes. Kikitchi's parents comfort him, by promising to make more time for him from now on. Happily, Kikitchi introduces his parents to his new friends.

The end credits show Tamatown being cleaned up after the paper tornado, and the Tamagotchi children continuing to enjoy the magical story books. A picture inside the wall of Mametchi's home also shows a brief picture of Tanpopo, the main heroine from the first Tamagotchi film.

Tamagotchi! (series)

Tamagotchi! (anime)

In Tamagotchi, Mametchi and his friend go through events throughout the series, like making new friends, helping out of issuations, and saving the planet from an egg curse. After a tearful farewell to Kizunatchi, who left to return to her orginal to protect the hearts, and knows they'll see each other again one day, Miss Perfect tells them and hold class that since Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi won the soccer tournment, they will be moving to Dream Town to go to a new school, much to everyone's astonishment.

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

In Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are sent to live in Dream Town. Mametchi takes up studying robotics, and is sent to live with Ikaritchi, an old man who lives by the sea. Mametchi finds him fascinating and wise, but is frustrated with Ikaritchi's aloof nature. Later on, Mametchi loses a robot competition to Righttchi, and after an argument with Ikaritchi, he tries to run away and find a new home. However, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi convince him to return to Ikaritchi.

He becomes good friends with Pianitchi when she arrives, and with her help, they uncover Ikaritchi's past and his falling out with his previous homestay student, Aguritchi. They convince him to make amends with Ikaritchi, who finally shows Mametchi his softer side. Ikaritchi departs to travel the planet selling Aguritchi's specially-made "anchor apples", and leaves Mametchi's care to Cafe Mama, as he needed a stayparent, althought he and the rest of the gang still go to Ikaritchi's house. During the trip to Melody Land, Papapianitchi helps Mametchi overcome his tone deafness. Later on, Mametchi and friends go through other interest events.

Mametchi becomes saddened over Himespetchi's departure, but cheered up when Coffretchi arrived on the spot where Himespetchi's ship was. Mametchi also joins with his friends and other people waving goodbye Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, as they set off on a ship to a school for starter idols.

Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends

In Tamagotchi Miracle Friends, Mametchi and friends help out two twin girls, Miraitchi and Clulutchi, and Watchlin from the future when they get sent to the past. They help the twin girls, Watchlin, Candy Pakupaku, a friend of the twins from the future who came to help, and Smartochi and his assistant X, who both caused them to go to the past, and gathered all the Dreambakutchi, which allowed to return to the future.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

In GO-GO Tamagotchi!, Mametchi and his friends reunite with their old friends and famlies when the two towns of Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town collided and fused. They also reunited with Himespetchi, Yumemitchi, Kiraitchi, Miratchi, Clulutchi, and Candy Pakupaku, as well as meet some new friends Neenetchi and her little brother Orenetchi. Later, Mametchi is looked on by Lovelitchi's little brother Lovesortchi. Mametchi and friends meet other new friends as well. They meet Mofumofutchi, an adventurer, along with Takoballoontchi and they help them get to the Gottsun Comet. Mofumofutchi left Takoballoontchi to stay, knowing that he belongs out in the wild, and he sets off for his new adventure in the city in the Gottsun Comet. They later met Yukine and her sister Suzune during christmas when they arrived on earth to help the Santa family and the human Santa Claus. Soon After they helped, Mametchi and his friends say goodbye. Things start to go normal for everyone, until Mametchi and friends come face to face to helping their planet becoming happy again when the Gottsun occurrences. They soon manage to make the planet happy again with the help of the all their friends, families, and other citizens of Tamagotchi Planet, ending the Gottsun. However, the Gottsun plays one final performance: seperation of DoriTama back to Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town, turning everything back to normal and seperated the fused places. However, Mametchi creates a traveling train called the DoriTama Rainbow, which allows Mametchi and his friends, who all return to their original hometowns, to travel to both towns. Mametchi and the narrator have one final conversation with each other, with Mametchi stating in future he wants the DoriTama Rainbow to travel thoughout Tamagotchi Planet, and even to outer space and other planets, including The Earth, saying that is more adventures to come. Mametchi joins his friends and thank the viewers for watching their show as they all wave goodbye.

Eiga Tamagotchi: Himitsu no Otodoke Dai Sakusen!

In Eiga Tamagotchi: Himitsu no Otodoke Dai Sakusen!, Mametchi and his friends return to Tamagotchi Town to help Lovelitchi and also encounter Nijifuwatchi to deliver an egg.

Mametchi's Relationships

An image of Lovelitchi and Mametchi


Lovelitchi and Mametchi are on very good terms. They first met in the first episode where Lovelitchi, as Lovelin, briefly interviewed him and other competitors before the big Tama-Street race. As revealed through a flashback in the following episode, his selflessness in saving Kuchipatchi before the end of the race was one of the reasons that Lovelitchi decide to move to Tamagotchi Town. While attending Tamagotchi School, Lovelitchi became close friends with Mametchi and he taught her about the concept of Tama-Friends. Later, Mametchi willingly put his birthday on hold until Lovelitchi finally came hours later, and after she confessed her Lovelin identity, he was quick to forgive her, making her much more confident in the process. Because of their close chemistry, they are a popular pairing among fans.

An image of Melodytchi and Mametchi


Although Mametchi and Melodytchi seldomly spend time together, they are still on good terms. Melodytchi has a positive opinion on Mametchi's otherwise-panned painting and singing, and she went to him for advice on a Mother's Day present in episode 78b.


Kuromametchi and Mametchi have an on-and-off rivalry, mostly off, as they are often seen playing soccer together. In Tamagotchi: The Movie, Kuromametchi stretched Kuchipatchi into a trampoline so Mametchi could land safely from a fall from the No. 1 Tower. Later in the movie, he was the first to shout at Blackholetchi to wake him up and get Mametchi out of his mouth.

Himespetchi gleefully accepts Mametchi's dance offer


Himespetchi's defining character trait is her enormous crush on Mametchi. She often has daydreams of her being with a handsomer, deeper-voiced Mametchi known as Ikemen Mametchi, who she visualizes him as. This crush is one-sided, as Mametchi is oblivious to it, much to her dismay. However, Mametchi has shown a couple of signs of awareness, such as in GO-GO Tamagotchi's 30th episode, where he offered a dance to Himespetchi and only Himespetchi.

An image of Pianitchi and Mametchi


When Pianitchi first arrived in Dream Town, Mametchi delivered a briefcase that she left behind to her. The two quickly introduced themselves, and Pianitchi helped Mametchi figure out the truth behind Ikaritchi's aloofness. After Ikaritchi's departure, Mametchi and Pianitchi lived together at Music Cafe for the remainder of Yume Kira Dream as well as Miracle Friends.


A younger Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi (Episode 137)

Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are Mametchi's closest Tama-Friends. The three have known each other since early childhood and do practically everything together.

Ringotchi is a member of the Secret Mametchi Fan Club. Ringotchi and Mametchi spent time for the majority of episode 126, much to Himespetchi's dismay.

Other Forms

Jr. Mametchi

See Jr. Mametchi.

Devil Mametchi

See Devil Mametchi.

Young Mametchi

See Young Mametchi.

Ura Mametchi

See Ura Mametchi.

Ura Young Mametchi

See Ura Young Mametchi.

Prince Mametchi

See Prince Mametchi.

Gift Mametchi

See Gift Mametchi.

Mametchi 96

Mametchi 96 in promotional material.

Mametchi 96 (まめっち96) is a version of Mametchi that appears on the Tamagotchi 4U: 1996 Time Travel Ver. Mametchi 96 uses the vintage Mametchi artwork and sprites, being a representation of that specific version of Mametchi on a modern pet.


Enmametchi only appears in the Tamagotchi Town Japanese comics, vol. 2. He is outlined in red.



Mamenotamamoro (まめのたままろ) is another alternate personality quite similar to a Henshin Jo personality and is obtainable linking the royal change Tama Deco Pierce for the Tamagotchi P's. Not much is yet known about this form or if it is featured in the anime Tamagotchi!.


See Tensaitchi.

Naughty Mametchi

Nasty Mametchi on the 4U/4U+.

Naughty Mametchi in the anime. [Season 4 Episode 15]

Naughty Mametchi (やんちゃまめっち) is a Personality Stage variation of Mametchi that appears on the Tamagotchi 4U and in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. He is always riding on a large, blue motorcycle.

On the 4U, his name is Nasty Mametchi. He is a post-adult evolution—obtained through first raising Mametchi, and then giving him the "Cool Guy" background while keeping his Happiness low. The change can be reversed by changing the background and keeping Happiness up. He can also be obtained on accident through neglect—15% or lower Happiness—and this evolution can be reversed through raising his Happiness above the 30% threshold.

In Go-Go Tamagotchi!, Naughty Mametchi is a separate character. He appears in Episode 15, Part 2 as a rival to King Spacytchi. He is identical to Mametchi, except he has yellow hair in a pompadour hairstyle with sideburns, and wears a black leather jacket, a white shirt, and red pants with a silver chain. He's usually on his motorcycle.


MameLabtchi (まめラボっち Mamerabotchi) is a Personality Stage variation of Mametchi that appears on the Tamagotchi 4U. He is identical to Mametchi except he wears glasses, a clear white dome over his head, and a white lab coat. He is always carrying a laptop with him. He is obtained through having the "Scientist" background and through using the writing set (book and pencil) and experiment set several times.

Anime Only Forms


Main Article: Mamemametchi

Mamemametchi (まめまめっち Mamemametchi) is a Tamagotchi character from the ancient past that first appeared on the anime TV show, Tamagotchi!. Like Mametchi, he's smart and an inventor, and is the founder of Mamemame Laboratory.

Anpan Detective

Anpan Detective

Anpan Detective (あんパン刑事 Anpan Keiji or デカ Deka), also known as Detective Anpan, is the detective of Tamagotchi Town who is very good in solving crimes and enjoys snacking on bread and milk. He is the star of one of TamaPtchi's TV shows, and is played by Mametchi. Anpan Detective is always chasing Thief Papillon, a professional thief who almost always tries to fool Mametchi no Suke.

In one episode, Anpan Detective was kissed by Chamametchi, but "Chamametchi" was actually Thief Papillon in disguise. In episode 117, Anpan dresses up as a girl to try to find Thief Papillon, who was disguised as a prince.

Anpan Detective is playable in Tamagotchi no Narikiri Channel if the player chooses Mametchi. In the game, Anpan Detective's name is デカ Deka. His item is a donut, he wears a trench coat, and he wears a hunting cap on his head.

Mametchi no Suke [pisode 814]

Mametchi no Suke is a character in one of TamaPtchi's shows, a samurai who is known to be the greatest swordsman in the land. He serves the emperor and uses his skills for good and saves people from danger. Nobody has defeated him yet, and he is always ordered to find Princess Lovelin.

Vampire Mametchi

Vampire Mametchi [Episode 89]

Vampire Mametchi is a character in a show directed by TamaPtchi. He is a vampire reborn from the darkness. He is evil and attacks Sister Lovelin and her companions. His greatest weakness is garlic and will lose his powers if he eats it. When he bites others, they become vampires which in turn can transform even more Tamagotchis by biting them. When the Tamagotchis become vampires, they grow sharp teeth. Vampire Mametchi was even able to make Sister Lovelin temporarily unconscious.

The second time he is revived, Vampire Mametchi searches for a vampire wife and chooses Sister Lovelin, as she is leader of the other sisters. However, the sisters interrupt the wedding and he is returned to his coffin. When Vampire Mametchi is defeated, purple clouds shoot up out of him, and he happily returns to his coffin, asleep once again.

Little Mametchi

Little mametchi.png

Seen in the anime and Tamagotchi The Movie, is Mametchi when he was young. He looks the same as Mametchi now, but with bigger eyes, a smaller body, and, when he was really young, a small white collar around his neck. He appears in the anime and films when Mametchi is remembering events from his childhood, in which he was friends with the younger versions of Memetchi and Kuchipatchi.

Ikemen Mametchi

Anime version of Ikemen Mametchi.

Ikemen Mametchi (イケメンまめっち) is a term used to call the handsome version of Mametchi, that only Himespetchi's can see through her eyes. He first appears in episode 114 of the anime Tamagotchi!. He usually appears when Himespetchi is daydreaming about Mametchi. He is different from Mametchi because he has eyelashes and eyebrows, longer arms and legs, and a deeper voice. He is usually shown with roses, bubbles, and sparkles around him. Ikemen meaning a good-looking man. He always confesses his love to Himespetchi.

Mamesaku [Episode 132]


Main Article: Mamesaku

Mamesaku (まめさく) is a Tamagotchi who looks just like Mametchi but wears Japanese clothes. He lives in a hidden village in Patchi's Forest, in which there are also alternate versions of Lovelitchi, Kuchipatchi, and Memetchi. Himespetchi seems to like him too but is very confused about it because she loves Mametchi. Unlike Mametchi, Mamesaku seems to like Himespetchi which is why she gets very happy when he talks to her.

Mamesaku and Mametchi are not the same Tamagotchi, which implies that identical Tamagotchis coexisted in the Tamagotchi Planet.



Mame-Gotchiman (まめGOTCHIMAN) is a Mametchi version of Gotchiman. He appeared in the Tamagotchi! episode Gotchiman! Forever! and the GO-GO Tamagotchi! episode GOTCHIMAN・The・Future. He looks like Mametchi in a Gotchiman costume.

Mame-Gotchiman is also the name of a TAMAX TV show in Tamagotchi no Narikiri Channel. Mametchi stars as MameGotchiman, and Lovelin stars as a monster. Mame-Gotchiman can fly, and he must save the city from being destroyed.

Mame-Gotchiman later appeared in My Tamagotchi Forever as a career costume for Mametchi.

In Video Games

Tamagotchi (GB)

Mametchi evolves from Tamatchi if its stress is under 40, has zero selfishness and its intelligence is higher than its power. If its intelligence and power are equal, then a Tamatchi will randomly evolve into Mametchi or Mimitchi. Mametchi's highest possible beauty contest score is 90.

Hoshi de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

Mametchi is a Group E adult that evolves from Tamatchi with good care. Since all of the characters in Groups E and F are genderless, Mametchi is incapable of breeding.

Tamagotchi Town

Mametchi evolves from Tamatchi and Kuchitamatchi with under two stress.

In Crossover Media

Mametchi, being the mascot of the Tamagotchi franchise, has made guest appearances in other media that references Tamagotchi.

Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Mametchi is a playable driver in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, the second arcade installment in Nintendo's Mario Kart series. He was primarily added to coincide with Bandai's then-recent merger with Namco.

Taiko no Tatsujin

Mametchi, along with Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and many others appeared in Taiko no Tatsujin PS2 Nanadaime and Taiko no Tatsujin 9 as guest characters while the player plays the song, "Chikyuu wa Tamagotchi?!" They also appeared during the song, "GO-GO Tamagotchi" in later releases. In addition to that, he, along with Yumemitchi, appeared in some versions of Taiko no Tatsujin as a costume for Don-Chan, the game's protagonist.[1]


Vintage Artwork

Modern Artwork

Anime Artwork


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Trading Cards



  • Akihiro Yokoi initially considered scrapping Mametchi because cute was part of the design that he didn't wanted, but Kenji Watanabe and Tadashi Hitomi wanted to keep it.
    • This is ironic considering the fact that tamagotchis made after him were cuter and later skewed towards a kawaii anime style.
    • This may problably explain why Mametchi early sprite was inaccurate to his design.
  • In addition to being the mascot of the Tamagotchi franchise, Mametchi is an unofficial mascot for Bandai in general. He, along with Anpanman, Luckytama from Cocotama, Goku from Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider 1, have statues outside Bandai's headquarters in Tokyo. Mametchi is unique compared to these statues as his gets a dedicated raincoat put on it in the event of rain.
  • According to the anime episode The Power of Gossip, Mametchi says that he sleeps in Gotchiman pajamas, but he is never seen wearing them, or pajamas period, for that matter.
  • Mametchi has been late for school 4 times. The first time because he stayed up too late watching Gotchiman. The second was when he stayed up late working on the spaceship for Tomomi.
  • According to the Dream Town portion of the Tamagotchi Friends website, Mametchi's favorite color is blue.
  • At the end of the Tamagotchi Research Report Book 2, Mametchi is shown saying he is going to Earth, saying "see you again!" to the reader. Because of the books closeness to the end of the Vintage era of Tamagotchi and the reboot introducing a new Mametchi, this plot line has sadly not been brought up since the book.
  • In the anime, it's been established that he is terrible at singing with other characters doing what they can to stop him from singing, but later episodes show him being competent at it.



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